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They Don’t Want Us Cowed, They Want Us Dead

Well, duh, many of you are saying. But the desire of the left to destroy us has become pretty open recently. Jim Goad said “If I don’t work I’ll starve. If I don’t write I’ll die.” It’s Saturday and not … Continue reading

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The Map Is Not the Territory; Or, The Strange World of Reality

I took a number of math classes and two physics classes in college. The two physics professors were a strong contrast. The first always wore an untucked shirt, had messy hair, and joked a lot. The second always wore a … Continue reading

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Neo-reactionaries “Signal”- Jim Comes Out Against “Fashism”

One of the things you read about all the time on neo-reactionary blogs is “signaling”- how progressives don’t really believe the stuff they say, as much as say it to show they are they good people, the cool people, not … Continue reading

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Reification and Neo-Reaction or Conservatism

“Reification” is a five-dollar philosophical word usually associated with Marxism, but it simply means thinking of a something as a thing that is not a thing. This occurred to me with this Social Matter post. The author talks about the … Continue reading

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“The Hateful Eight” and the Racial Ideology of Quentin Tarantino

I went and saw “The Hateful Eight” in 7o millimeter. I don’t really like Quentin Tarantino, but when I was a kid a movie in 70mm was an event, and I suppose that’s why he made it in this format. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! to all my readers, however few you may be. The European year is cyclical, and we have passed through an annual period of rest and wonder. We have seen for a time God and God’s Nature, His … Continue reading

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