Moldbug’s Climbdown, Part II- My Life As a Thought Criminal

Moldbug has gone to further justify himself but seems to not understand the situation. He has always been the right kind of person, whose thoughts are good by definition, and does not see he has been excommunicated.

I myself have always been a bad person whose thoughts were bad, from an early age. My parents were intelligent, educated people but as such they took on the ideas of the powerful. On one hand they were very keen on questioning authority and mocking stupidity, but they accepted without any question other things, and I couldn’t understand why.

Anything that Republicans or small-town conservatives believed was ripe for attack, but the doctrines of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and the Catholic Church were accepted without question, and not challenged. Once, I think I was four, I asked my dad why we had to go to church. He certainly could have explained it to me, but instead he stepped towards me, clenching his fists at his side. That was the only time he ever acted physically threatening towards me.

OK. So some things we mock dismissively, and other things we do just because, and even asking is very bad. I seem to have had an affinity for conservative ideas since I was very small, but mostly I just looked at things and saw how they were.

My mother loved poor people, especially Mexicans, who were supposed to be very sweet, docile and traditional. But the actual Mexicans I knew and interacted with were dumb, mean, violent, and had no interest in any rules or any of that Catholic crap.

Poor white people weren’t as high in her estimation, but still pretty high, especially if they were Catholic. But poor white people weren’t much better, and Catholic kids seemed to behave worse than others.

My older brother and sister were good kids and didn’t seem to have any desire to question this, and while I did, it was clear I needed to keep my mouth shut. Eventually things came to a head and I formally rejected the Catholic Church.

Moldbug doesn’t understand that with his Jewish Communist grandfather’s bona fides, he still can’t question certain things. The system collects scalps because it needs to keep people in line, but also because that’s just what it does.

He tries to go anti-Trump to show his goodthink. To quote the Reddit- “My daughter informs me that Trump is going to kill all the Muslims. I don’t think she’s right, but she’s very smart and I hesitate to contradict her.” No, she is not very smart, she is about 7 or so, and is repeating what some ridiculous adult said. As a parent, and a person who supposedly values rationality, he has a responsibility to correct this blood libel, but it reflects his feels so he lets it stand. I’m sure no kid in her social environment has parents who are Trump supporters, but if some kid did and said something good about Trump, he would be in big trouble, and no one would care about his free speech rights.

Countless people- lots of them with Moldbug’s ethnc background- went to the camps protesting “But I’m orthodox!” (orthodox Communist, not Christian). But it didn’t matter for them, and it doesn’t matter for him. Moldbug is orthodox in almost every way possible or necessary, but in a Stalinist environment one slip of the tongue is enough.

I think he has a lot of family money that he lives on, I don’t see how he lives in San Francisco otherwise working for years on a project not providing any revenue. He is not on the street, like any normal person would be. Getting disinvited from conferences is about all he will suffer, so he will probably not learn his lesson.

But for the rest of us- keep your fool mouth shut.

About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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12 Responses to Moldbug’s Climbdown, Part II- My Life As a Thought Criminal

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  2. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig says:

    Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog.

  3. PA says:

    — Moldbug is orthodox in almost every way possible or necessary, but in a Stalinist environment one slip of the tongue is enough.

    It’s surprising that he doesn’t appear to know that. One thing about his appeal to SJWs you linked to in your earlier post: it was clear that he was talking down to them. SJWs can only be reached with idiot language.

    — I think he has a lot of family money that he lives on

    FWIW, back on the TwoBlowhards blog (where he was commenting and was encouraged to start his own blog), he wrote that he was set because he made good or lucky investments in a bubble economy.

  4. Hizzle says:

    “But for the rest of us- keep your fool mouth shut.”

