The Death of the White Race

I write this without hope it will do any good, or even that anyone will read it. Maybe some Chinese researcher combing the archives in a thousand years, looking into the disappearance of the Europeans. He will snort, in that uniquely Chinese way, at how obvious it all was and quickly move on.

White people aren’t going to die out completely. They are too useful for that. A few pure ones may even exist out in the boonies somewhere. What part of the genome that does survive will be largely mixed with Asians and of course Jews- rich Jews may yet be acquiring blonde shiksa trophy wives, although that will probably be just a hush, whispered legend among them.

But mostly white people will be gone, because they are a nuisance and aren’t needed in large numbers. You read this all the time without being convinced, so let me explain myself.

White people will reproduce only under favorable conditions. I call this conditional natalism, Steve Sailer calls it affordable family formation.

Maybe this is a remnant of K selection– smaller families and more parental investment- and some element of group selection where not all members reproduce. The non-reproducing members of societies inside the Hajnal line must have helped their families and those societies.

Europe in isolation lived and developed like this. But Europe and its peoples no longer live in isolation. They are being out-competed by organisms that function completely differently.

Africans will, as far as I can tell, reproduce under almost any conditions. Short of total starvation they will keep reproducing and their numbers will keep increasing. Moslems of most kinds- Arabs, Turks, Southwest Asians, Central Asians- are like this also. I’m not sure about Hispanics. The presence of these people and their parasitic consumption of white resources stresses white people and makes it much harder for them to reproduce.

Left to their own devices, Africans would boom and crash by mass starvation. Moslems seem to deal with excess population by fighting each other, which kills off excess young men and civilians not wanted as slaves.

Unfortunately we will not let these people starve to death or kill each other off. It wouldn’t be Christian, or humane, or something. We send food to Africa or much worse, let Africans and Moslems come to our countries. We encourage their own increase while harming ours.

Capitalism likes to have a large amount of workers and consumers. Populations are moved around the globe to achieve this, and become obsolete. Africans aren’t needed to grow sugar cane in Brazil, and haven’t been for a long time, but in Brazil they remain. Europeans are still needed to grow grain in North America, but in very few numbers. Obsolete European and African peasants were useful for awhile as factory workers, but that work has been mostly transferred to obsolete Chinese peasants.

Useless Africans and Moslems die in Africa or Moslems countries, or subside on welfare and crime in European countries. Useless Europeans are dying off. The lower level ones die directly from poor health and drugs, the middle level ones just fail to reproduce.

Upper class whites facilitate this process through their embrace of capitalism. Jews have always been a parasitic population but didn’t get involved in the racket of global capitalism until they started sugar plantations in Brazil.

Africans and Moslems are genocidal peoples. They invade the territories of other peoples and destroy them. Mass killing is hardly necessary; low level crime and harassment, assault, rape, and murder drives them away, breaks their communities, and stresses them to where they can’t reproduce. No gas chambers, no mass graves but it’s still genocide.

Upper class whites and Jews are genocidal in making this happen. It’s well under way in Europe. It’s slower and less dramatic but still happening to whites outside of Europe. South Africa is a slow-motion horror movie.

Nazi Germany was I think a reaction to this. Germans saw what was happening in an earlier era and fought back. The powers that be decided this must never happen again, and won’t let it.

White people are burdened with too much responsibility. We are always told to work harder and discipline ourselves to survive. Whites must work hard and be disciplined, but they must be provided with an environment where this has more than a small chance of succeeding. Non-whites have little to no responsibility. They expect, and whites are expected, to carry the burden for them.

My brother and sister are childless. They screwed up their lives, if you can call not being optimally successful screwing up. Nobody helped them, and they couldn’t help themselves. I have one kid, who I hope I can move up the greasy pole of life just a little bit. I will prepare him the best I can for the world that is coming.

It will be pretty fucked up, but I hope he and his descendants will be OK.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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13 Responses to The Death of the White Race

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  2. Dave says:

    Peasants only become obsolete when they decide they don’t want to be peasants anymore. In the year 2300, the world will be divided by climate zone between Amish farmers, Muslim goat-herders, and Africans running naked through the jungle poking each other with pointy sticks. Mass production gives us everything except a reason to reproduce, so the Industrial Revolution will be undone not for lack of raw materials but for lack of people.

