Blacks and the Domination of Social Space

Stories about blacks getting into confrontations with cops, security guards, store owners and others are so common as to be hardly worth mentioning. And yet there is a basic reason for this, which should be understood by all who share any social space with blacks.

A former cop, FBI agent and current criminal defense attorney, Dale Carson, wrote a book called “How to Arrest-Proof Yourself”. I read this and found it very interesting, as it talks about what cops are actually doing on the street. According to Carson, cops look for certain high-profile behaviors and stop those people.

I mentioned the book in comments on Lion of the Blogosphere, and he read it and became a big fan. Living in a high-density urban environment where this plays out every day, but where most of the population studiously ignores that it is happening, I can see how this would be very interesting to him.

To summarize the book- if you are going to do anything illegal, do it inside, out of public view. Don’t drive an old, beat-up car, and definitely not with a bunch of people in it, that is a cop magnet. If you are stopped by a cop, be polite and try to end the encounter as quickly as possible.

Toward the end Carson digresses and addresses the issue of why blacks have much more trouble with the police than whites. His answer is that whites mostly follow his advice, and blacks don’t. Whites of the type more likely to have legal trouble- Carson works in Florida, so these people would be called crackers or rednecks- drink or smoke dope inside their homes, rather than on the street, carry knives rather than guns, drive by themselves or with one other guy in a pickup, have wives or girlfriends who help keep them out of trouble, and don’t get confrontational with cops. Blacks do frequently the opposite- drink or smoke dope on the street or in their front yards, carry guns, ride with four guys in an old sedan, and have girlfriends or baby mamas who really don’t care if they are locked up or not.

Carson seems to ascribe this behavior to ignorance by blacks, but I think there is a totally different cause. For blacks, dominating and acting out in public, social space is an end in itself. It is about power and control for them. And they are very successful at it, because any space where a black person appears will mostly be controlled by that black person- they will intimidate whites and Asians in that space, although maybe not Latinos.

Think about it- if you see a black in a public space, you are going to steer clear of him. He might not be trouble, but he might, and the hassle is not worth it. It could be something major, it could be something minor, but that’s up to him, and what kind of a mood he is in that day, and if he’s in a screw with whitey mood, you are in for some heartburn you don’t need.

Black behavior to own and control a social space varies from just hanging out, to hanging out and talking loudly, to being very physically active and boisterous, to play-fighting, standing in the middle of spaces intended for walking, walking four abreast down a sidewalk, walking in the middle of the street, stopping a car in the middle of the street to speak with someone walking in the street, stopping a car in the middle of the street to talk with someone in another car also stopped in the middle of the street- in general, many uses of social space not intended by the white designers, and regarded as inappropriate and selfish by white cultural standards.

Blacks get away with this first by their childishness and playfulness- reprimanding children is something whites do reluctantly, although blacks don’t hesitate to harshly punish misbehaving children. One black will not be challenged because whites rely on general social pressure to enforce most rules, rarely confronting people directly. Two or more blacks will not be challenged, because blacks play off and reinforce each other, and challenging them will most certainly result in a loud, angry confrontation. Challenge three blacks and physical violence is almost probable.

Blacks in social space are in their kingdom, but every kingdom has borders that must be jealously protected. Surrender is frequently the strategy. Too many blacks, and whites leave. Blacks are the reason for the demise of the indoor mall. In the ghetto, authorities tolerate and accept this kind of behavior, because most of the residents are black and the community supports it.

Sometime however there will be some push back. As Sailer has reported, in some middle-class black Detroit suburbs, the residents have reacted negatively to the arrival of ghetto blacks and their norms. Because all parties are black in this case, it can be described as a culture clash, although the middle-class blacks moved to the suburbs precisely for a white social environment.

Sometimes blacks will rub up a little too hard against whites, and store manager, security guard, or perhaps even a police officer will ask or tell the black person to move, quiet down, or leave, and the black person will respond aggressively. The ability to intimidate whites is very important to all blacks, and they work in concert to maintain this. I suspect that in each situation, the goal of the black is to create as much pain for the white authority figure, without actually getting into legal trouble. The black may not want a ticket, a summons, or an arrest, but is not particularly afraid of these either. A confrontation with a white authority figure is a great experience for a black, gives him status and prestige with other blacks, and if he is arrested gives him even more. From a white logical standpoint, legal trouble is to be avoided whenever possible, but from the black standpoint, while it has personal costs, it also has personal benefits, and benefits blacks as a whole, by discouraging confrontation by whites, however justified.

This kind of simple enforcement of social norms by authority figures is what is constantly attacked by blacks and white progressives as evil, racist police harassment. But as I have shown, it is normal for this behavior to be tolerated in most instances. It is sometimes still necessary to tell people to not do things. Blacks will complain that the police don’t ticket whites for drinking beer on the sidewalk, but that’s because whites don’t drink beer on the sidewalk- they do it on their couch, in their backyard, or maybe on the front porch, but never on the sidewalk. Blacks could do the same, but they like the idea of making the public space of the sidewalk into their own personal space.

I wrote about this in detail some time ago about the Trayvon Martin case. I find myself repeating myself because of a few more recent news items, each itself completely unremarkable, but showing this pattern. My answer is the same now- make a habit of questioning and confronting blacks, if only by eye contact. Blacks need to broken of the habit of casually intimidating whites, if only by letting them know they are being watched. Any obnoxious or illegal behavior should be referred to the police or other authorities.

