Anti-Natalism vs. Non-Natalism vs. Incompetent Natalism

The future belongs to those who show up. White people aren’t showing up much these days. This is a problem that if left unaddressed the solution of all other problems will be meaningless.

Anti-natalism is the affirmative answer to the question “Is life itself horror?” and has a long philosophical history. Most current advocates base it on environmental, earth-worship grounds. Explicit anti-natalism however is not a significant factor in most peoples’ reproductive decisions.

Implicit anti-natalism is another matter. Most white people will not have children unless they believe they can provide them with a reasonably decent home and future. This might be described as conditional anti-natalism. Required are a trustworthy spouse, a decent income, a safe and comfortable dwelling, and a safe environment.

This seems to have been the line of thinking of all European peoples inside the Hajnal Line, where about 80% of people historically married and reproduced and about 20% did not. Countering this was the demand on unmarried people to remain celibate. Since unmarried people are no longer expected to remain celibate, this counter-balance is no longer there.

Outside the Hajnal Line, rates of marriage were higher. I suspect in these areas the imperative to avoid sexual immorality was stronger but I really don’t know.

Steve Sailer calls the last two “affordable family formation”, and the reason why people marry earlier and have more children in places where suburban houses are cheaper. The first two are difficult anywhere in Western society. No-fault divorce makes women untrustworthy by definition. The expectation of a family wage for an adult man ended about 1970.

Implicit, conditional anti-natalism then takes two forms, closely related but not quite the same. Non-natalism is failure to reproduce because necessary conditions are never quite met. Incompetent natalism is when reproduction occurs, but the conditions are not completely met.

Non-natalism seems to be the lifestyle of many city dwellers who are not wealthy. People are dated, relationships of various levels of seriousness are formed and ended, but no suitable spouse is found. Money earned only covers a one-bedroom apartment and saving for a house in the suburbs requires more discipline than is possessed. The city has many enjoyable diversions that eat up the paycheck and it’s not that people don’t want to settle down and have kids, they just never get around to it. Married friends complain and provide horror stories that further discourage them.

I suspect this was true in earlier times. The Roman upper class had trouble getting their kids to get married and have kids, for similar reasons.

Incompetent natalism is where the typical white person, who wants to have a family, finds him or herself. I include myself in this group. How to get a decent-paying job? How to find a nice, trustworthy spouse? How to find a place to live where your kid isn’t going to get killed by a pit bull and you don’t have to drive two hours to work?

Most of the values and vices of say, lower middle class and above white Americans come from the English upper class. These kinds of behaviors and attitudes are what we are supposed to aspire to. The life history of an upper class English gentleman in Victorian times would be to go to an elite public school and university, spend time abroad for pleasure or on imperial business, have sex with lower class women to meet his sexual desires, and marry and have two children in his 30’s after a high-paying civil service position was available or his inheritance was secured.

These days bright children, male and female- which until recently was actual bright children, but now means all children- are encouraged to get an education, find themselves, have sex with various people, and get married and have two children in their 30’s when they have a good-paying job.

You can see that this advice will work for an upper class Victorian gentleman, and will work for modern Western young people if they are staring pretty high on the food chain, but is unlikely to work well if at all for most. If you are an upper class English gentleman with the income to support a family, you will not have to look hard for a wife- you will be pursued with all the energy and wits the girls can muster, as we know from Jane Austen. Her trustworthiness will be evaluated by nosy female relatives, as we know from Jane Austen. Income, safety, environment, and opportunity for offspring are given.

Young people these days get an education, which may be worthless. Even a STEM degree may be worthless. Still gotta pay the loans though! Rules and procedures for courtship are vague and confusing for everyone. The standards for an acceptable spouse are not clear. The long-term stability of any relationship, personal or business, is dubious.

People like to say these days that culture is downstream from politics, and it is, but it’s a circle, and so our politics are downstream of some culture. This culture wants to kill us so the only hope is counter-culture.

Counter-culture for white people. Who’s gonna do it?


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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8 Responses to Anti-Natalism vs. Non-Natalism vs. Incompetent Natalism

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  2. Hizzle says:

    Re: the counter-culture for white people, Isn’t this what Dreher was talking about with his Benedict Option (although this would remain at Macdonald’s level of “implicit whiteness”)? I have seen some young people at the Orthodox church I attend recently, which gives me hope.

    Odd, though, who is cucking at this point. I saw Gavin McInness had a piece over at Taki’s saying that the alt-right are a bunch of childless keyboard warriors with Crusader avatars, while all the real white men are rolling up their sleeves and raising black babies. This, after he just defended Milo, for god’s sake. I guess we know whether nurture or nature won out with Gavin, since (I hope to god) the Scotsman genes can’t be blamed for this suicidal stupidity.

  3. Make no mistake, this is hardly accidental. Imagine if you will if you had an enemy and it was a half-pint half-wit coward. It wanted you and all your kind dead, but being weak and cowardly, it had to find a way to kill you off without having you rise up and smash it like a bug. What you are seeing is Coward’s Genocide. A chickenshit passive aggressive attack coordinated in many different and seemingly unrelated purposefully created problems created to stay camouflaged to protect the guilty cowards who are killing you.
    Homosexuality, meaningless childless promiscuity, miscegenation, dispossession, substance abuse, psychological warfare, and of course dumb and mindless inferior races that are weaponized through constant propaganda to do their dirty work and be cannon fodder and worthless disposable assets that are easily replaced and meaningless after the fact of completion of killing you all off. This is what I call “Coward’s Genocide”.
    Affirmative Action is simply theft. Theft of livelihood, opportunity, living space and birth right. Your nation is being stolen on the specious claims of ancestral guilt by mindless stupid cowards who cannot even understand it, much less run it. The blacks, Mestizos and Muslims are dumb, but the stupidity of destroying the Whole World out of greed is simply insane. The kind of insanity that NEEDS KILLING.
    Trump won’t save you. He’s not even trying. He’s a part and parcel of the enemy system. The alien parasite cannot co-exist with you. Its YOU or Them.

  4. enjoyed and gave me something to think about. TY.

  5. No doubt theres a lot of frankfurt derived pressures on white population but I dont think out breeding niggers is the answer I think we have plenty of people and out tech could keep us happy with even less. The problem is we have allowed others into our lands. Now I think if we ejected them and we must or perish no matter the cost. after that we would likely have more kids because leftism would subside without the outsider vote and outsider elites

  6. A.B. Prosper says:

    Assuming that the US was entirely White or nearly so we’d have a population over 200 million . This is enough to fill every area that has been inhabited for a long time and every single area that is pleasant to live in with some to spare.

    Europe is even more crowded, 70 million ethnic Germans jammed into a nation the size a of a middling US State

    This is more than enough people. for any needs and while fertility needs to be a little higher , we don’t need growth.

    What we need are lands free of foreign migrants . end that, keep the border secure it it will all come out in the proverbial wash

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