Is White Nationalism Dead?

Time passes, things change and evolve. What was new yesterday is old today, and something nobody is even thinking of today will be new tomorrow.

Another topic Ryu likes to talk about is the surveillance society. Technology gives the system easier and cheaper ways to observe and manipulate the population. More importantly, the definition of unacceptable dissent has been made more and more strict as this has occurred.

You may be allowed to express unacceptable opinions anonymously, but certainly not publicly. Even anonymous dissent is now censored. If you want to continue to dissent anonymously, you have to break rules.

Are you concealing your true opinions from your employer or the government? Then you’re a criminal. Did you make another Twitter account after getting shoah’d? That’s a violation of the TOS, effectively a crime.

Psychologically more dissident whites are getting used to the idea that they are criminals. The constitutionalists are still a strong, but waning force as it is becoming more obvious to everyone that the rules are arbitrary and anti-white.

Adopting the mindset of a criminal involves crossing a psychological line. It means reevaluating and readjusting your status with other people. I adopted the mindset of a criminal for some time when I was an adolescent. It was an extremely painful and unpleasant process. I wasn’t the best kid in the world but I wanted the approval of my parents, teachers and society. When it became apparent I couldn’t get it it was devastating for me. But when I accepted this I found freedom and peace for awhile on the other side.

To be a white nationalist is fundamentally to be a criminal. He who can accept that has some way to move forward. He who cannot is, as I see it, trapped.

And the most famous white nationalists, the Order, did just that. Their failure, in my opinion, was to adopt robbery as their crime of choice. Quoting Ryu again, the criminal must choose his crime wisely. I was an excellent thief and a pretty good con man at 15. My very timidity and bashfulness made people think I couldn’t possibly be up to something.

Robbery? I could never do robbery. Robbery draws a lot of attention, and I don’t like attention. A successful robber would probably have a charismatic personality, to get his victims to cooperate easily. I think robbers like the attention, but because robbery is a high-profile crime, the police go all out for it. The typical victim of a theft or fraud is surprised how little interest the police have in helping them, but police reserve their energy for openly disruptive crimes like robbery and murder, and then only make a strong effort if the target was an important business or person.

A white nationalist becomes a criminal, and a criminal may become a white nationalist. The line between crime and revolution is blurry. Rich people can make a revolution out of their own resources, poor people can’t even help themselves. A white nationalism that leads to a soldier’s fate- death, or injury and poverty- is not terribly appealing. A white nationalism that leads to a typical criminal’s fate- prison, and social ostracism and poverty on release- is not appealing either.

G. Gordon Liddy said “Obviously crime pays, or there would be no crime.” Soldiers used to get spoils of war. Cops used to get bribes and other extras. What I’m saying is that white nationalism needs to pay.

As we move toward a lower-trust, more corrupt society, more things will be handled in an informal, or to be blunt a more criminal way, and there will be opportunities to make this work for those who can adapt- he who can, and will.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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6 Responses to Is White Nationalism Dead?

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  2. Ryu says:

    As a criminal, you have to fit your crime specialty to your personality.

    Kaz was the king of this. The 160 IQ genuis who is a bomber in the shadows. That’s a very demanding, very high IQ specialty that requires patience. Many criminals choose the wrong racket to get into.

    Robbery? You are ***FORCING*** your reality on someone else, with a gun or knife. You’ve got to be mean and confrontative. Cops equivalent is “command presense.” It is being a prick to force people to do what you want.

    I liked the Order alot. No one seems to ask where Bob Matthews learned to rob banks. I like how they gained money, then moved to counterfeiting. They could have scaled that way up. But their head counterfeiter got cold feet and narced.

    Got stay in practice with the con and theft if you want to stay good at it. It is a skill like anything else. Go cold for too long, you lose your instinct and “street eyes.”

  3. J. Junger says:

    Well, a part of the answer to your question is there in your post. There needs to be a symbiosis between the police and a revolutionary movement for that revolutionary movement to be effective. I follow the present situation in Germany very closely, and also study the past situation in Germany very keenly. In the Weimar years, the Right was careful to respect the cops and not antagonize them. The Right was constituted of ex-soldiers, many of whom went into the police, so granted it was a much easier link to establish back then, but watching the AfD types in the street, flipping the cops the bird and the Hitler Greeting is probably not a good sign. Then again, the police may draw their numbers from an entirely different cohort of Germans now as opposed to then, and trying to make common cause with them may be a lost cause. That said, I heard Paul Kersey say that the cops were kind of winking and smiling at conference attendees at the last Amren conference. We’ll see, won’t why?

    • Ryu says:

      Respect the cops?

      Kind of like a jew should “respect” the gestapo.

      That’s how I view obeying the police, because they have “authoritay!” They are the ones holding WN back. The revolution would have started by 1985, if the cops would have put down their paychecks for awhile.

      It is the police who have their boot most directly on your throat. Ever meet a jew-cop? We’d be better off to ban all white men from being cops or soldiers. They also wouldn’t learn all the bad habits.

  4. Thomas K. says:

    In numerical terms, it seems that WNism is still growing, perhaps even quite rapidly. In the long-run, hard to predict where things are headed; but I wouldn’t be pessimistic about the prospects of WNism. Both on the internet and in the voting booths, it’s growing. When it comes time to translate that to real-world action, then we’ll know for sure.

  5. polydactylsteve says:

    Watch this, trust me:

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