Moldbug Attempts A Climbdown

Moldbug hasn’t been around for a long time, but his secret identity has, trying to transform tech with some software thing people like me don’t understand. Unfortunately his love of Carlyle and 19th century governance has not been forgiven and forgotten, and he wants to explain why he isn’t an evil racist after all.

Short answer- he really is an evil racist. Moldbug wants a narrow definition of racist, in which racism is only holding one race to be morally superior to another. But Moldbug does not get to define words himself. He has to use the meaning everyone else uses, or use a different word.

Note on names- Moldbug writes here under his “real” name which he was careless about concealing. I will not use it since I won’t doxx someone even if they have been already been doxxed, even by themselves. And while he claims he is not Moldbug here, as long as he writes on this subject he will remain Moldbug.

Racism is the belief that non-whites are different in ways progressives don’t think they should be different. Non-whites can be superior, but not inferior to whites in any way. Racism is not the belief that the races are the same or equal, because obviously whites, or a large portion of whites, are inferior.

Believing the races are equal is a kind of racism, because the races are obviously not equal- whites are inferior. Believing the races are not the same or equal in ways which are empirically obvious- like intelligence or behavior- is racism, and if you generously and heroically don’t assign any moral value to these, as Moldbug claims he doesn’t, you are still a racist.

Moldbug roughly believes in techno-capitalism, which if you have been reading here, you know is already pretty much the form of rule we have. He sees the world broken down into naturally occurring castes, and sees the struggle for power as alliances between different castes. He, like George W. Bush, believes in an “ownership society” but one where society itself is owned by shareholders. Primarily what he would like is for people in Silicon Valley not to be troubled by calls for affirmative action, but aside from a few Times articles, I don’t think they are.

He claims here what he opposes is “IQism” or the belief people with superior intelligence are superior. White people are smarter than black people, but that does not make them better.

Moldbug is smart enough to know this still makes him a racist, but he pretends it doesn’t. Furthermore while the correlation is not exact, IQ does in fact make you a better person. Smarter people are generally nicer, better behaved, more cooperative, and more honest. There are exceptions- one of the scariest kids in my middle school was in the gifted program with me. But in general this is true.

Holding constant for IQ, blacks are still worse people than whites. A black of any given IQ will have worse behavior than the equivalent white.

Next he reasserts the concept, or non-concept as he would have it, of human neurological uniformity. The problem is races are actually pretty uniform, that is part of why they are called races. The race of any given individual gives you a lot of useful information about them.

Measuring a person’s IQ further gives you a lot more useful information about what they can do. He then goes on to assert we are ruled by IQism, the rule of the intelligent.

Elite schools certainly do select by IQ- they are schools after all, they can hardly avoid it. But the elite schools that produce our rulers select by much, much more. They are looking for people of certain moral qualities, and also the ability to be molded and formed into the kind of person the school wants to produce. A 4.0 and a 1500 SAT will not get you into an Ivy League school- you have to be the right kind of person. A great deal of Moldbug’s output was about the moral ideas of the elite and how they promoted them.

He gratuitously trashes the Nazis, which he did not do on the blog. I have said my piece on what German National Socialism was and will not repeat myself. But he’s trying to get back into the cool kids’ club. Then he nails Trump. “Why are sh*t-tier whites voting for Trump, a barbarian who can’t even write a grammatical tweet in fourth-grade English?” Why thank you Moldbug! I didn’t know I was a “sh*t-tier white” until you so graciously informed me! I though I was a lower middle-class technical professional with a bad attitude. But when you when to Brown I guess state university is “sh*t-tier”.

Moldbug actually had a name for what Trump is doing, he called it the “Vaisya-Optimate” alliance I think. I can appreciate Trump is not his kind of person, but he knows Trump is not stupid and saying he is to curry favor with SJW computer people is weak.

He ought to know from the old books that aristocrats weren’t necessarily from old families, that a swashbuckler who could get a crowd of illiterate peasants riled up from the back of a horse or a quarterdeck could make quite a name for himself, and while his lack of a notable grandfather would raise eyebrows among the quality, this would be overlooked after the victory. He also holds the conservative belief that human nature does not change, so he ought to know something that happened a few hundred years ago can happen again.

Moldbug would have done better with some basic “game” ideas, roughly  “never apologize, never explain”. He could have said “Yes I wrote a bunch of stuff and put it on the internet a few years ago. Before you trash me on it at least do me the courtesy of reading it. Short version- I don’t believe people are equal. You don’t either, although I won’t ask you to say it out loud. I don’t believe in democracy, and I’m pretty sure if you thought about it for a few minutes you wouldn’t either. The majority of people tell us what to do? Seriously? Do you have any idea how stupid the average person is? No, you don’t, because the stupidest person you deal with is the guy from marketing, and believe it or not he’s quite a bit smarter than average. Again, please read my stuff before you beef with me. OK let’s talk about software.”

I think he got sloppy with his identity because he assumed that a person of his background could never be thought of as one of them. And he isn’t, of course. He is making a living and not living in a cardboard box, like a white nationalist would be. I don’t know how he is received in Bay Area society, but I don’t think he suffers.

