The Truth Is, Nobody Really Likes Black People; Or, The Negro Problem, Revisited, Again

Racists are popping up like mushrooms these days, Donald Sterling hot on the trail of Cliven Bundy. Cliven Bundy is the kind of guy everybody assumed was a racist anyway, but Donald Sterling was due for an NAACP award. What’s up with that?

Donald Sterling is a very rich Jewish liberal of the kind that has sponsored the black cause since the early 20th century. At 80 he has been and adult, and a rich one, throughout all the modern civil rights era. He gets some media attention from owning an NBA team, so being involved in a business with mostly black employees is good for him. The NBA itself is run by nepotistic Jews, the new commissioner being the son of a friend and law partner of the last one. But- he doesn’t want blacks around him socially, and not even around his trashy gold-digger mistress.

There’s something that goes unsaid in all the racial debate, which is almost entirely between progressives who say blacks are victims of whites, and HBD advocates, who say blacks behave as they do because of genetics. Nature or nurture? There is a lot of nurture going on, but not of the kind people usually talk about.

The “Negro Problem” was what earnest liberals back in the 1950’s used to talk about what the US was going to do about blacks. In his 1963 essay, Norman Podhoretz had the temerity to say that in his personal experience, black people weren’t all that oppressed- in 1930’s Brooklyn the black kids were the ones doing the oppressing. Black people in the South were aggressive with poor whites, as Richard Wright tells us in “Black Boy” and in the North they had even fewer constraints. But in a general environment of assumed black inferiority, this could be still plausibly written off as an oppression issue.

Pop psychology came to the rescue of blacks. The Brown v. Board decision in 1954 made school segregation impermissible, not from any legal principle, but on the idea that it reduced the self-esteem of blacks, causing their poor performance in various metrics.

The whole nation embarked on the project of raising black people’s self-esteem. They- and we- were told they were in no way inferior, and in many ways superior. They were encouraged to feel wonderful about themselves, and proud of themselves, and to respond aggressively to anything they perceived as a challenge. Walter Russell Mead calls this “the new culture of pride and assertiveness”, in his delightfully understated way.

We’ve had two generations of this now, of this heavily promoted and harshly enforced policy of black wonderfulness. It has worked, in one way. Black people have very high self-esteem, to the point of narcissism. According to the theory, they should now be performing as well as whites. But they don’t. And the argument goes on- hidden racism, that must be rooted out by any means necessary, or genetic determinism.

There’s another thing going on here though. Think of a person who doesn’t have that much going for them, but has been told constantly by parents and teachers they are great. They have a lot of help shoring themselves up and getting nice things they couldn’t get on their own. They view their unearned status and possessions as theirs by right, but can’t take any responsibility for their shortcomings. They have a certain superficial charm, that is nice in small doses, but a bad temper that makes it dangerous to be around them if they are thwarted, or frustrated or questioned in any way. Do you really want to be around such a person? Do you want people close to you to be around such a person? Some work and government functions may require you to, and you may be required to pretend you like them for social reasons, but you will avoid them when you can and your general opinion of the will be, “What a tool…..”

Multiply this problem by most of the black population and you’ve got a real problem.

People like this wear out their welcome, eventually. If you want to hang out with people you have to bring something to the table. I read a newspaper article, decades ago, about UN diplomats in New York complaining nobody wanted to hang out with them any more. Apparently in the 1960’s it was very fashionable to have UN diplomats to your Manhattan parties, but by the 1980’s that wasn’t the case any more. The spurned seemed to mostly be Third World types, the trouble being just because your uncle is Dictator for Life and can get you a cushy posting in New York, doesn’t mean upper-class people in Manhattan have any interest in you.

This is why gays are the new blacks, and have been for a long time. Gays, or at least some portion, are much more socially attuned to what the elite like and make much better hangers-on.

Donald Sterling will get his whipping. It doesn’t really matter, because billionaires will still avoid socializing with blacks, and still want their trashy mistresses to avoid socializing with blacks. I’m baffled by why anyone would want to spend any time with Sterling or his “girlfriend” but there you have it.

