Booooorrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg, Again

Commentary has gotten so, I hate to say it, boring.

All the usual idiots talk about what’s going on, and offer their sage opinions and wise moral judgments, but they don’t really know anything, and they don’t understand what’s going on.

Trump is evil. And his followers are evil, or maybe they are just poor deluded hicks, in the most charitable reading. All the nice people agree on this. Hillary Clinton is the last hope of civilization, but don’t worry, she will crush Donald Drumpf with her historic accomplishment. All the nice people agree on this too.

The progressive left and the mainstream right work pretty well together. The progressive left makes progress; then the mainstream right “conserves”, which is to say doesn’t do anything to move things back. Nothing new happens under conservative rule- nothing progressive of regressive. And so the cucks and the progressives just trade places, and the ratchet ratchets.

So all these losers can agree on Trump. They don’t understand anything, but they don’t have to understand anything, and they don’t want to understand anything.

They assume resistance will be crushed, as it always is, and things will go back to normal. And it may be, or it may not. I think being willfully stupid is supposed to be a status marker- only worker bees need to be actually able to do things, and predict if their work will be successful.

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Modern Child-Raising and Fertility Rates

White people aren’t having a lot of kids these days. If you’ve had a kid, maybe you know why.

I can see why rich English people hand their children over to nannies and ship them off to boarding school as soon as possible. Kids are cute and fun, but they’re also frequently a giant pain in the ass. I spend a lot of time on the road, and I can lay on the bed in the hotel, and it’s so, so quiet. The kid isn’t screaming, or crawling as fast as he can towards the most dangerous object in the room. My wife can bug me about stuff, but only on WhatsApp and Skype, which provides me with a filter.

OK, I realize part of the problem is I’m a pussy. Nick B. Steves has eight kids and a lot more time on his hands than I do. I’m guessing his wife knows not to bug him when he’s saving the world by blogging. But since the average white guy is a lot closer to me than him, my experience is probably more reflective.

I wrote before about our experience with progressive baby care. The current way of caring for children is extremely time-consuming. My wife does not have a job and yet has her hands completely full with one baby. People in the old days had a lot more kids, without as much trouble it seems. What is the difference?

I think kids just didn’t get as much care. They didn’t get as much attention, or as much sympathy. Kids had to survive partly on their own. Pre antibiotics, a lot didn’t. Bruce Charlton writes often on the “mouse utopia” experiment, and compares modern society to the mouse utopia. Sometimes I would wonder about my son’s will to live. Getting him to eat was a great struggle. Acid reflux medication helped a great deal, but that’s a very recent innovation. Some days he will eat solid foods, some days he refuses. I don’t think cave parents spent an hour coaxing the cave baby to eat, while he screamed and threw most of it on the floor. Until recently, I think, the kid ate, or didn’t, mom was busy with other stuff, not to mention dad.

At least we have a kid. A lot of my wife’s friends have fertility problems. Our child is healthy and normal, but we hear a lot more about autism and other developmental problems these days.

That comes largely from trying to have kids when you’re older, I guess. Having fewer children at an older age reflected resources available to the couple, from the historical record in England, according to Greg Cochran. Having just fewer children, for whom you can then each give a bigger share of your resources is a reproductive strategy originating in France in the late 18th century, according to Sarah Perry, which then spread to England.

You could have three sons, one who gets the farm, one who apprentices to a blacksmith, and one who joins the army. Or you could have one son, who you could send to school and who then be a clerk. If you were a little better positioned you might send him to public school where he would be sodomized by an older boy. If the older boy later gets him a 1000 pound a year position with the civil service, you have hit the jackpot, his sore bunghole notwithstanding.

The sore bunghole may be metaphorical rather than actual, but it is real in any case. People wanting security as functionaries of the elite must submit to their value system. The child will be stripped of his identity, but he and his descendants will live higher up the food chain, and there will be fewer of them but they will have a better chance of survival over generations, at least you hope.

If you have more children, they will have to compete harder- against each other for family resources, and then having less family resources, harder against others in their age cohort for community resources.

This has always been the case for the upper classes, who have mostly always used a small family strategy. Not having access to elite resources in any case, most lower classes have gone with the large family strategy. Those close to but not in the upper classes had a choice, and as a global economy and government and corporate bureaucracies emerged, moved to the small family strategy.

Another option was available to the middle classes for a short period of time in a limited geographical area, large family and large community resources allowing for both a large family and upward mobility. This was the golden age of the US middle class, generously estimated from 1950 to 1985. Houses in white neighborhoods were cheap, K-12 education was good and free, and state university was good and cheap. People assumed this was normal and thought it would last forever, and only now, a generation later, it is dawning on people that it was a short-lived anomaly.

But I’m getting off my point. Declining living standards are an old story. And poor, stupid people often have a lot of kids, so it can’t be that hard.