    Or get tenure (a la Macdonald) and then start talking. Or get a bestseller so they can’t ignore you or excommunicate you (a la Thilo Sarrazin or Charles Murray). Also, keeping one’s mouth shut in general isn’t a bad idea. In a way, it’s a prerequisite for getting stuff done. Keep your mouth shut and donate to the correct organizations, and pull the lever when the time comes. I’m in a super PC environment, never publicly mouthed a good word about Trump, but I voted for him in the primary and that did a lot more than talking or writing. Let your enemies talk and prance. Christ, look at the Black Panthers, all that pageantry and marching and guns and leather and berets, and what was the final result? Implosion.

    Metzger’s five words/lone wolf strategy goes a long way.

  5. Toddy Cat says:

    Moldbug does not believe in the equality of the races, and has said so. Doesn’t he realize that this is the sin against the Holy Ghost for liberals? He can bash Trump all he wants, he can talk about his traitor grandfather till he’s blue in the face, but it doesn’t matter – he is out of the progressive circle, and he will never be readmitted.

    So yeah, he should shut up and have a little dignity. Nobody put a gun to his head and made him blog about slavery and race. What the Hell did he think was going to happen? Moldbug was always very naïve about the modern American Leftist Elite, with all his absurd talk about information warfare, and openly starting an institution that would question the conventional wisdom. For God’s sake, these people have ruined lives, killed thousands, incinerated whole cities in order to hang on to power. Did he really think that they would let him get away with this – in public, no less? Hell, he’s lucky he’s still permitted to have any life at all.

    Hizzle is right. Speak up only when it can make a difference, otherwise fly under the radar.

  6. Ryu says:

    Have you ever wondered, Thrashy, why we were chosen to become WNs, while others are not?

    It is not that we are smarter or anything of that sort. I believe that only the truly rebellious become WNs. It is a genetic combination, from birth. Much of it cannot be taught. You have it.

    People don’t get it.

    America is a police state TODAY….now….here. Not “getting there”, not “maybe soon”, today. One has to act accordingly.

    • I have always been interested in the truth. I just want to know, and hopefully live by, what’s true. Most people live in the state Orwell described as “crimestop”, knowing the truth but keeping it at a low level of consciousness.

      To me, that would be agony. Am I a rebel? I’m totally obedient to the truth. But to value truth makes you a rebel here and now.

  7. This guy was unimpressive from the start. His surrender doesn’t surprise me.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Moldy is a lot things, but unimpressive is not one of them. Reading his work and failing to recognize a brilliant, cultured, and original mind, now that is unimpressive. There’s a reason he inspired dozens of imitators and disciples.

      • Toddy Cat says:

        What’s really surprising is the Yarvin thinks that he can somehow get back in these people’s good graces, or wants to. I mean it’s not like he just told a joke with the word “nigger” in it, or drunkenly slapped some chick on the ass. He defended the institution of slavery, stuck up for McCarthy, praised Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, dared to criticize St. Mandela, pointed out that some Nazis tried to stop the Holocaust, called Communism worse than Nazism, defended the Confederacy’s right to secede – I mean, it just goes on and on. If you were trying to horrify the Great and Good in this society, trying to get yourself blackballed, this is what you would do. The only hot button Yarvin didn’t press is the Second Amendment, and that’s because Jew, ever reactionary ones like Yarvin, are terrified of goys with guns. Plus, he then proceeds to essentially dox himself. And now he’s surprised that a few rude comments about Trump don’t get him readmitted? Please…

        There’s no doubt that Yarvin is a perceptive and interesting writer, but his seeming surprise at all this makes me wonder – how well did he internalize his own work?

  8. indravaruna says:

    Catholicism (especially pre-Vatican II) is the real Christianity, not the crazy tele-evanjewlicals.

  9. athEIst says:

    So funny, and reminiscent. When I was around six my parents decided to tell me about Santa Claus. I had already figured it out but feigned surprise. They presented the argument as one of “reasonableness”. It wasn’t reasonable that someone could deliver presents to all the children of the world, or that a rabbit would color your eggs, or a tooth turn into a dime(we were poor). For the longest time I thought they would let me in on the even more unreasonable activity we did on Sunday but they never did.

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