    • curri says:

      The Amish will have to renounce their pacifism if they want to survive.

      • Dave says:

        Done and done. Some nutcase murdered five Amish schoolgirls and the Amish all went out and bought guns. Pacifism was a way for the Amish to defuse hostility when they were few and weak. Now that the English are giving up their farms (after sending their few children off to college to learn how not to be farmers), the Amish see that they must protect themselves.

  3. Hizzle says:

    I rarely see anyone try to contextualize Nazi Germany, even on the right, but it’s the most important mass movement of the 20th century, so I always appreciate it when Thrasymachus does this. People forget that even though the exact numbers killed under Lenin weren’t available at the time (they’re still suppressed) your average German knew that millions died after Marx’s ideas were implemented in the East. Not everyone who eventually threw in with Hitler was exactly comfortable with the Nazis, but privation and extreme economic chaos made people take sides, and enough decided to back the fuhrer for him to get his initial toehold.

    The thing that makes me think we won’t have a similar revolution from the middle (artisans, farmers, some members of the bureaucracies) in America is that we have a sort of baseline comfort accompanying our existential unraveling. People have the internet and a kind of subsidence-living arrangement with the opiates and techno-toys that they may not be hungry enough to see the danger. We’re dying the genocide of replacement, but that’s not the same as a red hoard moving quickly through your streets (although they have that at Berkeley), so I’m skeptical that enough whites will wake up.

  4. Ryu says:

    Such pessimism Thrashy!

    To kill 700 million whites will take a long time. Hitler could only kill 6 million jews in four years. And he had true resolve. We have some time here, and the young whites are not so accepting of the MC as the old generations were.

    I think you will be surprised at how aware the young are, Thrashy. Your kid will probably exceed you in this.

    • AN ONIMOUS says:

      In France alone 200 000 foetesus are borted every year since 1975…now project that figure for every white country and Hitler pales in comparison

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  6. It takes White Men a long time to get riled. They put up with too much, until they don’t. Hitler was a rather mild uprising. People have forgotten the History they don’t like. Christianity only became tame and loving when White Europeans were Big Bwana and everyone kow tow to White Power. This was not due to generosity or “Christian Moralizing” I assure you. The Manosphere is just the beginning. White Men are getting riled, and that whining and waciss sheeit is not going to put the Tiger back to Sleep. More wake up every day. You are Late to this Party, but Hitler is nowhere near as far as this can go. Read some History before 1933.

  7. zeta male pondscum says:

    keep in mind that before it’s ascendancy, western europe was essentially a depopulated backwater for nearly 1000 years. the pendulum swings both ways. left us hope it has reach it’s leftist-marxist-islamist amplitude.

  8. sterling says:

    A few ideas that may cheer you up

    1) Our politics are largely a conflict between the right-wing and left-wing whites. The black and brown people largely play a supporting role, or are a kind of pawn for the left-wing whites. If the vast majority of whites can be united under the right-wing banner then the black and brown people will not be an issue (even under a nominally democratic system of government). Pair this with the fact that left-wing whites have a very low birth rate, the collapse of the white birthrate (at least in the states) seems to be due to the drop in left-wing whites. They have bought into feminism totally, and it will be their doom. This is especially true of our fellow rootless cosmopolitans. So, the left-wing whites seems intent on destroying themselves via feminism, and even if they leave a browner country behind for the right-wing whites, we right-wing whites can easily manage the black and brown people absent left-wing meddling. The USA is a very big place, we could recreate something like the Ottoman’s millet system.

    2) Out ideas were considered main stream not long ago. The change from our ideas being mainstream and sensible, to being driven out of the public space was relatively quick, it seems that the shift occurred most drastically after 1945. So, if what ideas are publicly acceptable can shift away from us that quickly, they can, in theory, shift back just as quickly. Its sometimes hard to see, when you are following thing blow-by-blow in the media, but our side has made huge gains in the last 5 years in terms of the spread of our ideas. True, we cannot express ourselves publicly, but it is surprising the level of crime-think you can get from people in private with a little cajoling. If we keep up the guerrilla ideological, pointing out out enemy’s hypocrisy and out-right craziness, who knows where we will be in another 5 years.

  9. Bruce says:

    Once you have one child you’re vested in the future so you might as well have as many as you can. I have seven.

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