Merry Christmas! God Jul!

Ryan Landry, I think it was, was recently speculating on the “magic” of Christmas, but couldn’t think where it came from.

I think I know. The magic of Christmas is the solstice, the very dark, cold time of year. It’s more pronounced at northern latitudes, which is why Christmas is a northern holiday.

The world gets dark and cold, and for a while it’s scary and uncomfortable. There is an English poem titled “November”, by Thomas Hood-

No sun–no moon!
No morn–no noon!
No dawn–no dusk–no proper time of day–
No sky–no earthly view–
No distance looking blue–
No road–no street–no “t’other side this way”–
No end to any Row–
No indications where the Crescents go–
No top to any steeple–
No recognitions of familiar people–
No courtesies for showing ’em–
No knowing ’em!
No traveling at all–no locomotion–
No inkling of the way–no notion–
“No go” by land or ocean–
No mail–no post–
No news from any foreign coast–
No Park, no Ring, no afternoon gentility–
No company–no nobility–
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
No comfortable feel in any member–
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds–

England is of course very cloudy, making the coming of winter even more dismaying.

But after some time, things settle down. The snow comes, and the cold. Everything is quiet. Cold air transmits sound more easily, so it should be noisier, but it seems to make things more quiet. One adapts to the routine of winter, which is doing nothing much inside where it’s warm. Occasional forays are made outside, for supplies or sometimes to play in the snow. You see the world is not dead, but sleeping peacefully. You watch the hush, the dark night, the bright stars, and the magical snow. Then you realize it’s freezing and get back inside.

By the time the solstice comes, winter seems like it’s not so bad, a chance to rest. The Northern soul is constantly struggling with nature, and needs this forced rest. Spring won’t be too far away.

Then comes January, and February, and March, and it seems like it will never end. Your hockey team sucks, and you are sick of dressing like an Eskimo every time you go out.

But that’s later. For now we can enjoy the dark, cold, sleeping world and have cookies.

Merry Christmas! God Jul!

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Moslems and Terrorism; Blacks and Crime

Why don’t Moslems say more about terrorism? We are called churlish if we ask; we are supposed to assume that of course they are all against terrorism, and to expect them to confirm this is cruel.

The same thing is kind of true about blacks and crime. We don’t expect blacks to speak up against black crime, we assume they are against it. However, when there was one high-profile example- O.J. Simpson- essentially all black people, including the nice middle-class black people you work with, were delighted he got away with it.

Being part of a group that is violent, and with a reputation for violence, has both advantages and disadvantages. First, the disadvantages. If you are black, or Moslem, or in a gang, your life is much more dangerous, and the primary danger is from your own people. Blacks are killed and victimized by other blacks, Moslems by other Moslems, and gang members most frequently by members of their own gang. (Moslems come to white countries for the same reason blacks move to white areas, to get away from predation by their own kind.) You will be viewed with fear and suspicion by others.

The advantage? Being feared by others gives you power over them. They will be polite and cooperative, and tend to give in to you and do things your way. They will give you a little more than they would otherwise. Black people like this a lot, and it’s a basic perk of being black in America and the first world. A few dirty rednecks will give you a hard time but they are in the minority and will get overridden by others. Moslems no doubt enjoy the same thing.

It doesn’t strike me as a good way to live. Ryu talks about brutalization as socialization for police and the military- it’s called recruit training formally, hazing by sociologists, “jumping in” by street gangs, and “prospecting” by outlaw motorcycle gangs. Supposedly once you have passed, you are protected by the group and won’t get any further abuse. But that is not the case. The group will aggressively keep you in line. Even small deviations will get you punished or ejected.

And yet we get back to that fundamental benefit- fear by outsiders. That’s a daily intoxication, and don’t think blacks and Moslems don’t enjoy that little bit of nervousness they get from others every day.

What you are expected to do is what they want, engage in the behavior of someone around a dangerous person or animal- don’t make eye contact, and pretend they are not there if you have no reason to speak to them. If you need to speak with them, keep your head down, your voice high, and be very polite.

Most people will give them that, but you don’t have to. I talked about dealing with blacks here– eye contact, smile, ask some questions if you can. Eye contact means “I see you, you are in my space, or space we share as equals.” Smiling means “I’m not afraid of you.” Asking questions means “You need to qualify yourself to me. I don’t accept you at face value, I reserve the right to pass judgment on the validity of your presence and your intentions.”

You read about people saying aggressive things to Moslems and getting jacked for “hate crimes”. There is no need to do that, and simple engagement gets the same result- the interloper is put on notice you are not afraid, not intimidated, and he is being watched.

Moslems often announce their presence with dress and grooming. These serve absolutely no purpose in Western society except to announce “I am a Moslem. I regard myself as superior to you, and expect you to treat me with deference.” Women in Islamic countries wear scarves because it is expected, but it is not expected or necessary in the West, and so a woman wearing one is making a political and social statement of aggression. The same with a man with a skullcap or an untrimmed beard.