I think having kids has to be a value, and being committed to it people invent a way to make it work. Somebody heard me complaining about my kid’s sleeping habits and strongly recommended something called “Baby Wise” which seems to be you put the kid on a schedule and stick with it. I looked into it, mainly out of curiosity and it’s described as borderline abusive by some. But this must have been how people did it in the old days.

My wife likes books by an English nurse named Tracy Hogg. It’s attachment parenting but with tricks that make it more workable. Still, you’re on your own. The boy refused to eat in the high chair, and we were going crazy. The other day I’m putting him in and he starts to yell as I put on the straps. So I leave them off. My wife is putting the bib on, and he starts to yell, so I tell her leave that off. And he’s happy as a clam and eats like a horse. But I figured it out only by accident.

I don’t think that having and raising kids is something that middle-class white people have a good grip on. People would have more kids if there was a better system, but one isn’t readily available.

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Babies Are Kind of a Big Deal

“I’m Kind of a Big Deal” is a slogan you see sometimes on baby T-shirts. And babies are indeed kind of a big deal these days.

I was born at the very end of the Baby Boom, but my life experience matches Generation X more. I was growing up in southern California, and things hit there first. By the time I came along I think my parents were tired of kids, and America was tired of kids. By the time I was no longer cute the adults were pretty much checked out. The people who spent the 50’s and early 60’s having kids and the mid to late 60’s taking care of them were a little pissed they missed out on all the fun. Some decided they were going to catch up, and they got divorced and started screwing around and using drugs, or they just started screwing around and using drugs.

Babies these days are quite rare. Getting in position where you can have one is pretty difficult. I live near Los Angeles now, and the cost of living and the lifestyle seem to make children an option people don’t even think about much.

In the US, roughly people went from four child families to two or one child families, and often none. Family life is rough sometimes, and in the city there are more fun things to do. I can see why the Romans had trouble reproducing- they didn’t even have electricity but there were still lots of diversions in the city.

But new life is something people crave, even when the child is not a direct descendant. One of the best things about our baby is he makes people so happy. They of course only experience the cute fun part, not the incredible pain in the ass part, but still it’s wonderful to see.

As long as we survive, the battle continues. We don’t survive in the long run, of course, but our descendants do. Having kids is the most important thing we can do.

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The Mystery of Life

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Art Appreciation Day- “Las Meninas”

In this sad, ugly world we should stop and appreciate the beauty that people create. Poetry is a mostly unappreciated art form these days, and yet we can enjoy it and learn from it, even if most people fucking hate it.

Painting is another art form people don’t really appreciate much. People go to museums because they think they should, or it’s something to do with visiting relatives, or it’s on the tourist itinerary. But you can just look at and enjoy paintings, and while most aren’t great, you will find a few gems you can enjoy the beauty and expression of.

“Las Meninas” (“The Ladies-in-Waiting”) was painted by Diego Velazquez in 1656. It’s a scene from the royal household of King Philip IV of Spain. The king liked dwarves, and invited dwarves from all over Europe to come live with him, and two are seen at the right side of the painting. This particular painting has been written about exhaustively by art scholars, but a few of my own unlettered observations follow.

It’s 350 years old, and yet it’s somehow modern- a painting of a painter painting a painting. Self-reference is not new. One thing I just thought of was its humorous aspect- it’s a pretty wacky bunch. The dwarf on the right is bugging the dog, who wants to sleep but is too tired to get up and move. The ladies-in-waiting have the harried, distracted look of those busy sucking up to rich people. The little princess is little-princessing serenely in the center of it all. The painter looks at us, and the subjects of his painting, the king and queen. (The painting that he is painting himself painting, not the painting he is painting.) Everybody is busy doing something or being something. The only person who seems to be in the here and now is the dwarf woman, second from the right, who is fully engaged with the painter.

Velazquez made a number of paintings of the dwarves in the king’s household, and these reflect a deep humanity. I think Velazquez had a special connection with these people, that allowed him to show them intimately as individuals.

Beauty is truth- people like that one- and truth is beauty- people hate that one like a demon hates holy water. Enjoy beauty where you find it, it’s a unique gift of being human.


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Horror In Biology- Part II In a Series on Horror

As we know life is nasty, brutish and short, regardless of or in regard to Leviathan, and our fleeting and fragile happiness and joy will be ended permanently by death. Atheists such as epicureans expect non-existence like a dreamless sleep; people with a belief in the afterlife expect something better or worse. If our happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment end, so will our suffering. For many death is sweet release.

For some creatures however there is a fate worse than death. Their own biology is hijacked, and they are alive, but their body and mind serve another, and they may as well be dead, and would be better off dead.

