Charlottesville II- Biomass, Or, The Biology of Power

The Brown Scare continues. Jim Donald tells us that Vox Day is correct to punch Nazis, because he is punching left. Brett Stevens informs us that “Neo-Nazism, white nationalism, National Socialism and White Supremacy have died” because they are embarrassing and outdated. More insultingly yet, a Twitter user going by @CorncobLeft compares the alt right to cargo cultists, in that they believe white people equal civilization.

People have been saying neo-reaction, or NRx for short, is dead. I don’t think this is true. The alt right is and always has been a collection of angry misfits; NRx was and is an intellectual movement critiquing the dysfunction of modern society and politics in the West.

NRx emphasized itself as purely intellectual and not involved in any kind of activism, in fact it advocated the “passivism” of Moldbug- be ready intellectually and wait.

The Trump phenomenon tempted NRx into seeing things as moving in their direction, and saw this as their opportunity to get involved. The alt right did also, and in the process the distinction between the two became blurred. Recent events are showing that the two remain distinct.

The relationship between intellectuals and the society they live in tends to be hostile. Consider the Greek philosophers, by which we mean the Athenians. Foremost among these were Plato, who left extensive writings, and his teacher Socrates, whom we know only through Plato’s work.

Athens was a democracy, and Plato and Socrates did not like this one bit. They wanted an oligarchy, and went to some lengths to establish it- leading to the execution of Socrates. They were of the hoplite class, foot soldiers who supplied their own equipment, and thus had to be fairly affluent to participate.

Did the elite philosophers make Athens great? Maybe, but they did not make it possible. The Athenian hoplites were outclassed by the Spartans, and possibly those of other city-states too. Athens was a rich and powerful state because one, it had the best navy in the region. The navy was paid for by the wealthy but staffed by common men. Two, Athens was not on the water, but had walls connecting Piraeus, its port suburb, to the main city so it could keep its navy going and maintain sea trade even if under siege. The Long Walls were built not by wealthy intellectuals but by common men also.

Neo-reaction makes the intellectual mistakes that the common people do not support civilization and cannot create it. I have talked about this here, here, and here. But if you are going to have a civilization you will need a mass of people who can keep it going.

La Griffe du Lion wrote about the “smart fraction”, the idea that the wealth of a country depends on the portion of the population with some base IQ. This IQ will not be particularly high by the standards of competitive admissions universities or accomplished, affluent professionals, but the more healthy white people you have, the more likely you are going to have this thing we call “civilization”.

“The mob” is a phrase that sometimes is thrown out. But a mob is just a group of people, men usually, who want something. If some charismatic, bright fellow can get up on a rock or a tree stump and tell them a way to get it, a mob becomes an army. Once the army controls some territory, they can put up some buildings and you have a city. They can then fight and defeat other cities, or encourage them to “patch over” as the outlaw motorcycle gangs do. If the enterprise is successful then over time it becomes quite respectable.

That’s Rome for you right there. The Romans were not noted for their culture or intellectual refinement, they were known for their military power. This power depended on having reliable foot soldiers, of which the neo-reactionaries have none.

The classic comeback is “You and what army?” Well, you and what army?

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The Nazi Panic, or Brown Scare

Things have developed rapidly and now we are in a Nazi panic, or as Moldbug would have it, a “brown scare”.

Boston was supposed to be the alt lite’s chance to step up, but instead they abandoned the field, and only a few eccentrics showed up. (The Healing Church, for one. THC? Get it?) But the left came out in full force and fury.

Meanwhile Trump went from condemning racism and hate, to saying both sides were violent, which sent the establishment into a rage. If you have any experience with bullies, you know how they will use some imagined slight to explode with theatrical rage to justify an attack.

Around this time (so many important things happening close together) Bannon was defenestrated and Trump came under full Jewish control- not the usual suspects, the neo-cons, the ADL, the J Street lobbyists, or AIPAC, but his darling daughter, Princess Ivanka and her smirking Prince Consort, Jared.

Aside from the Nazi panic starting with the left, followed by (of course) the Republican establishment, the panic also enveloped some of the alt right, which is not as strange as it may seem. To understand this we need to review post-WWII politics.

After World War II lower-class white interests became anathema. Anglophone politics has always been class based and the Anglophone elite has always hated their lower classes in a way not seen in other cultures, but it became worse. The Democratic Party moved to representing minorities and bourgeois liberals; the Republican Party continued to represent upper-class whites but with the pitch to lower-class whites that this would benefit them also.

