Hungary 1956: A Revolution Against Communist Atrocity-Ουγγαρία 1956, Επανάσταση ενάντια στην κομμουνιστική θηριωδία

NATO did not help the Hungarian people because the “West” or the “democracies” don’t care about the people, or democracy, or human rights, they care about having a docile, controlled population and if they can’t supply that control themselves, then the communists can do the job.

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The ironically named Hungarian Working People’s Party was not installed by workers, but rather by the conquering Red Army in September 1944. The Communist regime for years was guilty of all sorts of atrocities and persecutions, eventually stirring deep discontent which blossomed into armed resistance. In October 1956, national revolution took Hungary by storm. Unlike the Hungarian communist oligarchs, a grassroots effort by Workers’ Councils and patriotic youth began to take over streets and squares in defiance of Bolshevism. The similarity to which this anti-Communist uprising of workers, students, and peasents had to Soviet propaganda portrayals of Communist revolutions was uncanny.  It is noteworthy to point out that the most revolutionary of the anti-Communists were workers organizing in the factories.  Despite knowing the consequences and certain retaliation of the Soviet empire, the patriotic workers and youths fought enthusiastically and courageously in self-started councils. The youth of the freedom fighters was…

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2 Responses to Hungary 1956: A Revolution Against Communist Atrocity-Ουγγαρία 1956, Επανάσταση ενάντια στην κομμουνιστική θηριωδία

  1. PA says:

    Above all, they like STUPID populations. Those populations can be unruly, as long as they shoot each other over Nikes or arcane interpretations of the Koran, but not shoot the ruling powers over things like liberty.

  2. I thought the West didn’t help Hungary because of the atom bomb.

    Have you ever gone to the Torture Museum in Budapest? That might not be the exact right name, but it’s a museum housed in the old KGB headquarters on Andrassy Street. Lots of exhibits about 1956 and various Communist atrocities.

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