The Trumpening

The Trumpening cometh. There is, has been, and will be, much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but still it comes.

I have been meaning to post something in defense of ethno-nationalism, but I lost my train of thought on that post. Things are happening, things are changing, and I don’t think anybody knows or appreciates what or how much.

Donald Trump is not the savior of white people, and not the savior of America. It’s possible nothing at all will change in the conduct of governance if he takes office. The usual neoconservative and neoliberal suspects are chimping out over him. It’s possible every single bad thing they say is true. The one voice that actually gives me a little pause is Hipster Racist, who says Trump is completely Israeli controlled. But I have to answer that the same as all the other criticism- so what? If he is, all the others are also. Things can’t be worse, they won’t necessarily get better, but possibly Trump will shift the direction somewhat.

The Trumpening is a social and political phenomenon that nobody saw coming, and yet was somehow at the same time inevitable. The quality of people involved in politics steadily declines, and the horror show of billionaire-controlled neocon white Hispanics is only matched by the spectacle of billionaire mob boss Big Hill. The show is supposed to maintain some level of decorum and plausibility, but that is gone.

As a “conservative” of some sort, if I thought it made any difference, I would rather see Jeff Sessions running for president with Donald Trump’s support rather than the other way around. But no tribal billionaire will finance Sessions, so that can’t happen.

Anglophone society maintains control primarily through social pressure, in defining what is respectable to think and say and what is not. As long as the taboo holds, this works much better than putting people in camps. This is why everyone is describing Trump as “crude”, “vulgar”, and other words that only judge social acceptance, not actual truth or merit. None scream louder than the NR neocons, but people have stopped listening.

Lower-class whites are surrendering hopes of social acceptance and respectability by supporting Trump. People know they can’t say the truth, but they know it is possible for someone to say the truth.

Things are getting ugly and will get uglier. But ugly is good these days, pretty is now just makeup caked on a syphilitic whore.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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9 Responses to The Trumpening

  1. Hizzle says:

    In the longest view of the thing, Trump is just a reminder that anything can happen in this world. The most pragmatic, objective people had Trump pegged to fade early like any other populist candidate (I distinguish these prognosticators from those who were “praying” rather than predicting that Trump would fall).

    As with any confrontation between “antifa” and reactionaries, it doesn’t matter if a hundred cameras are there: if Trump supporters are attacked and then defend themselves, the narrative becomes “Trump supporters attack innocent protesters.” But (as you pointed out), the kind of people who support Trump have already set sail and have no interest in being told what to think or believe, by anyone but their lying eyes.

    Trump has been talking about his crossover appeal and while he’s an egomaniac, I don’t think people should discount how much raw animal alpha power means in a time when people feel not only insecure, but terrified. Tavis Smiley admitted that Trump just by dint of manliness could siphon black votes (Black men are notoriously misogynistic, and the famous rapper T.I. has said he doesn’t think any woman should be president). Then you have to factor in the social stigma of voting for Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those people spamming dumb memes about how Trump is evil won’t privately vote for him, too.

    Plus, just look at Hillary Clinton: that frozen mask of sanity, the sociopathic eyes, the cold Pelosi-like reptilian rictus of her face. I don’t understand how any person with healthy instincts can look at Trump and Hillary, and then say “I don’t want the asshole who cracks jokes and swaggers. I want the one whose mask of evil is primed at any moment to slip.”

    • Emblematic says:

      I watched Trump’s rally today in Kansas City. There were constant interruptions. What struck me the most wasn’t Trump’s content. It was mostly the same stuff he’s said before. The amazing thing was his total determination not to back down. The protesters don’t shame him. He shouts back at them. They give him energy. That level of confidence and defiance is completely unique in politics at this level.

  2. August says:

    I do think it is so very helpful that our enemies have decided to play this way.

  3. Bob Wallace says:

    “The Trumpening is a social and political phenomenon that nobody saw coming,”

    The late Sam Francis saw it coming.

  4. Ryu says:

    So…’ll be voting for Trumpy then?

  5. Sam J. says:

    “…The one voice that actually gives me a little pause is Hipster Racist, who says Trump is completely Israeli controlled…”

    This gives me pause also. If he is Israeli controlled you will see him take down Bush and the Saudi’s for 9-11. The Jews will never be mentioned. This will be the clue that he’s controlled. 9-11 is just too obviously a false flag. The way the buildings came down is psychically impossible for the story they’ve set up. The heat on this will just get larger over time. It won’t go away. The only thing they can do is deflect it to someone else.

    Think of it this way. The Jews due to their psychopathic behavior always cause the rise of some kind of Hitler. This time they decide to raise up their own.

    “…But I have to answer that the same as all the other criticism- so what? If he is, all the others are also. Things can’t be worse, they won’t necessarily get better, but possibly Trump will shift the direction somewhat…”

    My feeling are the same except for one caveat. If Trump is a Israeli asset and takes down Bush he might become just become a dictator. It would be risky as we’re not disarmed and I don’t think he could disarm all of us but the Jews are psychopaths and typically play very risky games.

    It may very well be that Trump is just pretending to be Israeli controlled and after he gets in office he takes down the Bushes, the Jews and the whole lot of pedophile psychopaths that run this country. It could be done. The psychopaths are a minority. If so it would be a great awakening for our country.

    • Sam J. says:

      I have to add to this an important point. Most of the people controlled by the Jews have some sort of deviance about them. Little boys, girls, drink, drugs. Some sort of decadent failure. Trump, best as I can tell, seems to have none of this. He has never had a drink of alcohol. I think he doesn’t even drink coffee. He has hung around decadence supposedly at Studio 54 night club or so I’ve read but doesn’t seem to partake of it himself. If it’s true that he is not a deviant then it really, really bodes well for those that want the US to get better. It also goes against the idea that he’s Jewish controlled. The Jews purposely fund and move up in station the deviant to have better control of the system.

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