What protects Moldbug and Justine Tunney is they are really about keeping all the lower classes under control, including whites, and this is something the elites can agree on. Lower class non-whites do not threaten the system; lower class whites may, so they are the issue. But certain things will not go unremarked upon, even if they are said by the right people.

And so it goes. I think Moldbug should come back and write anti-Trump stuff, that would make him popular and help people forget.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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12 Responses to Moldbug Attempts A Climbdown

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  2. mobiuswolf says:

    The “Dark enlightenment?” I meant to read that stuff but forgot about it. What happens when you don’t post, I guess.

  3. Hizzle says:

    I really don’t care for any of the “Dark Enlightenment” tough guys or bought into their “Alpha” perception of themselves. Really look at RamZPaul for a second.

    • Ryu says:

      Be careful, Hizzle.

      Many people say that….then that disdain goes to FEAR in 10 seconds flat, when the right act is performed.

      If RamPaul pulled a Brevik or McVeigh, most WNs and the system itself would fear him. I’ve seen this a hundred times now. The common man goes from looking down to looking up very fast.

  4. Contaminated NEET says:

    That’s some pretty weak tea from Moldbug. He’s already given them more than enough rope to hang him; grovelling and begging forgiveness isn’t going to stop them once they decide that’s what they want to do.

    His writing is all readily available, it’s not going anywhere, and it’s still as heretical as ever. He’s guilty of hate speech, which as we all know is not free speech. He can dance around for a while, because he wrote a lot of words, and stupid people have trouble understanding what he meant, but Progressives have plenty of smart people. They can see that not only is he a racist, but he knew perfectly well that he was writing hate speech. His own words establish mens rea: it’s a “sodium metal pill.” This is not some spergy intellectual who naively followed his reason and his ideology into forbidden territory and simply needs to be educated about his privilege; this is a gleefully mean-spirited, sadistic bigot. “Dalits,” “helots,” “corner man,” Carlyle… I can’t even…

    The poor bastard never should have let himself get doxxed, but now that it’s too late, he could at least die with dignity rather than on his knees, begging for mercy that will certainly be denied. Ah well, if the Donme could stick by their messiah after his sad end, I guess I can still love MM.

    • He knew what he was doing, yes, absolutely, but he liked being “edgy”. He clearly knows how the deep state works- he grew up in it- and he is certainly part of the elite by birth, but lacks the gentility to know you might like to starve the peasants to keep them in line, but that one doesn’t speak about these things.

      Funny thing is he totally has the profile for the CIA- they seem to like people who grew up overseas, see Robert Baer, and Sailer’s plausible speculations about Obama. I wonder if he was ever approached.

      When you’re in the kill zone, turning back is suicide, you have to fight through. But he doesn’t know that, by either instinct or training.

      • James Forrestal says:

        A little bit like Aaron Swartz. The possibility that the rules that apply to outsiders might apply to him as well, if his heresy was bad enough, seems not to have really occurred to him– or perhaps it did, but somehow didn’t quite sink in.

  5. Moldbug was false opposition to draw away possible rebels down false dead ends that did not directly challenge a weak and ineffective system. They need to constantly delay any open rebellion. In truth they never had the soldiers to fight. They control only crooks who are mostly idiots. In truth their power is an illusion. They hold some key positions but their number is quite small. Its an exclusive club, but hardly an effective fighting force. Moldbug was probably working for CIA OR MOSSAD. A meaningless distinction since they are controlled by the same controllers. Disinfo and red herrings are all they have to prevent their destruction.

  6. Ryu says:

    Interesting. Good find, Thrashy.

    For some, the name Moldbug barely registers. I myself have only heard of him; I have not read his material.

    It is always the case. An anonymous writer is always stronger than a named one. They always have to hold back after they go public.

  7. PA says:

    In my post titled “What Have We Learned” I wrote:

    2. Don’t Get Seduced by Alien Philosophers.
    Because they are not one of you, and because they have conflicts of interest with your interests, don’t trust them to tell you how to think or how to live.

    MM was a valuable writer but one always had the sense that he can’t take his ideas all the way to where we are going. It was his insistence that society needn’t be organized along ethnic lines, and a number of other things. “Shit-tier whites” is something he should know better than to say from the standpoint of intellectual integrity, and it’s something with which he positions himself as such an alien philosopher.

    I try to take people at their own terms, both in real life with regards to their personal idiosyncrasies and with writers, in terms of separating their useful content from false notes.

  8. I tried to read the MM in the past but there was so much intellectualoid crap that got tiring, also the way he writes gave me Jewish vibes.

  9. Toddy Cat says:

    “But Moldbug does not get to define words himself.”
    Moldbug was always trying this when he was blogging, and he still hasn’t caught on that it doesn’t work. For example, his famous statement “America is a Communist country” is based on his own, very idiosyncratic, definition of Communism, he seemingly not realizing that this particular word already had a definition, and it did not fit America. All this statement did was make him appear ridiculous, and piss off a lot of people who had actually experienced Communism, who otherwise would have agreed with him. I still enjoyed reading him, but he was a lot like the late, great (and I mean that) Larry Auster; his refusal to admit it when he was obviously wrong damaged his case.

    By the commonly accepted definition, Moldbug is a racist. No big deal, so am I. But he needs to realize that, admit it, and move on.

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