Everybody had to agree that the Nazis were the worst ever but the Republicans did this by saying the Nazis were really leftists, because they were socialists! Who could not see this?! It’s an idiotic argument, because all viable political systems contain social elements, and “socialist” means something different in a nationalist context. Still Vox Day in particular has been pushing this.

A more honest thing to say would be “We reject Nazis because they are embarrassing, disgusting social rejects.” The have been various groups post-WWII using the Nazi name, whether or not they actually knew or used NSDAP ideas. And because of the universal condemnation of Nazism, they consisted of and consist of social rejects, freaks, provocateurs, and government agents.

So the Nazi scare is almost universal. And like all witch hunts, if you aren’t sufficiently enthusiastic about hunting witches, maybe you are a witch yourself.

American needs to get past this. Somebody needs to say, “So what? Who cares?”

Why were the Nazis evil? Because they killed a lot of people? The communists killed many more, but to be a communist is highly respectable. The English have killed millions also- in Ireland, of course, but in India as well, and China. They have usually used famine but used opium in China- for the benefit of Jewish drug dealers. The answer to this, given with a completely straight face, is that the Nazis killed by ethic group, which you can’t help, and the communists killed by class, which you can.

Actually your class is almost as immutable as your race and expecting a person to start killing their friends and relatives because some angry Jewish terrorists say so is pretty stupid.

I have written before what I think about National Socialism. I’m not a Nazi but I don’t have anything against anybody who is. Killing large numbers of people is a suboptimal way to manage the population, but compared to communists and capitalists the Nazis didn’t have that much blood on their hands.

I’ll worry about it when they put away the communist flags. Until then, fuck you, asshole.

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I figured it would be a normal event. Some rock throwing, etc., but the normal speeches and we condemn racism blah blah blah.

Instead- rally is declared illegal despite federal court order, local and state police prevent whites from speaking and assembling but not antifa, Clinton scumbag governor declares emergency, antifa riot.

But in the end it was always going to come down to this. Whites don’t have free speech or assembly. The federal court is quickly obeyed when it follows the system’s wishes, but when occasionally it doesn’t it is ignored. Leftist protestors have impunity.

The alt lite is derided by many, but it’s where most people skeptical of the system feel at home. We can demand our rights, participate in the system, we are not racist or anti-semitic, etc. Theoretically the democratic political system can change things, at least somewhat, to address people’s grievances.

But the system made it formally, officially clear that can’t happen. They could have made some strategic concessions and deflated the balloon. But they’re arrogant and stupid, despite the SAT scores and the Ivy League degrees.

Life and history grind on, driven by forces we don’t understand or even know about. Not even the people in charge know- perhaps them least of all.

The system can’t even keep on its own fig leaves any more. “Rights” with controlled opposition and manufactured consent work great but they can’t even stick to that. Trump announced his support for the Virginia governor and the state and local police so he can’t even manage the ACLU/Voltaire cliche of defending your right to say it.

It’s just going to get weirder. Ryan Landry linked to an interesting article by Gary Brecher on the IRA versus Al Qaeda. It’s worth noting they don’t care about anybody’s life, but they sure do care about their money and stuff.

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Shit’s Getting Real

I was going to write something really depressing but then realized the last thing I wrote was really depressing, and a long time ago. So I realized I don’t have to write something really depressing and I don’t have to wait until I have something worked out to write something.

Tomorrow is “Unite the Right” but the Google memo is the true sign of things to come. It seems James Damore had this planned out beforehand and had some legal advice beforehand and intends to make as much noise as he can. Few people know or care who Richard Spencer is but everybody knows and uses Google so this is impossible to ignore.

The big problem the system has is that it can no longer deliver widespread prosperity. To use Silicon Valley as an example again, it was once just a pleasant suburb with miles of modest, wood frame ranch houses built for high school graduates and their families. The small, worn-out houses now sell for over a million as tear-downs and high school graduates there live in their cars or a two-hour drive away. The stick is still there, but the carrot is long gone.

Damore still had the carrot though. Google is a pretty good job, although getting rich off stock options is probably a thing of the past. But why not just keep your mouth shut and collect the filthy lucre? There’s a strong incentive to do that but even common people have a thing called pride, and pride drives rebellion more than want probably. Google, and Silicon Valley, have been taken over by an unusually vile and disgusting sort of people. Progressive leadership used to be handsome, charismatic white men, but it’s now homosexuals and transexuals, and not cute ones like you see on prime-time TV but physically gross, nasty and aggressive ones typical of reality. Damore would have obeyed a white or Jewish man who was at a minimum physically and socially normal and ideally had a talent for saying ridiculous things in a convincing tone of voice. But Google is run by an Indian guy who is clearly not in charge of his mob of degenerate Red Guards, and so not an inspiring leader.

