The 3 Keys To Anglo Success


Anglo societies have succeeded tremendously over the last few centuries, but this success hasn’t meant good lives for individuals.  The secret to Anglo success has been squeezing individual men to work as hard as possible for even moderate levels of success, generating more wealth for the nation as a whole.  Getting the best wine grapes or the best hydroponic pot is about forcing the plants to respond to pressure by trying their hardest and producing their best.  Anglo society, likewise, is built on systematic sexual repression.

1. Picky Women

Through their natural sexual power, women are the de facto police force of culture.  What they desire, men clamor to give them.  Anglo women are among the pickiest on the planet.  Maybe it was the long winters combined with high population density, but whatever the reasons, we know Anglo society is intensely competitive.  If you want to get one plain Jane…

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About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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15 Responses to The 3 Keys To Anglo Success

  1. English society seems to be unique among European societies in having a strong barrier between the middle and working classes, and having a strong revulsion of the working class by the middle class. A nation with natural affinity and affection between classes horrifies them, hence the hatred of “fascism”.

    • Good Going! says:

      Great comment! Very well put Thrasymachus. In Greece, back in the day, the “fascist” dictator did all he could to get rid of any lingering class hatred by expelling union bosses and humbling arrogant businessmen. A lot of Greek movies had the theme of ‘understanding’ among classes. You don’t post frequently, but when you do it is quite fantastic.

  2. Ryu says:

    I used to write there, Thrashy. A few years ago. They kicked me out for defending our race.

    Those people aren’t on our side. The easy giveaway is “Anglo”. I’m white, not Anglo. They think they will be spared because of intellectual machinations. Wrong.

    • You used to write at Colony of Commodus?

      I’m white, and not Anglo, but he is making a valid point about Anglophone or English-speaking culture, what you find in England, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. (Scotland, Wales and Ireland are English-speaking colonies, but I don’t know if the culture there is quite the same.)

      Sexual repression, the need of a man to make a certain income before being eligible to reproduce, a disdain for and fear of the working class (the white working class specifically, not any poor or working-class non-whites) by the middle class and elites, are all features of Anglophone society. To what extent these are true of other European societies I don’t know, but I don’t think they are very much if at all.

      In Germany or northern Italy being a skilled technician is prestigious and pays well. Many youth go into technical programs in high school. In English speaking countries the idea of a bright youth being a technician is viewed with horror, everybody must to go to university.

      Germany and northern Italy are industrial powerhouses making the best products in the world and English speaking countries mostly make crap, with a couple exceptions- mostly military or military-derived products- but the important thing is controlling the population.

      The English are much different from other Europeans, even northern Protestant Europeans, but being English-speaking I think we have trouble seeing that.

      • Ryu says:

        Oh yes. Ask them, if you wish. They are a good example of the type who might work at the DOD or NSA, smart enough to build the surveillance state that will tyrannize their children for money.

        Too much easy sex is also not good. There was an old movie about this in 1962, Mutiny on the Bounty with Brando.

        White men go to Tahiti, shack up with the native women, and they get slothful.

  3. A.B Prosper says:

    That was a fine article

    Another thing Anglo Whites can learn from some non Whites and White Ethnics is the benefits of an extended family. It makes me a little more than annoyed when people laud the nuclear family. Its works but its the bare bones minimum needed for society, not the ideal. With healthy families,larger is usually better.

    Its amazing to me how much effort was spent starting with Medieval English to break up this structure,

    There was apprenticing people far from kin and of course the later stuff mentioned before.

    This kind of thing has been going on for centuries.

    Its understandable why, there are measurable negative consequences to clan arrangements, they are much harder to control and produce somewhat less wealth especially for out group parasites when taken to extremes. Its bad for the elite and probably from a merely economic POV bad materially. The elite also especially hate regular folks with alliances that don’t suit their needs.

    However I think its time for extended families and clans to make a comeback. With multi generational households rising it seems to be starting and I think it will be good for mental health, good for the family economy and bad for the Cathedral. What’s not to like?

    • Hyper-competition in Anglo white society destroys social unity. Extended families become impossible, even parent-child relationships become rivalries. Man and woman fight to the death over scarce jobs, capital, and political power in a pond that’s drying up.
      The whites who earn 6 figure salaries and up are the least likely to contribute kids to the next generation; for all the capital they amass on paper, their success benefits their society very little.

      I shake my head at their folly every time I see yet another happy family of Mexicans able to throw parties that attract 50+ people with live music and plenty to eat and drink for everyone.
      They may not produce as much capital, but the way they use social capital maximizes its benefit. They tend to stick together putting aside their internal rivalries to subdue outside competition.

      I have long predicted a new age of the clan as nation states cease to have meaning with the advent of mass communications.

      Ironically, white trash are much better equipped to deal with the new realities as many of them are descended from groups of clannish Scots, Welsh, and Irish who never really were fully integrated into Anglo culture.

