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Fred Phelps, RIP

Fred Phelps has died. The gays are dancing in the streets. Besides being religiously conservative he was a racial liberal, a civil rights attorney honored by the NAACP for his assistance to black clients. That’s considered very weird today, but … Continue reading

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Nationalism Versus Pseudo-Nationalism

I recently wrote about the old American organizing philosophy of “Americanism”, which called for the non-ethnic, non-racial, and non-religious unification of Americans in service of the greater interests of the nation, very broadly defined as including various wars and military … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The most recent news on the holiday was about gays in the New York parade. Still no gays, in this case apparently “freedom of speech” trumps “gay rights”. But it got me thinking-what does it all mean? The parades, the … Continue reading

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The Existential Hero

I made a comment over at Jim’s Blog on the topic of working-class consciousness, how whites needed to see themselves as workers as well. Jim responded pretty strongly to this, to the original comment and to the extent of making … Continue reading

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