They Don’t Want Us Cowed, They Want Us Dead

Well, duh, many of you are saying. But the desire of the left to destroy us has become pretty open recently.

Jim Goad said “If I don’t work I’ll starve. If I don’t write I’ll die.” It’s Saturday and not being one of the smart set I have a lot of work to do, but some things can’t wait.

I have seen comment threads on the Atlantic quickly go to “conservatives are scum and will die off soon” answered by “violent revolution may occur” answered by “good you rednecks think you are tough but we have a lot more guns and are looking forward to the opportunity to wipe you out.”

So leftists are quite confident a general collapse would just mean they can mobilize their loyal intelligence, police and probably military assets to wipe out their enemies for good. Commenter JMS at Rod Dreher’s blog says he would prefer to avoid this, and sees Dreher’s “Benedict Option” as a way for non-elite whites not useful to the system to quietly die off.

JMS sees everything happening under the sponsorship of the system as good and anyone opposed to any of it as evil and deserving of death. I read this to include gay rights and all kinds of sexual liberation, all kinds of civil rights and feminism, but more importantly all kinds of globalization and capitalism.

This is the first time I have seen anyone so explicitly link capitalism to other forms of progressivism, and so explicitly wish for the death and destruction of non-elite whites. I’m sure many or most of you aren’t surprised, and I guess I shouldn’t be, but there’s some little bit of nice Vatican II Catholic boy in me that wants to believe people are good, especially progressives.

We are supposed to think that progressives just want things nice, however destructive they are, and that rightists are looking for a fight. I think the opposite is true. Chaos and destruction almost always help leftists, so that’s what they deliberately produce, in total opposition to what they say they want.

Leftists have produced a society that produces hate rather than love, war rather than peace, despair rather than contentment, and want rather than plenty. A big part of what we have to do involves creating the opposite.

I think leftists are more prepared for collapse than we think. I’ve said before I think rich people have lots of weapons, supplies and possibly informal plans for defending their neighborhoods. Preparing for collapse, if you can afford it, is a good idea. Being prepared for violence, if it comes to that, is a good idea. If collapse happens, all bets are off. If martial law is declared, all bets are off.

Barring that violence plays into their hands and should be avoided. The system is strong, but it is also weak, and we can take advantage of that.

Paul often opened with a benediction, but I will close with one. To the people, my people- I love you. Don’t despair. Our ancestors went through much worse and survived, which is why we are here. Avoid and eliminate vices, and make yourself strong. Help each other. The battle was won long ago, with God victorious, and the devil defeated, and yet we still need to fight. The evil ones lost long ago, and yet they will still fight. Be brave.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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27 Responses to They Don’t Want Us Cowed, They Want Us Dead

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  2. Ryu says:

    Well, the survivalists knew by the 70s that a collapse was due. The USG today has nearly total control over the country, stock market, and people. That’s why it has not happened naturally.

    The liberal Nazis tried a hard tyranny system in the 90s. Look at their policing style during Ruby Ridge and Waco. The US could not withstand a few real turrist actions even back in 1996. Things are much more fragile today.

    You have been a soldier Thrashy. Do you think the rich liberals would make good killers?

    Getting down in dirty, in the mud. Shooting practice, PT, crap food – every day. Walking miles and miles a day. I don’t see it. The best soldiers today are white Jordies from Hicksville. Whites are still 80% of the police and 70% of the military.

    • Long ago I read an article in the WSJ talking about how in the Korean War the Norks used Russian pilots, although that had been secret for a long time. They tracked one of these men down and he said “I was always scared and never took any joy in killing another human being.”

      That speaks well of the man. Good people don’t like to kill, even if it’s necessary. Rich liberals on the other hand are quite sociopathic and will kill without hesitation if the law does not stop them. They will have no qualms about killing people they see as a threat, and possibly going hunting for people.

      Over the long term, no, they couldn’t handle the physical difficulty. I think they plan to wait it out in their enclaves and hope the system will restore order fairly quickly.

      I think however the confidence liberals have in the system is misplaced. Police and soldiers will be loyal, but there are only so many. The South lost the Civil War but won the Reconstruction.

      Going back to “The Hateful Eight” I think it’s a metaphor of white resistance. The loyalty of the white lower middle class (the sheriff) is supposed to save the system, but I don’t think it will.

      Whatever happens, we should know by sight who in our area we can trust. When the SHTF it’s not entirely too late, but it will be much harder. Plus we need to help each other in other ways right now.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey says:

        I know and mingle with rich liberals in my area, and it’s obvious they are pussies. These are not physically strong or imposing people. Many of them are nerds, or of foreign origin. the only reason they have been able to succeed is because of the artificial system that has been created, and is starting to crumble. These people are natural prey items.

  3. Roy Hurley says:

    I don’t see the tenacity for a real fight from millenials /SJWs and a very undisciplined tactical response from those ABC anarchists.Let them be overconfident.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget projection

    Thief thinks everyone else is a thief.

    The wish to harm us is really a projection of what they feel should happen to themselves.

  5. indravaruna says:

    “I’m sure many or most of you aren’t surprised, and I guess I shouldn’t be, but there’s some little bit of nice Vatican II Catholic boy in me that wants to believe people are good, especially progressives.”

    Vatican II ruined Catholicism, it was done by the usual suspects.

    Who you’re seeing the official implosion of the NR? Trump should be the perfect goy: NYC denizen, FIRE economy billionaire, family members married into the Tribe,… But the Chosen loathe Trump, how do you explain this?

    • NR desperately wants an ideological conservative who has their intellectual positions in the office. They are addicted to ideology, much worse than the neo-reactionaries I have been discussing. Pragmatism makes their heads explode, and love of people over some abstraction makes them scream.

