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Horror In Biology- Part II In a Series on Horror

As we know life is nasty, brutish and short, regardless of or in regard to Leviathan, and our fleeting and fragile happiness and joy will be ended permanently by death. Atheists such as epicureans expect non-existence like a dreamless sleep; … Continue reading

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Moldbug’s Climbdown, Part II- My Life As a Thought Criminal

Moldbug has gone to further justify himself but seems to not understand the situation. He has always been the right kind of person, whose thoughts are good by definition, and does not see he has been excommunicated. I myself have … Continue reading

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Mizzou, OSU, and Bernie

The University of Missouri is in trouble from declining enrollment. The recent SJW kerfuffle is blamed, but people have pointed out potential students may be avoiding college because of the cost. OSU had an SJW kerfuffle, but put the kibosh … Continue reading

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Moldbug Attempts A Climbdown

Moldbug hasn’t been around for a long time, but his secret identity has, trying to transform tech with some software thing people like me don’t understand. Unfortunately his love of Carlyle and 19th century governance has not been forgiven and … Continue reading

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