Side note- Indians can’t be inspiring leaders. India is a huge country that was taken over buy a relatively tiny number of pirates. India and Indians live with this shame forever.

The media kind of has to talk about this, and if men and women are different, then blacks are different, and Mexicans are different, and Asians are different…… CNN takes on Charles Murray…….

This can’t be papered over any more.

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The Death of the White Race

I write this without hope it will do any good, or even that anyone will read it. Maybe some Chinese researcher combing the archives in a thousand years, looking into the disappearance of the Europeans. He will snort, in that uniquely Chinese way, at how obvious it all was and quickly move on.

White people aren’t going to die out completely. They are too useful for that. A few pure ones may even exist out in the boonies somewhere. What part of the genome that does survive will be largely mixed with Asians and of course Jews- rich Jews may yet be acquiring blonde shiksa trophy wives, although that will probably be just a hush, whispered legend among them.

But mostly white people will be gone, because they are a nuisance and aren’t needed in large numbers. You read this all the time without being convinced, so let me explain myself.

White people will reproduce only under favorable conditions. I call this conditional natalism, Steve Sailer calls it affordable family formation.

Maybe this is a remnant of K selection– smaller families and more parental investment- and some element of group selection where not all members reproduce. The non-reproducing members of societies inside the Hajnal line must have helped their families and those societies.

Europe in isolation lived and developed like this. But Europe and its peoples no longer live in isolation. They are being out-competed by organisms that function completely differently.

Africans will, as far as I can tell, reproduce under almost any conditions. Short of total starvation they will keep reproducing and their numbers will keep increasing. Moslems of most kinds- Arabs, Turks, Southwest Asians, Central Asians- are like this also. I’m not sure about Hispanics. The presence of these people and their parasitic consumption of white resources stresses white people and makes it much harder for them to reproduce.

Left to their own devices, Africans would boom and crash by mass starvation. Moslems seem to deal with excess population by fighting each other, which kills off excess young men and civilians not wanted as slaves.

Unfortunately we will not let these people starve to death or kill each other off. It wouldn’t be Christian, or humane, or something. We send food to Africa or much worse, let Africans and Moslems come to our countries. We encourage their own increase while harming ours.

Capitalism likes to have a large amount of workers and consumers. Populations are moved around the globe to achieve this, and become obsolete. Africans aren’t needed to grow sugar cane in Brazil, and haven’t been for a long time, but in Brazil they remain. Europeans are still needed to grow grain in North America, but in very few numbers. Obsolete European and African peasants were useful for awhile as factory workers, but that work has been mostly transferred to obsolete Chinese peasants.

Useless Africans and Moslems die in Africa or Moslems countries, or subside on welfare and crime in European countries. Useless Europeans are dying off. The lower level ones die directly from poor health and drugs, the middle level ones just fail to reproduce.

Upper class whites facilitate this process through their embrace of capitalism. Jews have always been a parasitic population but didn’t get involved in the racket of global capitalism until they started sugar plantations in Brazil.

Africans and Moslems are genocidal peoples. They invade the territories of other peoples and destroy them. Mass killing is hardly necessary; low level crime and harassment, assault, rape, and murder drives them away, breaks their communities, and stresses them to where they can’t reproduce. No gas chambers, no mass graves but it’s still genocide.

Upper class whites and Jews are genocidal in making this happen. It’s well under way in Europe. It’s slower and less dramatic but still happening to whites outside of Europe. South Africa is a slow-motion horror movie.

Nazi Germany was I think a reaction to this. Germans saw what was happening in an earlier era and fought back. The powers that be decided this must never happen again, and won’t let it.

White people are burdened with too much responsibility. We are always told to work harder and discipline ourselves to survive. Whites must work hard and be disciplined, but they must be provided with an environment where this has more than a small chance of succeeding. Non-whites have little to no responsibility. They expect, and whites are expected, to carry the burden for them.

My brother and sister are childless. They screwed up their lives, if you can call not being optimally successful screwing up. Nobody helped them, and they couldn’t help themselves. I have one kid, who I hope I can move up the greasy pole of life just a little bit. I will prepare him the best I can for the world that is coming.

It will be pretty fucked up, but I hope he and his descendants will be OK.

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The War

A Soviet military intelligence officer who uses the pen name Viktor Suvorov wrote several books about his career. In one he relates his induction into the USSR’s foreign military intelligence service, the GRU.

As cover he is being interviewed for a position as a foreign military advisor. He is asked where he would like to go. He replies, “The war is over in the hot and wet countries (meaning Southeast Asia) but not the hot and dry countries (meaning the Middle East) so I would like to go to the hot and dry countries.”

