Neo-reactionaries “Signal”- Jim Comes Out Against “Fashism”

One of the things you read about all the time on neo-reactionary blogs is “signaling”- how progressives don’t really believe the stuff they say, as much as say it to show they are they good people, the cool people, not like those dirty scum.

But neo-reactionaries do it too- often but not always invoking Hitler.

This thing has been common among conservatives for along time. (I will stop using the term “mainstream conservative” which is a little awkward, and just use “conservative”, which means almost the same thing. I will use “paleo-conservative” if necessary but they are such limp-wristed pansies as to be hardly worth mentioning. Strangely, paleo-conservatives are even more strident signalers than conservatives.) They like to say, liberals are the real racists! Liberals are the real fascists!

Neo-reactionaries do this by reminding us, not infrequently, that they are against fascism because fascism is just another form of socialism. “Jim Donald” does this, and goes a little farther, with his attack on the Trumpening. 

This goes directly to my post on reification. Nice, upper middle-class and upper-class neo-reactionaries, like nice, upper middle-class and upper-class progressives, want to live in a nice world surrounded by other nice, upper middle-class and upper-class people- not all white! by no means all white! We want a meritocracy here!- with whatever vast army of servants there are mostly out of sight and out of mind, as much as possible anyway. One can’t avoid the servants altogether, they come into view once in a while, like the little indio woman who cleans the bathrooms at the office who you don’t say hello to.

The point of my reification post was that the abstracts that neo-reactionaries love so much- science, art, engineering, craftmanship, etc.- all proceed directly from white people. They are willing to admit this, a little, but not that this classification includes more than a few white people.

Let’s take the Sistine Chapel. When people say “Sistine Chapel” they almost always mean the magnificent paintings Michelangelo made inside, particularly the ceiling. But there are no paintings unless there is a building. The paintings only last as long as the building lasts, so someone has to build a building that will last for hundreds of years.

Who? Working-class white people, that’s who! These guys are long forgotten. But the Rome of marble of Caesar, and the Rome of marble of the Church, was built by them. They probably had IQs of no more than 110 or 115- certainly not Ivy League material!- and they may have been illiterate, but the building they built stands, in good condition, and the paintings were painted, and stand, in good condition.

Jim is apparently a Silicon Valley guy, and looks at technology as something very smart whites and Asians do in the first world, then send drawings to China where peasants just off the rice paddies make it. Computer technology does not seem to need any competent technicians at all. When something breaks you just throw it away.

There are a couple of problems with this. Most of the stuff made in China is junk. It is thrown away because it is disposable. But more fundamentally, the functioning of the modern world depends on infrastructure that depends on white people to maintain it.

Have electricity in your house? An illegal alien may have done the framing, but probably not the wiring. Were you able to flush your toilet and send that big, smelly dump far away? Lots of complicated infrastructure for that, again built and maintained by working-class white people.

Jim will protest they have electricity and plumbing in China and Brazil, and they do, but it is not nearly as nice. Things in general there are not nearly as nice, even for rich people. Rich people in these places still want to go to white countries, because in white countries stuff is nicer, because of the white people.

I have said before “techno-capitalism” is barely different than the current system. Jim is roughly a techno-capitalist, but wants more than anything (I think) the end of female equality.

But given the end of political correctness, and the return of the family wage, the “hobbits” (as Nick Steves once endearingly referred to us) can structure their family lives quite well on their own.

Capitalism is a 18th or 19th century idea. Communism is a 19th century idea. Fascism is a 20th century idea- dating to the 1930’s!, as Jim reminds us, and not all that modern, but still more modern than the other two.

I’m guessing whatever it is that Jim does involves a lot of sophisticated scientific theory, but in its implementation comes down frequently to “what works”. What works is whatever allows a thriving, healthy European society.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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31 Responses to Neo-reactionaries “Signal”- Jim Comes Out Against “Fashism”

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  2. random text says:

    Neo-reactionaries are liberals who have discovered HBD. They don’t want to be mugged, raped, and murdered by low-IQ brown people but they don’t have problems with much else as far as modern America is concerned.

