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God Hates Fags, And God Hates America

Originally posted on A Cry In The Dark:
Not too much has been said, since it was a foregone conclusion and expected for a long time. ] I haven’t read Justice Kennedy’s sentimental ruling. We already knew the law is…

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Fly the Confederate Flag

There is intense pressure, again, to ban the Confederate flag. I am showing it here, in defiance. It’s not my flag. Had I been there, I suppose I would have been on the other side, fighting for free soil, a … Continue reading

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FLY the Stars and Bars! Ditch Romney the Retard, Cohen the Kike, and Coates

Originally posted on The White Tea Room:
the Coon, Hail, Readers, There has been a call, all at once somehow….hhhhmmmm….after the increasingly suspicious Roofie Shooting of the elderly Negroes in the historical Charleston, SC Negro Church, where-in the Negro Nat…

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Happy Father’s Day!

Been busy lately…. real busy…. but I will take a moment to wish you all a very happy Father’s Day! If there’s no children, there’s no tomorrow, so find a nice white girl and get busy….

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Rod Dreher Gets It…….. Welcome to the Dark Side, Rod………..

Rod Dreher comes to the realization something is seriously wrong with “conservatism”.  If every man is his own end, and has no other to answer to, then he can do anything he wants. And this is not the ideal of … Continue reading

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The Lies We Have Been Told

Did you know France started the Franco-Prussian War? I didn’t until a few days ago, and I know more about military history than most people. The Wiki explanation is that Bismarck provoked France into attacking, but how is that an … Continue reading

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