      • fnn says:

        A great tragedy that the Central Powers didn’t win the Great War. That would have changed a lot.

  4. JB says:

    women are the de facto police force of culture.

    Women, much like children, are virtually incapable of contributing anything to civilization except babies. When they’re free you get the results we see now.

  5. Jim says:

    You think sexual competition among Anglo males is tough. In China female infanticide has lead to a very skewed sex ratio resulting in hyper intense competition for women.

  6. Jim says:

    Also in Yamomami culture female infanticide was regularly practised leading to a shortage of women and resulting intense and violent conflict for women. One of the curious things about this is that Yanomami men constantly complained about the shortage of women. When anthropologists pointed out to them that the cause of the shortage of women was female infanticide the Yanomami were quite surprised. Killing female infants would lead to a shortage of women? Who would have thought?

  7. Toddy Cat says:

    An interesting article, but anyone who thinks that blacks and Mexicans are the “natural allies” of the white working class isn’t living on the same planet that I am.

    • I currently live in a city with lots of blacks, I’ve lived in their neighborhoods and worked jobs with mostly black people while here.
      It can be really rough if a white guy is working a lower level job in a majority black neighborhood. I’ve done it.

      As a millennial just trying to eat and keep a roof over my head, I’ve had a temp agency client refuse to use me as soon as they learned I wasn’t Mexican.

      Walking into an Indian owned motel and seeing only Indian faces, I never even considered trying anything there.

      I’ve experienced the frustration of living in a world where everyone seems to stick together except for the whites, who are busy backstabbing each other as their world burns around them.

      On the other hand, being white is just too damn expensive. To live in whitopia, I’d have to sacrifice my whole life to that “career track” thing and still just be living paycheck to paycheck.

      It’s taken some years, but I’ve managed to begin to adjust. I’ve gotten hired by Mexicans for some gigs by knowing some Spanish and how to deal with them.
      I’ve found that aspiring middle class blacks and up are usually more receptive to whites than they are to underclass thugs of their own kind; they make a point of distancing themselves. Majority black workplaces with these kinds of co-workers don’t seem to cause too many problems.
      It takes some finesse, but even now there are niches to be found as white careerists busily tear their own society apart.

      Lower classes of every race are in direct competition for the left over crumbs so naturally there’s a lot of hate and savagery. I’ve felt that rage myself when the rent’s due and it’s either me or him.
      So they can slit each other’s throats just to eat like they do now, or they can try to work together to have something better.

  8. jimbojones says:

    One major reason for the success of Anglo-societies is geographical…
    Which ones are the Anglo countries? Britain, USA, Canada, Australia. One can also add South Africa and Hong Kong. Britain, Australia, and Hong Kong are islands (OK, Australia can be an island/continent); the US and Canada share a continent, and South Africa is far away from any other industrial nation.
    Invading insular nations is hard to begin with, and impossible given strong navies. Britain was last invaded back in 1066. The other Anglo nations have, essentially, NEVER been invaded (the war of 1812 is hardly a big deal).
    In comparison, Russia and Italy have been invaded more or less constantly over the last millennium. Germany and France have also suffered plenty of invasions.
    The other notable insular society in the world is Japan… It’s not by coincidence that in 1900 the Japanese were considered “honorary whites” and had managed to build up an industrial society.

  9. rae9582 says:

    I wonder if the writer even knows many ”Anglo” people, whatever that may mean to him. He seems to be describing some fictional ‘rich WASP’ as depicted in movies or novels.

    To some people, anybody who is a wealthy White person is judged to be ”Anglo” because the stereotype has it that only WASPs are ever wealthy. Anglos are to White society what Whites are to non-Whites. As non-Whites say that Whites have some kind of ”White privilege”; non-Anglo-Saxons claim Anglos have privilege.

    Surely not all Anglo-Saxons are wealthy, uptight, and all the other stereotypical qualities described in the blog piece. And Anglo-Saxons have not disappeared, though they are not so numerous in their original New England stronghold. Many Southern Americans are predominantly Anglo-Saxon, because the ”melting pot” was not the dominant feature of Southern culture, as it was in the Northeast or urban areas elsewhere.

    It’s bizarre to speak of Anglo-Saxons and their/our culture in the past tense. I wonder if we even live in the same country?
    And the ethnic English in Britain (or England) have not gone away; there are people of all social levels in the UK who are English and who do not fit the stereotype the writer portrays. They are very much alive, so they shouldn’t be counted out just yet.

    The writer holds Mexican families up as exemplary, which is odd. I’ve had a great deal of contact with Mexicans and their chaotic and dysfunctional ‘culture’ so I don’t see them through an idealized glow as the writer does.

    One final note: the expression ‘[W]hite trash’ is a bit demeaning for lower-class Whites. If this is a blog meant to be read by pro-Whites or ethno-patriot Whites, this kind of article strikes a wrong note. Yet I seem to be the only negative voice. Guess I am in the wrong place.

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