    I don’t have any romantic notions about white proles, but I don’t hate/loathe them either. Donald Trump seems to be alone amongst the white elite in that he isn’t hostile to them.

  3. Bruce says:

    Yeah, I guess Jim doesn’t care for white-trash like me too much. Since (by white-trash standards) I have a fairly high IQ, maybe I can be his gardener.
    The Paleoconservatives are basically the people from Chronicles Magazine + Paul Gottfried. Which among them are limp-wristed pansies and signalers?

    • Don’t get me started on paleo-conservatives. I guess the one I hate most is Russell Kirk. There is some strange symbiosis between them and the far left, and vice versa. Every Hollywood movie with anything about Confederates makes them sympathetic characters.

      • Bruce says:

        Kirk has been dead since I was a teenager and I have never studied his work. I have a generally positive impression of all the paleocons I know of and read: Thomas Fleming, Scott Richert, Aaron Wolf, Tom Piatak, Sam Francis.

  4. spandrell says:

    Neoreaction, as it started, was libertarians who had discovered HBD. That’s how Moldbug started, how Jim started, how Foseti started, how I myself started. How the thing then got big and it splintered in three branches is an old story I wrote about.

    I got bad news for ya. First, Chinese stuff isn’t junk. All those fancy phones and computers we use are all made in China. Every single one of them. Plenty of Chinese stuff is indeed junk, but once you pay them enough, the Chinese are very good workers.

    And yes, indeed the working class is the basis of any country. It’s bad to make fun of them. Trump deserves sanctification if only for bringing immigration into the overton window. But giving the working class what they want isnt’ going to solve anything. Because, by definition, the working class never get what they want. The working class generally speaking want nationalism and socialism.

    Did nationalism work for the working class? No, it send them to conquer the world in pointless colonial adventures to make plutocrats like Rhodes rich, and then sent them to their death in two big world wars.

    Did socialism work for the working class? Well go ask the Russians, they still remember. Ask the Chinese, those remember very well too. No, socialism worked for the elite bureaucrats who got their dachas and their mistresses while everybody else lined up for bread and was forced to parrot bullshit so they bureaucrats didnt have an excuse to refuse him his bread ration.

    If you wanna make something that works for the working class, you gotta think up of something. Something that probably has nothing to do with what the working class wants. Because the working class is busy working, they don’t have a clue.

    • random text says:

      Most Russians have good things to say about the USSR, as once Stalin died and Khrushchev gained power things weren’t that bad. The Wild West style capitalism carried out by high IQ jew oligarchs with their Caucasian muscle was much worse – but hey, it was just some low IQ working class whites who suffered, so who cares?

      The working class may be greedy, but so are the petit bourgeois IT guys of the neoreaction who just want to pay less taxes and not be killed by brown people. Their “philosophy” is a dash of common sense and a lot of middle class striving. I doubt many, if any of them, are even rich although they wish to be (if only socialism, browns, and poors weren’t getting in the way).

      • Considering the “mafia” raping of the FSU the old days don’t seem so bad.

        “the petit bourgeois IT guys of the neoreaction”- that’s a wicked burn. I would credit them with a little more awareness than that, but not much more.

    • This deserves a more detailed response, so I will make a separate post of that.

    • I dont expect to get a reply since i have raised this objection for years without one reactionary wit answering but anyway…
      It isnt true that prole whites vote for socialism. white elites vote the liberal ticket along with niggers jews and single women fags etc. prole whites are the only reason we haven’t hit a left singularity. Prole whites did not fight or vote for niger and women votes they rioted against them both. And have fought the liberals every click of the ratchet ever since.