      • You have a good point about NR, but do you think Trump loves the people who support him?

        I don’t. My bet is, if he’s elected, he will promptly turn against them. He’s given a number of hints.

      • jb says:

        They’re addicted to money and their place in the hierarchy, not ideology. They’ve caved on issue after issue, and supported non-conservative candidate after non-conservative candidate.

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    I am prepared–morally, psychologically, physically, financially–to fight and to kill them.

    But until we get to that point, everything is just talk.

    Stay strong, friends, and keep your eyes on the prize.

    • Ryu says:

      Your find on Muzz shooters was excellent, LBF.

      But I’m unafraid. It is the same as the US military. If one needs a DI yelling to get someone to train, they don’t have it. The best will seek out the training on their own.

      Eventually, perhaps long after leaving, American soldiers regress to the level they were before basic. The gains they made under supervision are lost.

      • What I noticed in the Marines is that the regression occurred not after separation, but shortly after recruit training. Many, maybe a majority of junior enlisted personnel couldn’t maintain the basic discipline of training once tight supervision was lifted.

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  8. Toddy Cat says:

    As Clauswitz put it, war is the realm of chance. Any time a country goes to war, it rolls the dice, and it’s never the same country that comes out of the war as went in, even for the winners, and that goes double for Civil War. So obviously, if some sort of war breaks out, I have no idea how it will turn out, except that it will probably be different than most people think, A few observations;

    1. If the Left is counting on the loyalty of the white lower-middle class, they are mad. These people hate the elite with a visceral, almost frightening passion.
    2. The leftists are planning on others doing their fighting for them, and most of those who they are counting on are white men. They may be surprised.
    3. Mexicans, Blacks and Arabs hate leftists more than we do, and they also hate each other. If they fight, it will be for themselves and their own people, not the Left per se. It may be possible to come to an understanding with some of these folks.
    4. The Left’s greatest nightmare is some kind of Death-squad situation, with right-wing vigilantes tracking them down, rather than Civil War.
    5. Personally, I think that the most likely outcome of mass civil strife in the U.S. is some kind of military coup, generally (but not completely) favoring the Right. I certainly hear the possibility discussed a lot more than I did ten years ago.

    At this point, it’s impossible to say what is going to happen, but we all can feel that something is coming. And I think that it’s safe to say that, in times of crisis, no one ever regretted having guns and ammo, plenty of preserved food, and a circle of good friends situated likewise…

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  10. Dese nuts have no reason for their spite other then envy. They like the dark-skinned ones because they shamelessly flatter these useless gasbags to their face. These stupid twits never hear them laughing at how they fooled the idiot into believing their lies by telling him how great he isn’t, along with an assortment of other insults of course. These deluded fuckers actually believe their “Glorious Revolution” is about to happen because these welfare tourists have come with their hands out. They have no intention of fighting for these goofballs. They have no connection or loyalty to America, but non-Whites also have little concept of gratitude, especially to racial others like these deluded professors of pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo.

  11. Proud former USSR citizen. says:

    Why you are so sure that police and army and all power structure are on the left side? I predict USSR collapse scenario. Soviet establishment tried martial law as a last straw only to discover that everybody were so sick and tired from current order so even top army and KGB generals refused to take action…..
    Something will happen, that is sure but outcome will be different what article says. I predict that paniced left goes so desperate that they lose last self control and do something what will freak out whole country up to the top. And then cultural marxism goes down in flames very fast. We got rid from communism within one week.

  12. The rich have had it easy for a long time. They are used to the White Western Standards, and have no real world experience of the rest of the world. Here the Dollar rules, and people mostly follow the money, but outside of the White controlled areas the World is a far different place. There its force that wins. Raw naked power to kill and maim. Money follows the Army, and the one with the most guns wins.
    We are about to see a period of discontinuity. For a moment the system which you have known will quietly collapse. The thin veneer called Civilization will be peeled back and the Law of the Jungle and Natural Selection will bring back the old hierarchy of the Food Chain.
    The survivalists have hunkered down, the rest will have to fight. The resources will not be replenished and the entire system of logistics will stop. No more food and water from the tap if the lights stay on. I doubt the government can do anything. Katrina and Sandy proved that FEMA is a joke and the old Civil Defense Force which they had in the Cold War is now gone.
    All of you will be on your own. You better talk to friends and neighbors about bug out plans to safe places outside America if you can’t make it alone for at least a month where you are. Foraging will be dangerous. You’ll have to fight for every scrap. Even people who seemed friendly during the normal times will turn into angry animals if they’re starving. Sentiment is only something you give to family and friends that help. Charity has no place in Jungle Warfare.

  13. jb says:

    Chaos and destruction almost always help leftists

    This sentence implies that the left uses chaos as a tool to further leftism, the reality is that destruction, the destruction of white people and their nations, isn’t a tool it’s the goal itself. You have to contemplate the relationship between the Jim Jones cultists of the political left and Islam to understand what they are really about. They don’t care what comes after as long as whites are subjugated and eventually eliminated. They willingly embrace Islamic colonization of the West (indeed they embrace even Islamic terrorists) even though these Muslims are against everything the left allegedly stands for. This is why conservatism is a failure – it treats genocide as a tax problem. The bottom line is you’re going to the wall, whether you’re peaceful or not peaceful, whether you pray or don’t. They do, in fact, want you dead. You have a slim chance with violence, you have no chance without it.

  14. Obie says:

    They want to destroy white civilization because white people picked on them at school. And they probably deserved to be picked on.

  15. thebillyc says:

    White civilization was Christian. “They” are the synagogue of satan, sons of the father of lies. Christianity is gone from civilization, whites are next because that is the only place Christianity exists, in the hearts of individual men.

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