Fly the Confederate Flag

There is intense pressure, again, to ban the Confederate flag. I am showing it here, in defiance.

It’s not my flag. Had I been there, I suppose I would have been on the other side, fighting for free soil, a long forgotten cause. But without rancor, and with due respect.

Here’s my flag, as much as I have one-

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FLY the Stars and Bars! Ditch Romney the Retard, Cohen the Kike, and Coates

Originally posted on The White Tea Room:

the Coon,

Hail, Readers,

There has been a call, all at once somehow….hhhhmmmm….after the increasingly suspicious Roofie Shooting of the elderly Negroes in the historical Charleston, SC Negro Church, where-in the Negro Nat Turner planned to slaughter Whites en mass, to ban the Confederate battle flag.

The Cowardly Coon Coates kicked of the apparently coordinated campaign in the Atlantic. The Yellow Cur won’t allow comments on his screed – which is a sign he’s losing.

Some Yid named Yoni Appelbaum jumped in, with it’s 2 shekels:

Why are you still here, Yoni? Let’s have a conversation about the Rothschilds’ Flag of Satan,  re the symbol of Jewish Supremacism, racism, and slaughter, shall we?

Then the Yid Nation Wrecking JEW Richard Cohen, of the notorious, vile, despicable, loathsome, pustulant, Anti White, Anti Christian, Anti ANYTHING that is Sane, Normal, Healthy, and Good, idiotic Hate Group, the $PLC published a screed in the out-dated…

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Happy Father’s Day!

Been busy lately…. real busy…. but I will take a moment to wish you all a very happy Father’s Day!

If there’s no children, there’s no tomorrow, so find a nice white girl and get busy….

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Rod Dreher Gets It…….. Welcome to the Dark Side, Rod………..

Rod Dreher comes to the realization something is seriously wrong with “conservatism”. 

If every man is his own end, and has no other to answer to, then he can do anything he wants. And this is not the ideal of Dan Savage, it’s the ideal of John Locke and all the Whigs since.

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The Lies We Have Been Told

Did you know France started the Franco-Prussian War? I didn’t until a few days ago, and I know more about military history than most people.

The Wiki explanation is that Bismarck provoked France into attacking, but how is that an excuse? France preemptively attacked at fear of the increased power of a unified Germany. They lost, and lost territory, and Germany was understandably wary of this aggressive and stupid neighbor. The made plans to preemptively attack if another preemptive attack seemed imminent, and so came World War I, and the rest of the horrors of the 20th century.

As Americans we are taught that the English are always the good guys, that the expansion of English or English-speaking military, political and economic power across the world is always a good thing. Because “our” way- the English way- is the best.

David Frum writes in the Atlantic that we should consider what would happen if Germany had won World War I. He takes the normal Anglo-centric perspective. But how much better yet if World War I had never happened?

All historical events are both linear, coming one after the other, and parallel. It all mixes together, but without WWI you don’t have the Russian Revolution, and without the Franco-Prussian War you don’t have WWI. Without the French Revolution you don’t have the Franco-Prussian War, and you don’t have the French Revolution with the American Revolution. Without the American Revolution you don’t have the French Revolution and you don’t have the American Revolution without the English “Glorious” Revolution and you don’t have that without the English Civil War.

The English people, we are told- which means the English upper classes who can’t tolerate anyone above them- love democracy- which means the English upper classes running things through a corrupt and manipulated political system with “checks and balances” so the riff-raff don’t make too much trouble. The English people, we are told- which, yes, means the English upper classes- love independent thought and creativity, which means faggotry and ridiculous ideas about humanity violating natural law.

As Americans our minds are so filled with garbage we don’t know shit from Shinola. Clearing these misconceptions is the first step to knowing or doing anything.

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Caption Contest #BaltimoreUprising


Anti-communist rap had to be a set up; communism is made for people who like rap, the world over.

Originally posted on Aryan Skynet:

American correspondents, is it true? Did black people outraged by police brutality really get up at 10 am yesterday, put on their gas masks, and street battle against riot police wielding tear gas? Like the flyer suggests?

BaltimoreUprisingI Bet White Baltimore City Paper Reporters Made This Flyer

Or was it more like the other two pictures? In the first one, the middle aged white guy is holding a Starbucks coffee in one hand and a “Racism Kills” sign in the other – the sign professionally printed and very readable on TV.

But the second picture? I’ve decided to start a new conspiracy theory. Jerry Garcia faked his death and is now taking selfies with a freshman African American Studies class while being interviewed by blonde reporters for some online news site. Maybe Buzzfeed.

protesters-frontenacThis Protest Brought To You By Starbucks

plaza-frontenac-protestsJerry Garcia Poses For Pictures With Fan Club

Or I…

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Land of the Lost


Techno-futurism or techno-capitalism isn’t anything new, it’s just current social and economic policy without the sugarcoating.

Originally posted on Aryan Skynet:

Skeletor doing his Nick Land shtick Skeletor doing his Nick Land shtick

Nick Land, the balding, autistic, and humanity-hating mentor of the loose agglomeration of Judaic masturbators and anime nerds comprising the hardcore #Zioreaction scam, epitomizes the self-aggrandizing nihilism and cult of “personality” informing the “movement”. Precisely what it is about this influentially tedious figure that qualifies him as a “reactionary” or “man” of the “Right” is a mystery, as his ballyhooed philosophy appears to consist of little more than gothic sci-fi-flavored intellectualizations of his fantasies of oppressing the poor by remote control from an automated oriental massage parlor.

Nick Land doing his Skeletor shtick Nick Land doing his Skeletor shtick

The program would seem to differ from neocon drone warfare only in that his blog has lots of big, skyscraping words and a frightening black background to scare away those carbon-based lifeforms who might wander innocently onto his Borg-ark. Land, if possible, may be an even bigger proponent of “creative”…

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