      The problems we associate with the leftists state are not the result of prole whites voting but the result of elites putting personal interests over national and ethnic interests. leftism is white elite courtiers vying for personal power and wealth, and jews leveraging that for their own interests. Its interesting moldbug blames protestantism but never mentions jews.When to what ever extent protestantism is to blame its an intra cultural ideological interest whereas jews are an extra cultural self interest. But whats perhaps more strange is that despite critiquing leftism as this cathedral of open conspiracy among what he claims are crypto calvinists, his solution is to give them and their jew co conspirators full title to everything as absolute patchlords and revert us to neo feudalism.But crypto calvinists and jews already have effective title to everything and this has not in fact made them stewards. what actually worked a little better to produce noblesse oblige was culture that required duty, ethno national allegiance, a willingness to take the lead in defending it in battle, etc. Capitalism in those days was understood to be a weakening and disruptive force against culture throne and alter. Now I certainly am not suggesting we discard it entirely but a right critique of capitalism ought to recognize it really destructive nature and conceive of ways to mitigate these without the pitfalls socialism fell into.It seems prudent to point out another glaring omission of moldbug, is the glaring omission of recognizing the historical inevitability of both socialist and capitalist implementation due to the transition from agricultural to industrial cultures.They were both inevitable because of the transition and because they are both HBD embedded traits that interact with each other. and there was bound to be a settling in period. Again Not suggesting we accept a certain level of economic socialism going forward, rather recognize it was historically inevitable, and that it will always be with us in our genetics. Apes share and apes trade, we ignore our biological reality at our peril, in fact socialism always leverages the situation where ape sharing is ignored.The trick is to figure out how to satisfy these ape traits without wrecking the culture we need to run our hardware.

  5. Jim’s problem is Judeolatry. Jim idolizes Jewish chauvinism. This means that Jim hates Jews like Israel Shahak, but loves Jews like Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Golda Meir and Maurice Samuel.

    On the topic of plumbing, I agree with Spandrell: Chinese plumbers can do quality work if the price is high enough.

    • But who will do quality work when the price is low? Who will do quality work almost for free not because they love to, but because doing less than high-quality work makes them physically uncomfortable?

      • “Who will do quality work almost for free not because they love to, but because doing less than high-quality work makes them physically uncomfortable? ”

        Obviously the answer that you want is “white people.” Maybe that’s the correct answer. I don’t know, but your question reminds me of the proverb: “Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.” If white people truly are as conscientious as all that, they are a race of geniuses.

        I think white people are great, but they are not a race with an infinite capacity for taking pains. They are conscientious, and they have various virtues best explained by Kevin MacDonald, but stupid, careless white people are not unknown.

  6. nickbsteves says:

    All communication is signaling. The only question is whether what is being signaled is actually the true intent underlying the communication. And on that front, I can assure you Jim has no guile in him. You have him precisely, 180 degrees out of phase, wrong. Jim says the most embarrassingly racist and sexist things. He truly despises minorities and never sugar coats. He is in a position in life where endearing himself to anyone is unnecessary and it is not in his constitution to do so. So when he says white national socialism is insufficiently rightist he means exactly that. More to the point, however, and supposed Freudian motives aside, he is correct in that assessment.

    If you disagree, then make the case. And quit with the signaling about signaling.

    • random text says:

      Wealth doesn’t mean he has moral courage. He still has friends he hangs out with – and if he upsets those ever so delicate jewish feelings, he might get ostracized.

    • >Jim says the most embarrassingly racist and sexist things.

      Jim’s statements are not at all embarrassing. Jim says exactly what a good shabbos goy should say in order to swear loyalty to Israel.

      >He truly despises minorities and never sugar coats.

      Jim truly despises goyim and women.

      Unfortunately, Jim is not good for the non-Jewish whites.

    • I have never claimed the third position, exactly, but I am not a rightist of any kind. If Jim wants to paint me as a filthy socialist he is welcome to. I’m in a position in life where I have to grovel to earn money for rent and food. If he wants to play the role of the nobleman on the white horse, he needs to make a persuasive speech to the yeomen. I’m not feeling it.

    • To my mind, signaling is designed to show off the speaker, not the speech.

  7. PA says:

    In the end, your working class is all you really have.

    There is a simple answer to the question of what to give the working class, and it needn’t rise to lofty macropolitical jargon. Simply, give them liberty.

