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Rex Lex, or Lex Rex?

This is one of those things that may be politics, or may be religion. The two are inescapably intertwined, and in many cases the same thing, so I will put it here on my politics blog first, then cross-post it … Continue reading

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Anecdotal Evidence Is Still Evidence; Or, She Didn’t Blind Me With Science

John Derbyshire recently reiterated his belief that global warming is indeed occurring. Derbyshire is more than a curmudgeon, he’s sort of a contrarian. One of his great joys is throwing cold water on conservatives, or what passes for conservatives, as … Continue reading

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Steve (Heart) Nationalism

Steve Sailer has found a soft spot in his heart for nationalism, in contemplating the troubles in Ukraine. Steve’s thing has always been “citizenism”, basing political thinking around identity as an American citizen, loyalty to the American nation and one’s … Continue reading

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