About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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41 Responses to The Truth Is, Nobody Really Likes Black People; Or, The Negro Problem, Revisited, Again

  1. Hizzle says:

    I’m glad you’re back, man, and with the substantive posts. Whiskey has a good writeup on the abuse of underage boys at the LGBT parties hosted by Hollywood bigwigs. I’d say “Innocent until proven guilty,” just on general principle, but one of their cohorts was already convicted and fled the country rather than serve time.

    If gays are the new blacks, it’s already staring to look like the new boss might be worse than the old one.

    • Matthew says:

      That’s awfully naive. Until proven innocent, gay Jews should be assumed guilty of abusing boys.

      • Hizzle says:

        It’s never naive to assume someone who wants money might have an ulterior motive, gay Jew or no. Also, your reading comprehension is a bit off. I said “I’d say,” innocent until proven guilty, “but” (meaning “except”) one of their cohorts fled the country, which makes their guilt more probable.

        But yeah, ultimately I’m not willing to rewrite the statutes on the presumption of innocence for anyone, even gay Jews. If they’re found guilty, I hope they don’t pull a “Polanski” though something tells me they might.

  2. Ryu says:

    Yeah, we’ve passed peak negro. But if a rich jew can’t be a public racist, no one can. I don’t think public activism will work quite yet.

  3. alabastrine excellence says:

    Negroes are nothing but trouble. The end.
    Let’s talk about Jew ‘pedophiles’. The difference between the Torah Jew and the Babylonian Talmudic Jew is enormous. If ya don’t know that, ya don’t know nothing. Babylonian Talmudic Jews see nothing wrong with pedophilia. Or Jewish Supremacy/Zionism. Or genocide. Actually, Babylonian Talmudic Jews don’t see anything wrong with anything that a person with morals might take umbrage with. Torah Jews are moral, because they follow the laws of God and Moses.
    If you start connecting the dots, you’ll see how Roman Catholicism and Babylonian Talmudic Jewry are one and the same, and how they both love to rape children for religious reasons. Jesus got into BIG trouble with the Babylonian Talmudic Jews/Sanhedrin, but the Torah Jews were tolerant of His preaching. Roman Catholicism ran off with ‘Christianity’ a long time ago, and turned it into Babylonian Paganism, just as it was practiced in Rome for thousands of years. Rome got it from the Egyptians, and the Egyptians got it from Babylon.
    The New World Order is Mystery Babylon/Roman Catholicism/Babylonian Talmud/Luciferianism– and Agenda 21 is the fruit by which you shall know them.

  4. Mike says:

    Most of this reads like a drunk eighth grader wrote it. Instead of trying to put a fancy word into every paragraph, just try writing a legible article. Nepotistic. Wow man, you’re so smart. I haven’t heard that word since the 10th grade or so.

  5. truth says:

    truth is nobody likes u fucking blacks! not even blacks themselves! damn white people shoulda picked ur own cotton and u wouldnt have this problem, now its niggers everywhere u turn! argh! what a fucking nightmare! u better clean up this mess u created!

  6. Blkn5 says:

    We as blacks have become the worst race by far. I like how this article goes into deep territory and detail that lots of people are afraid to admit. Lots of people, especially most non-blacks suck up to these punks and without fully finding out or knowing the truth about many of them. Look at the Michael Brown situation. He was a bully that just wound up getting instant karma for his bullish and childish behavior. Non-blacks just rallying behind these punks without knowing the truth until that video showed up. Not saying he should be dead, but still. He was asking for trouble. Another situation I read on an article/comment was about a black woman who was fired from her job and she rallied people behind making everyone think it was because her former boss was racist. They all go to her former place of employment only to discover she fired for being late a lot for work and her former boss had her time card as proof. That I think pretty much shut the whole situation up and she got egg on her face. Smh I don’t like racism anymore than the next person, but because of many black people’s larger than the universe ego, it’s causing serious issues for everyone and driving everyone nuts. All races have problems, but ours is by far the worst and for a lot of different reasons. Stop it and grow up.