“That,” one of his interviewers tells him, “is where you are wrong. The war is going on everywhere, all the time.”

The interviewer meant that the struggle as broadly defined- far more than just combat, but all the measures taken to overcome the enemy- was always going on, and the task for which Suvorov was being evaluated, the collection of intelligence under diplomatic cover in foreign countries, was every bit as much a part of this as a battle between armed, uniformed soldiers.

The war is in truth going on everywhere, all the time. You are a soldier in it whether you like it or not. You will fight every day until you die. Keep this in mind always.

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Anti-Natalism vs. Non-Natalism vs. Incompetent Natalism

The future belongs to those who show up. White people aren’t showing up much these days. This is a problem that if left unaddressed the solution of all other problems will be meaningless.

Anti-natalism is the affirmative answer to the question “Is life itself horror?” and has a long philosophical history. Most current advocates base it on environmental, earth-worship grounds. Explicit anti-natalism however is not a significant factor in most peoples’ reproductive decisions.

Implicit anti-natalism is another matter. Most white people will not have children unless they believe they can provide them with a reasonably decent home and future. This might be described as conditional anti-natalism. Required are a trustworthy spouse, a decent income, a safe and comfortable dwelling, and a safe environment.

This seems to have been the line of thinking of all European peoples inside the Hajnal Line, where about 80% of people historically married and reproduced and about 20% did not. Countering this was the demand on unmarried people to remain celibate. Since unmarried people are no longer expected to remain celibate, this counter-balance is no longer there.

Outside the Hajnal Line, rates of marriage were higher. I suspect in these areas the imperative to avoid sexual immorality was stronger but I really don’t know.

Steve Sailer calls the last two “affordable family formation”, and the reason why people marry earlier and have more children in places where suburban houses are cheaper. The first two are difficult anywhere in Western society. No-fault divorce makes women untrustworthy by definition. The expectation of a family wage for an adult man ended about 1970.

Implicit, conditional anti-natalism then takes two forms, closely related but not quite the same. Non-natalism is failure to reproduce because necessary conditions are never quite met. Incompetent natalism is when reproduction occurs, but the conditions are not completely met.

Non-natalism seems to be the lifestyle of many city dwellers who are not wealthy. People are dated, relationships of various levels of seriousness are formed and ended, but no suitable spouse is found. Money earned only covers a one-bedroom apartment and saving for a house in the suburbs requires more discipline than is possessed. The city has many enjoyable diversions that eat up the paycheck and it’s not that people don’t want to settle down and have kids, they just never get around to it. Married friends complain and provide horror stories that further discourage them.

I suspect this was true in earlier times. The Roman upper class had trouble getting their kids to get married and have kids, for similar reasons.

Incompetent natalism is where the typical white person, who wants to have a family, finds him or herself. I include myself in this group. How to get a decent-paying job? How to find a nice, trustworthy spouse? How to find a place to live where your kid isn’t going to get killed by a pit bull and you don’t have to drive two hours to work?

Most of the values and vices of say, lower middle class and above white Americans come from the English upper class. These kinds of behaviors and attitudes are what we are supposed to aspire to. The life history of an upper class English gentleman in Victorian times would be to go to an elite public school and university, spend time abroad for pleasure or on imperial business, have sex with lower class women to meet his sexual desires, and marry and have two children in his 30’s after a high-paying civil service position was available or his inheritance was secured.

These days bright children, male and female- which until recently was actual bright children, but now means all children- are encouraged to get an education, find themselves, have sex with various people, and get married and have two children in their 30’s when they have a good-paying job.

You can see that this advice will work for an upper class Victorian gentleman, and will work for modern Western young people if they are staring pretty high on the food chain, but is unlikely to work well if at all for most. If you are an upper class English gentleman with the income to support a family, you will not have to look hard for a wife- you will be pursued with all the energy and wits the girls can muster, as we know from Jane Austen. Her trustworthiness will be evaluated by nosy female relatives, as we know from Jane Austen. Income, safety, environment, and opportunity for offspring are given.

Young people these days get an education, which may be worthless. Even a STEM degree may be worthless. Still gotta pay the loans though! Rules and procedures for courtship are vague and confusing for everyone. The standards for an acceptable spouse are not clear. The long-term stability of any relationship, personal or business, is dubious.

People like to say these days that culture is downstream from politics, and it is, but it’s a circle, and so our politics are downstream of some culture. This culture wants to kill us so the only hope is counter-culture.

Counter-culture for white people. Who’s gonna do it?

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