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Bruce Charlton and Fascism, Pete Seeger and Communism

Bruce Charlton got to discussing fascism recently, in the context of “neo-fascism” and the Dark Enlightenment, and he appended some previously published thoughts to the effect that any secular right movement would be called fascist by the left and this … Continue reading

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Pete Seeger, BIH

Communist folkie Pete Seeger is dead. He was, like most of his contemporaries such as Woody Guthrie, and enthusiastic Stalinist. As Hunter Wallace has mentioned, he was from an old Calvinist Yankee background. Seeger will now answer for the evil … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Liberals, Part 9,943………

From Andrew Sullivan, he put up a story from a woman about how her father was a lousy bum and a pothead. Then he puts up this response- “It really aggravates me when people who are obviously mentally/psychologically disabled become … Continue reading

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It’s OK For Mexicans to Kill White People

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H/t Denise. Good advice, is good advice.

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Rolling the System in Turkey

Steve Sailer has been writing a lot, on his blog and here at Taki’s about the Gulenist movement in Turkey. These people are both organizing outside the system, and then penetrating it. This is the model we need. Organizing outside … Continue reading

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