  7. Andy Rhodes says:

    Just a thought by overview…….I wonder how many of you have actually worked with and truly befriended a considerable number of black people. I’ve done this over many years and found them to be just as varied in character and societal performance as whites.

    Otherwise, I’m saddened and disturbed with how racist and disdainful most of you seem to be. Please wake up and stop the baseless ethnocentricism. A need to feel superior over other people groups stems from self-image problems, fear, ignorance and/or other unhealthy reasons.

    • I have known and worked with black people. NABALT, of course. Meaning not all blacks are criminals. But essentially all black people support black criminality and regard it as morally justified in response to what they regard as white oppression. All middle class black people supported the OJ Simpson verdict.

  8. I , tim Craig as an individual , always found blacks grossly unattractive. As they.get older that look.even worse , particularly black males.why would a pretty white girl want a ugly black nigger. When u KISS him don”t face become grossly wet ,from the size of his lips..not to mention the shape of his head, and their feet, let’s not even go there . People don”t like them, they don”t like themselves.

    • Coolstory says:

      I’ve seen far uglier white men as they get older than black men. That is just your own typical biased feelings, but whatever.

  9. Ainsworth says:

    Which self respecting black would kiss a white girl. with her shark like, lip less face.

  10. blacksarevilecreatures says:

    niggers are the worst thing to ever happen to planet earth.

    death nd destruction is all they know.

    150 years of liberal nigger loving policies have made sure that the nigger will never be able to live amongst humans.

    fucking savages….

  11. Chris G says:

    Probably the most honest and articulate piece about race in this country that I’ve ever read. Well put my friend.

  12. Matthew Rooyakkers says:

    It’s true all around the world people don’t like black people. The Middle East, North Africa, Japan, China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina you name it and many of them are still slaves in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia. Even Africans often don’t even like African Americans. They’re proud? Of what their ancestors having lived in mudhuts and not even having been able to invent the wheel even five hundred years ago?

  13. Matthew Rooyakkers says:

    But Karma is a bitch and that’s why the Mexican gangs are killing off blacks in parts of California.

  14. Kelownasucks says:

    I agree with the title. When I turn on the news, see a commercial or any advertisement with a black I get irritated. I’m so sick of society helping the beggar race. The incompetent worthless shit race that whines and cries oppression to get hand outs. 1 is pee 2 is pooh so let’s call the blacks what they are. The terrible twos.

  15. Forest Griffin Bedford says:

    Fuck those negros slavery was good for them free food we take care of all their baby’s mothers guaranteed shelter and work look at most of these blacks homeless or unemployed I think if the south cededed from the union again and started up slavery again we would be the best smartest group of whites in the world. I hate their burnt african skin should go back to being the barley evolved monkeys they are. Put a picture of a black man face and a monkey face really not that far off and makes me come to the conclusion that whites evolved first and blacks thousands of years after . We should rule the world. Oh wait we already do whites are the richest and most educated in the world. And it has been like this for thousands of years. The Roman Empire was white the British Empire white the Balkan empire white the Arab empires where mediterianian Caucasians. The u.s was started by whites . The whole first world was started by whites

    • Fitz says:

      Native Americans founded America. So if you hate looking at black faces so much, perhaps you should return to Europe.

      • Shennyg says:

        Love it

      • Susan says:

        retard, you don’t “found” a country by being physically on the land doing nothing! America means what it IS the place the feeds half the world! what were the natives doing? youre thinking like an African! that just by default of being on a land its yours even if you do nothing (childish)
        youd still be in Africa and not on a laptop with that mentality. and its what you want too.. no worries.. we are making moves so we don’t have to hear you anymore.

    • Shennyg says:

      U dum ass white nigga Lol have fun with that

  16. Bjorn says:

    Native Americans did not “found” America, you ignorant moron. Try doing some research, if you can even read.

  17. gronk minister says:

    There was no USA until 1776

  18. Barack HUSSEIN Bin Laden says:


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  20. Niggernogger says:

    Black nigger wants to dance the greasy chicken dance. Bring your own watermelon. Black ass nikkuh.

  21. McNikkuh says:

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