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Aaron Rodgers Applauds Bruce Jenner

I turned on the TV the other night and flipped a few channels, and there she was, Miss America, Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner. I was horrified, but I couldn’t look away……. The surprising thing to me was how totally and completely … Continue reading

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Christians and “Race Realists”- In the Same Boat Now?

You have probably been reading a little about Christians freaking out about gay marriage now being legal and their beliefs now being essentially illegal. Rod Dreher has spurred some discussion with his articles on the “Benedict Option”, in which Christians … Continue reading

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A Note on WordPress Security

If you are commenting on WordPress, something you should know. When you leave a comment, the blog owner can see your email address and IP address. If the blog owner is hostile to you, and may want to dox you, … Continue reading

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The Confederate Battle Flag- The Banner of the White Nigger

The “new” Harper Lee novel, “Go Set A Watchman”, has the literati all atwitter (especially on Twitter, I suppose) about its reveal about Atticus Finch- that far from being a northern progressive on race, he was actually a southern moderate, … Continue reading

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Cop Stops: An Analysis

Originally posted on Eradica:
The visible enemy of the people in any police state, like the USA, is the police. They are the ones carrying out the party’s edicts. They are to be considered traitors because they value their paycheck…

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Decide This Day Whom You Will Serve

Originally posted on A Cry In The Dark:
I’m in a New York area airport- airports are no fun, but New York airports are a little less fun- and I see a young woman walking by on the other side…

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