    In practical terms, it means give them the means to economic self-sufficiency (jobs) and give them dominion over their public and private space (segregation and patriarchy).

  8. Is this the same Jim who said that 11 year old white girl rape victims in Rotheringham were asking for it? Screw him!

  9. A.B Prosper says:

    I’ve been enjoying and participating in that very discussion on Jim’s blog.

    Like many wealthy people it seems he longs for a Downton Abbey kind of world and doesn’t seem to understand the effects modern technology has on the reproduction of the “mid range” 115+ IQ people .That is the very people that make society function.

    What it does is lower their reproductive rate and no modern society has ever been able to by fiat push that up. Policy helps but not all that much. worse some of his more outré suggestions basically going Christo-Saudi on women just aren’t wanted by anyone

    Heck I’m no feminist, but reason men went along with feminism is because they didn’t want to be “the idea master of house” its tiresome and its a bit unwestern as well. We also didn’t need to play those games since machines mean housekeeping is a few hours a week not a full job.

    However what everybody misses is that as tech and affluence grows its creates opportunities to do different stuff and large families are a financial and opportunity cost.

    On that issue of finances I’m most assuredly not a Communist either however class is a thing and the sooner NrX embraces the NASCAR and trailer park sets, the better,

    To make a better West, pay average guys better. If the market can’t do it, find another way.

    However no matter what, its not going to be Chechen level fertility. Assuming no apocalypse and actual reform people are going to want to live in cities, watch TV or Netflix, surf the web, read, play games , paint, blog ride motorcycles and so a ton of other things that preclude huge families.

    This is not only not wrong, its what we were building this stuff for, to make our lives and our children’s more pleasant

  10. Peter Blood says:

    Jim has some….strange….ideas about young women. He sounds like a creepy leering uncle when he’s talking about women.

  11. Peter Blood says:

    Important for Neo-Reactionaries to have knowledge of BDSM.

    I have done a bit of BDSM also, and never used safe words or negotiated boundaries. Safe words and negotiated boundaries are contract negotiations, and you get contract negotiation in sex that is done for money. The safe words and boundary negotiations are not an indication that all is well, but rather an indication that something is terribly wrong.

    He has startling keen interest in…rape.

    In between watching women’s porn. So we don’t have to. Thanks, Jim!

  12. Social class means nothing anymore. The “elite” is made up of phonies and frauds. The fools and whores with their cardboard “sheepskins” and “earn” large salaries doing not much and very little and want to do even less. Why? They’re not smart.
    What you have here is a FRAUD. Sigmund Freud and his magical tripartite mind that correlates with nothing, and has life stages that only a freak from an alien subspecies could find reasonable. Sexual dysfunction is celebrated and everything normal and beautiful is mocked. Mocked by ugly hideous inferior creatures all looking like something out of horror novels. The bastards of whores and fools. Do they rule? No. They have no self-control. They misrule.
    They lie, cheat and steal. They have “social” justice, and cheap excuses for a million problems and failures they blame on you. The fault lies in their genes not in your ancestral history. College is where you learn about life. I learned a lot. This society is a rancid swamp, ruled by dirty rats, that hate the pure and innocent and stink to high heaven.
    They’re fake. Fake science. Fake elites. FRAUD.

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  14. Interesting points. It seems to me that technology is not the wizardry most people make it out to be, but they are afraid of it because of its seeming semantic complexity (i.e. “computer commands”). Further, it doesn’t seem that those in charge of Silicon Valley are all that bright. In fact, most of them seem like robots. When I think of the high-IQ types, I think of philosopher kings.

  15. Toddy Cat says:

    I’m not sure what type of system best benefits the white working class, but having a leadership that doesn’t hate and despise them is a good start, and we haven’t had that for at least a generation, possibly longer. Any leadership class that actively despises it’s own people is shit, and deserves to go down, whether it’s Communist, Capitalist, Fascist, or NRx. As for Trump, I have no idea what he really feels or what he would do, but he talks a good game, and that’s better than anyone else has done for a long time.

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