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More Western Tropes In ISIS Propaganda

The Atlantic notices this girl, among others, singing the praises of ISIS, and notices as well the Western tropes therein. Progressives can see the things they look askance at- the romanticization of violence, the prominent place of consumer goods- but … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! God Jul!

Ryan Landry, I think it was, was recently speculating on the “magic” of Christmas, but couldn’t think where it came from. I think I know. The magic of Christmas is the solstice, the very dark, cold time of year. It’s … Continue reading

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Moslems and Terrorism; Blacks and Crime

Why don’t Moslems say more about terrorism? We are called churlish if we ask; we are supposed to assume that of course they are all against terrorism, and to expect them to confirm this is cruel. The same thing is … Continue reading

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Organized Or Disorganized Legacies

Recently, Bruce Charlton posted about marriage, and how young people have trouble marrying and settling down these days because until very recently marriages were mostly arranged by parents, and people aren’t evolved for self-arranged marriage. I think this is only … Continue reading

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Jesus Versus Mohammed

You could get angry with the Moslems you see- unrepentant thugs and parasites most of them, enjoying our hospitality and tolerance while biting the hand that feeds them- but you can do something to make them even more desperate and … Continue reading

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Tears in Rain….. Or, Another Glimpse at the World of the Rich

I have spoken a little of the rich before– and I can’t add too much substantively, but maybe something atmospherically….. I’m a slave, of sorts- I live in fear, as many of you probably do- but I’ve seen things…………. Rich … Continue reading

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