So, smile and make eye contact. If someone is making the statement by appearance they are Moslem, you can say “I’m a Christian” or “I’m a pagan” or “I’m an atheist” as appropriate. If they are dumb, they will get their back up, but why? You didn’t do anything. If they are smart they will see what you are doing, and just smile back, but they will go home knowing they can push with their presence, but you will push back.

Power creates fear, but fear also creates power. Don’t give them that power, any more than you have to.

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Organized Or Disorganized Legacies

Recently, Bruce Charlton posted about marriage, and how young people have trouble marrying and settling down these days because until very recently marriages were mostly arranged by parents, and people aren’t evolved for self-arranged marriage.

I think this is only partly true. I think that for older children, parents took some trouble to arrange marriage, after making it financially possible by arranging some kind of work for the boys and a dowry for the girls.

I think that for younger children, particularly in larger families, much less trouble was taken. A stock beginning to a fairy tale is a young boy who leaves “to seek his fortune”.

In less optimistic terms, this was the boy getting kicked out of the house. The oldest son can get the farm, or the tenant plot, or the family business. Possibly something can be arranged for a second son, but likely not, and a third son is out of luck.

The same is true for daughters, with some variation. The oldest daughters will have more access to family assets such as a dowry and help from the mother and other female relatives. If all daughters have a similar level of attractiveness, they will do better. If a younger daughter is better looking, she will attract more interest from marriageable men and may get the assets to complete the marriage. Daughters could probably hang around the house longer, as there was always a demand there for female labor.

In general, though, for younger sons and daughters, it was pretty tough. You could hang around town and maybe somebody would take you on as an apprentice, or a laborer, or a servant. A boy could join the army, or you could go and take your chances in the city. If you couldn’t find anything in the city, you would probably wind up a petty criminal or a prostitute, and even if you did it would probably a miserable servant position. Infectious disease killed lots of city dwellers, so there was always room for more hopefuls.

This young man in Spain has no future, and no one is too interested in finding him one. Is he lazy? Probably, but he’s a kid, and all kids need some ass-kicking.

The old system was pretty harsh. A lot of people disappeared into a black hole of extreme poverty and early death. But older children did get taken care of. I suppose this accounts for the adoption of limited reproduction starting in the late 18th century. As people got more sensitive, the idea of having kids who would be miserable and die young without families seemed much worse.

When modern prosperity arrived, the problem largely went away. There was a job for every boy, and a boy with a job for every girl. Parents didn’t need to worry too much about their children’s future, and even if you had a lot of kids they all had a good chance of being OK. This was assisted by the fact that traditional morality prevented people from doing stupid things, like getting knocked up by a bad boy with no job.

Both modern prosperity and traditional morality are long gone, so now many, many young people are in the position of a third son or a third daughter in the old days- no resources, little prospect of decent employment, and no one real interested in helping out.

We are all descendants of survivors. More of us are descendants of the oldest son who got the farm, and of the oldest daughter who got the dowry. But many are descendants of plucky younger siblings who survived in the city.

The most important thing to remember is nobody cares. We are the surplus population, and we are not only not of any use to TPTB, we are potentially dangerous. TPTB have created mouse utopia for black and brown welfare recipients, but most white people find this kind of life abhorrent.

The only help we will get is self-help. Help yourself, help your family, and help whatever deserving white folks you can.


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Jesus Versus Mohammed

You could get angry with the Moslems you see- unrepentant thugs and parasites most of them, enjoying our hospitality and tolerance while biting the hand that feeds them- but you can do something to make them even more desperate and afraid, and not desperate and afraid in some weak earthly way, but desperate and afraid totally and eternally.

You can say “Do you know the difference between Jesus and Mohammed? You can’t mock Mohammed, it’s forbidden. You can mock Jesus all you want, but it doesn’t work. So Jesus is far stronger.”

“Jesus was already mocked, by the Jews and the Romans. He wasn’t honored or respected, he was attacked and reviled at every opportunity. He had no army, and eventually he was publicly tortured and murdered. He never demanded anyone follow him. And yet he has more followers than Mohammed, who had an army and killed and enslaved people who would not follow him.”

“You can kill all you want, and all you will have are dead bodies and terrified people telling you what you want to hear. The saints were chosen before the foundations of the earth, and will go to live with God forever. You will enjoy your earthly power for the briefest of time, and then spend an eternity of regret with the father of lies.”

“All the power protects you, none more than the US government. But nothing can or will protect you from the righteous wrath of God.”

“Decide this day who you will serve.”

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Tears in Rain….. Or, Another Glimpse at the World of the Rich

I have spoken a little of the rich before– and I can’t add too much substantively, but maybe something atmospherically…..

I’m a slave, of sorts- I live in fear, as many of you probably do- but I’ve seen things………….

Rich people certainly have their troubles, such as the hedonic limit I talked about, but mostly they are not, as far as I can tell, troubled. They live peacefully, in a cocoon.

The South is, to Hunter Wallace, an occupied territory suffering outrageous indignities. But rich people in the South are if anything more comfortable than rich people in the North, maybe because their money comes from land and commodities and less from hustling and dealing. Charleston has lots of comfortable rich people, including it seems to me a lot of rich Southern hippies.