Blacks like to use the word “peace”, but peace to them means exactly the same thing it does to Moslems, which is submission. You can be at peace with a black if you submit to him, he of course the sole judge as to whether your submission is complete or sincere enough. It’s a losing game, so don’t submit at all.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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19 Responses to Blacks and the Domination of Social Space

  1. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Blacks and the Domination of Social Space

  2. Hizzle says:

    There is a great scene in Richard Price’s novel “Clockers” where he describes (or rather one white cop relates) an incident wherein he is alone and outgunned by a black perpetrator he is attempting to cuff, and the whole neighborhood, in the sweltering summer heat, is egging on the arrestee and accusing the cop of brutality as he struggles to defend himself.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Good piece and great advice . Blacks in gangs are bold and will attack because they feel more empowered; however, when they are alone, a single black is easy to intimidate and to back down. They can’t do one to one as they operate via a mob mentality.

    What I find fascinating is how our Jew media is covering the tracks of badly behaving blacks in concert with our corrupt Federal Government. This cover up and the black criminality is being exposed by everyday whites using their I Phones etc. Goes to show how the power of the Lone Wolf White can trump the whole Jew-Black mob

  4. Hizzle says:

    The most important black form of intimidation was left out of this otherwise cogent post: the music, the loud subwoofer systems meant to intimidate and annoy other commuters in traffic.

  5. JB says:

    Blacks are the cultural and political stormtroopers of the leftist velvet dictatorship that controls this society. Take away that protection and the majority of this bad behavior will go away, at least in general public spaces. Blacks are just a tool, it’s important to remember that.

    • Toddy Cat says:

      Very true. “Integration” is merely a means of insuring that there is an agent in every potential cell of resistance. See also “Affirmative Action”.

  6. Ryu says:

    Much of life is repetitive, Thrashy. See it in every news story at Amren or at most news and jews outlets.

  7. baloocartoons says:

    This is a great piece. I’ve reblogged it and made a graphic here:

  8. Red says:

    “My answer is the same now- make a habit of questioning and confronting blacks, if only by eye contact. Blacks need to broken of the habit of casually intimidating whites, if only by letting them know they are being watched. Any obnoxious or illegal behavior should be referred to the police or other authorities.”

    That’s good advice.

    I’m a big guy so I’m kind of intimidating, but here’s a few of things I’ve done when encountering blacks: I don’t talk to them. I let my eyes and body language do the talking. A verbal exchange is usually used as a justification for an attack. So I like I have a gun in my pocket and I’m looking forwards to using it on them if they give me the opportunity. I touch my my side that’s away from their vision in manner that I have a gun wither or not I’m actually carrying one if I’m out numbered. Blacks are quite cowardly even in large groups and they don’t want to fuck with guns. Exceptions: High on meth/crack. Just get out.

    Never allow them to get into position for a sucker punch. Never assume they won’t sucker punch you in the middle of a group of people. Blacks like to distract before sucker punching you, so be aware that any action they take may be a feint. Because of sucker punches you can never full ignore blacks. Pick defensive positions with your back towards something they can’t get behind if out numbered.

    Act like you own the area and that they’re unwanted shit that’s rolling through. Smile at them like your waiting for your chance to kill them when they act in an intimidating manner. I’ve cleared out small bars half full of ghetto blacks with this method. Never show fear or deference and always act like you’re the better man.

    Most of all: don’t talk to them, don’t give them a light, don’t interact with them at all beyond strong and dominate body language. And around blacks, never relax. They’ll take a sucker punch if they get a shot. Don’t turn your back on them until you’re out of range.

    • Blacks like to talk to you in what a white person would consider a mildly inappropriate situation- like on an elevator. They can’t stand being ignored. They like to probe a little. I think if you show signs of being gullible, naïve, or easy to manipulate they will move in.

      • Paris says:

        I had to walk my MILs little lap dog around her neighborhood once and got accosted by a bunch of black thug kids. The neighborhood used to be white and middle class, but now it is becoming a ghetto. As I was walking, a hulking, 250 pound black girl with chest tattoos started harassing me, calling me “Paris Hilton” because I was blonde, attractive and walking a chihuahua. Truthfully, I hate those little dogs but I was trying to do something nice for MIL.

        Soon a cadre of worthless thug kids joined in and tried to intimidate me. I just smirked at them and kept walking. I lived in New York for years and I’ve seen this sort of black bitch intimidation tactics before. She thought she was going to get away with it, but I just called the police and told them there was a group of thug kids harassing people on the block. They were quite disappointed when the po-po showed up. Sucks for them, I guess.

        That is my rule now when dealing with black people: just call the cops. Intimidating strangers is against the law. Also, I don’t give two fucks about black people and their problems.

  9. PA says:

    Poker-faced eye contact is very effective on blacks. They will always look away.

  10. Tom Wolfe’s essay, “Mau-mauing the Flak-Catchers,” supports this.

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  12. GestapoJoe says:

    Nucking Figgers!

  13. Truth says:

    When dealing with blacks, I must always remind them that they are simply not in charge of the environment or situation whenever I am around. If they insist on suggesting otherwise, I then remind them that if they continue to do so by way of force, annoyance or intimidation, I will swiftly kill them with no hesitation. This is simply how you have to be with such dangerously primitive creatures, no exception.

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