The term “cuck” as in cuckold is a now-common insult for conservatives. The term comes from the cuckoo bird, which like the cowbird is a “brood parasite”, that is it tricks other birds into raising its offspring. The cuckoo or cowbird lays its egg in another bird’s nest. It may puncture the other bird’s eggs to kill them. If not, the larger cuckoo chick pushes the other chicks out of the nest so it gets all the food. Targeted birds have some ability to distinguish their own eggs, but once the cuckoo hatches it takes all the food through a combination of aural and visual stimulation.

Greg Cochran posted on a crab parasite, called Sacculina, that invades the crab through it joints and stops its reproductive system. It then forms an egg sac on the bottom of the crab, and forces the crab to care for its eggs and larvae. If the crab is male it makes the male’s body grow wider, like a female crab’s body, to make more room for the egg sac. The crab’s behavior becomes female as well.

Neither the bird nor the crab can understand or prevent it, but they have been harnessed by hostile forces and seriously harmed or destroyed. Being animals they have no mind to understand, fortunately for them, but with humans this is not true and should not happen. And yet we have white evangelicals “adopting” black embryos, and not simply raising a parasitic brood, but actually gestating them.

Parasitic peoples- particularly Africans and Moslems- hijack resources by stimulating a need to care in vulnerable people. The parasite appears helpless, and when advantageous makes a presentation or show of helplessness to stimulate resource provision. People totally helpless before this phenomenon even interpret aggressive behavior as helplessness.

Whether progressive charity is cynical or not is debatable. We hear a lot about “signaling” and certainly preaching the necessity for others to provide charity while not providing it yourself or profiting from it is cynical. But too many people profess this belief for it to be solely cynical, and vast numbers who sincerely believe these things are harmed by them.

I argued to Bruce Charlton once that progressives really want to harm others, but he said they are often harmed directly- according to him young progressive women from Britain who go on aid tours are frequently raped. The lower-class white neighborhood being destroyed while the progressive neighborhood remains intact is an old story, but these people are frequently harmed by minority crime also.

Having your resources taken is the way of the world, but having your body and mind taken over and drained is the stuff of horror movies. If only it were only a movie……..


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Moldbug’s Climbdown, Part II- My Life As a Thought Criminal

Moldbug has gone to further justify himself but seems to not understand the situation. He has always been the right kind of person, whose thoughts are good by definition, and does not see he has been excommunicated.

I myself have always been a bad person whose thoughts were bad, from an early age. My parents were intelligent, educated people but as such they took on the ideas of the powerful. On one hand they were very keen on questioning authority and mocking stupidity, but they accepted without any question other things, and I couldn’t understand why.

Anything that Republicans or small-town conservatives believed was ripe for attack, but the doctrines of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and the Catholic Church were accepted without question, and not challenged. Once, I think I was four, I asked my dad why we had to go to church. He certainly could have explained it to me, but instead he stepped towards me, clenching his fists at his side. That was the only time he ever acted physically threatening towards me.

OK. So some things we mock dismissively, and other things we do just because, and even asking is very bad. I seem to have had an affinity for conservative ideas since I was very small, but mostly I just looked at things and saw how they were.

My mother loved poor people, especially Mexicans, who were supposed to be very sweet, docile and traditional. But the actual Mexicans I knew and interacted with were dumb, mean, violent, and had no interest in any rules or any of that Catholic crap.

Poor white people weren’t as high in her estimation, but still pretty high, especially if they were Catholic. But poor white people weren’t much better, and Catholic kids seemed to behave worse than others.

My older brother and sister were good kids and didn’t seem to have any desire to question this, and while I did, it was clear I needed to keep my mouth shut. Eventually things came to a head and I formally rejected the Catholic Church.

Moldbug doesn’t understand that with his Jewish Communist grandfather’s bona fides, he still can’t question certain things. The system collects scalps because it needs to keep people in line, but also because that’s just what it does.

He tries to go anti-Trump to show his goodthink. To quote the Reddit- “My daughter informs me that Trump is going to kill all the Muslims. I don’t think she’s right, but she’s very smart and I hesitate to contradict her.” No, she is not very smart, she is about 7 or so, and is repeating what some ridiculous adult said. As a parent, and a person who supposedly values rationality, he has a responsibility to correct this blood libel, but it reflects his feels so he lets it stand. I’m sure no kid in her social environment has parents who are Trump supporters, but if some kid did and said something good about Trump, he would be in big trouble, and no one would care about his free speech rights.

Countless people- lots of them with Moldbug’s ethnc background- went to the camps protesting “But I’m orthodox!” (orthodox Communist, not Christian). But it didn’t matter for them, and it doesn’t matter for him. Moldbug is orthodox in almost every way possible or necessary, but in a Stalinist environment one slip of the tongue is enough.

I think he has a lot of family money that he lives on, I don’t see how he lives in San Francisco otherwise working for years on a project not providing any revenue. He is not on the street, like any normal person would be. Getting disinvited from conferences is about all he will suffer, so he will probably not learn his lesson.

But for the rest of us- keep your fool mouth shut.

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