And yet for all the ease and comfort, it’s not that great being a rich person. Their food is funny. I once got invited to dinner with some rich people, and they all agreed the soup was wonderful because it was creamy, but not too creamy. I tasted a bit, and it was about three times more creamy than anything I had ever eaten in my life. Rich people seem to equate good flavor with high fat content, so high end cooking seems to consist of trying to make things as creamy or buttery as possible.

A rich person’s steak isn’t as good as Outback, which isn’t as good as In-N-Out. But part of the reason I love In-N-Out is I don’t eat there very often, if I did I would get tired of it.

In the opening of “Moby Dick” Melville talks about the pleasure of sleeping in a cold room, and the enjoyment comes from the contrast from being warm under the covers versus the cold room. He says a man who can afford a fire in his room actually doesn’t feel as good, because he doesn’t have the contrast.

The rich spend their lives in a lukewarm bath of nice things, and they don’t have the highs and lows that we do. The lukewarm bath is kept just so by lots and lots of money, but who knows how long the money will last.

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Western Tropes in ISIS Propaganda

H/t to Zero Hedge, another ISIS propaganda video is out. I didn’t watch it, but the stills are strangely familiar.

The jihadis love modern Western outdoor gear, accessorizing it to their Western combat fatigue uniforms just like an American soldier would. The gloves are interesting- like motorcycle gloves, armored on the knuckles, but without fingertips. Where do you get these? Bass Pro Shops? Cabela’s?

The poses are all very Western too. Foot up on something, elbow on the knee, gun straight up, or slug across with the elbow out. The praying comrades, the laughing comrades with their arms around each other- just like some jordie’s Facebook page.

Even the beards aren’t really out of place. The commando troops of the US like to grow beards, you hardly ever see a picture of Chris Kyle clean shaven.

What really gets me though is how hard they are pushing the multiracial and multicultural angle. I’m sure 90% of these guys are Arabs, just like 90% of US combat troops are white, but they feature blacks and dark browns a lot.

Just how did these warriors of Allah adopt so much of the military culture of the infidels? Well the military propaganda of the West has been broadcast worldwide for 70 years and has been very effective, so why not adopt it. If these guys had been to training camps run by Americans, though, it wouldn’t really surprise me………

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Donald Trump and Authoritarian Liberalism

It’s been pointed out frequently that Donald Trump is no kind of conservative, that he is a New Yorker comfortable in that culture, a social liberal, a show biz guy, has many Jewish friends and associates, has an Orthodox Jewish convert daughter married to an Orthodox Jew, and so forth. This reflects a misunderstanding about what Trump represents, and where he comes from.

The political culture of greater New York City is most definitely progressive, but has an element I have described as authoritarian liberalism. Liberal and progressive ideas and policies are great, but will run into the problem that things must get done and things must run. If it doesn’t work out in Detroit, so be it; nobody cares about Detroit and cars can and will be built elsewhere. The same thing happened many other places.

New York is different. Nostalgia for the decrepit, sleazy Manhattan of the 70’s that you sometimes see aside, New York must function as the de facto capital of finance and culture. Giuliani was the first manifestation of this; people had had it with morons like John Lindsay and hard core progressives like David Dinkins. Giuliani was a Republican, but a liberal New York Republican. He made a name cleaning up the Mafia, an unfortunate artifact of earlier times. Michael Bloomberg kept up pretty much the same policies in a more low-key manner.

People can live with all kinds of liberal policies but they cannot live without basic security. Liberals in most places never had to deal with this. Conservatives in the sticks passed law and order laws in the state legislature, and put crime more under control. New York City is not run by the people upstate, so this didn’t happen the same way there. The only way to get law and order in NYC was to have it locally imposed.

Trump is not a conservative, as we mean it, but an authoritarian liberal. Such a person can only come from New York City, so liberals elsewhere will hate him and conservatives elsewhere will be confused by him.

In the old days, a person like this would have just been a conservative Democrat. But those days are long gone.

Giuliani was put in place by a populace that saw things gone frighteningly out of control, and tacitly accepted by a power structure that saw things could use some cleaning up, although they didn’t want to come out and admit it.

Trump is the same phenomenon on a national level. People are generally comfortable with liberal policies, but not comfortable with disorder. The nation at large is a lot like NYC in the 70’s- affluent but disorganized, with feckless, incompetent leaders and basic order unraveling.

I don’t think, despite what you read, that the establishment is all that opposed to Trump. They would rather have him than some Republican yahoo from the sticks. They probably realize immigration is out of control and damaging the social fabric, and the Obama years of college professor governance have been poor. NYC went from Giuliani to the much more restrained Bloomberg, back to the full progressive DiBlasio. I think liberals think they could live with Trump.

America is a progressive country. Politics ranges from raging leftism to sane centrism. LBJ was followed by Nixon, Carter by Reagan. Obama was not as liberal as either, and didn’t push progressive causes too hard. Likely enough we are in for more managerial liberalism, but eventually we will need a break. It might or might not be with Trump. 

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