Darwin and Jesus

In commenting on a post of mine on acceptable belief systems in our community, Zippy made this comment. I want to answer this in detail so here it is in full-

“I have a serious question.  And I don’t mean it in a confrontational way.  If you look at “Dark Enlightenment” thinkers, some, like Steve Sailor and John Derbyshire are secular and probably atheistic, while others, like Vox Day and Dalrock and, apparently you are extremely hostile to atheism.

“I guess my question is how do you reconcile belief in that God and Jesus stuff with Human Biodiversity?  As somebody who thinks Darwin basically got it right, I think that reproductively isolated populations tend to diverge from one another.  HBD is the inevitable result of evolution. (Liberals believe in evolution from the neck down.)  Certain human subpopulations are simply incapable of building or even maintaining an advanced civilization.  Australian Aborigines and most strains of Africans would fall into this category.  They simply don’t have the mental horsepower to do it, and in the case of Africans other related dispositions (such as time preference).  From the standpoint of a materialist atheist, this makes perfect sense.

“But I have no clue as to why God would create such a state of affairs.  Create a human subspecies that is simply not capable of thoughts at our level?  If Aborigines were not human — if they were a species of monkey — we wouldn’t give them full human rights.  Why would a benevolent God do something like that?

“Now I do realize that a lot of atheists are sanctimonious leftist jerks.  For many people, the loss of religion leaves what I like a “religion shaped hole” in their psyche, which they often fill with a belief in the state.  So as an associational matter, I understand why one would be wary of members of the organized atheist movement.  But atheism certainly isn’t intrinsically leftist, and as I said HBD does flow quite naturally from the Theory of Evolution.”

First- why did God not make all humans the same? I believe God delights in variety. The universe contains many different kinds of galaxies, many different kinds of stars, and in our solar system, different kinds of planets. Earth is not a uniform place, but contains oceans, warm and cold, shallow and deep, wide and small. The land masses are widely varied, from solid snow and ice, to hot rock and sand, vast plains, huge forests, jungles laced with rivers. There are high mountains, rolling hills, and flat river bottoms, sometimes all within a few miles of each other.

The non-living parts of the universe are awe-inspiring, but the variety of plant and animal life is amazing. Algae, moss, grass, bamboo, vines, ferns, trees of all shapes and sizes grow all but the farthest reaches of the north and south. Animals of all kinds walk, crawl, and slither over the land, and fly over land and sea. They swim, slither, and sometimes just drift through the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams. The animals of the land range from homely to comical to majestic, but I think it was with the creatures of the sea that God decided to go completely crazy. Have you ever been scuba diving? Or even just to an aquarium? It’s breath-taking, incredible, amazing.

Indeed the most powerful sense of the divine that the average person has is experiencing the natural world. As people have lost belief in God, nature worship has become a substitute.

Even amongst animal species, there is variation. Humans inhabit more of the earth than any other kind of animal except some kinds of fish or whales. Eskimos live in an extremely inhospitable environment of severe cold and ice, but live on hunting and fishing the animals, birds and fish of the far north. Africans live in an environment that on the surface looks better, hot and teeming with life, but that is actually quite hostile also, much of that teeming life from lions to microbes making a tasty meal of humans. Nevertheless they hunt, fish, and farm as well.

If you put an Eskimo in Africa he would probably die pretty quickly, absent the intervention of modern technology and medicine. If you put an African in the Arctic he would likewise not last long without the intervention of modern technology and medicine. But here’s the thing- you aren’t supposed to put them there. An Eskimo and African are quite happy in their environments, and again absent any outside intervention have no need or desire to go elsewhere.

The Indians have a more advanced culture but have never invented any technology and never had any interest in going any place. The Chinese invented some technology, including paper and gunpowder, and actually made some voyages of exploration, but quickly lost interest. They liked China and didn’t find the people or places they encountered any better or more interesting. The Persians and later the Arabs made conquests of exploitation, but these reached certain natural limits.

Some few peoples have had the gifts of science, technology, craft, philosophy but above all curiosity and adventure, and these peoples have been in Europe. For better or worse, this has shaped the world we live in.

There is variety among humans because God likes variety and created them that way. Different kinds of humans aren’t better or worse, as far as God is concerned, they are just different. “Human” from a divine standpoint is a category of creation. The features that humans share is that they have both a mortal, corporeal existence and an immortal, non-corporeal existence, and the capacity for good and evil. This makes them different from animals, who are only corporeal and don’t have any moral capacity- they can’t be good or evil- from angels, who are only immortal and non-corporeal and can either be good (loyal to and serving God) or evil (loyal to and serving Satan, the chief angel and rebel against God).

The problems between different kinds of humans come from improperly relating to each other, attacking or invading each other, or bringing or permitting them places they don’t belong. Paul said the Athenians (Acts 17:26) “And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place”.

Uniformity among the peoples of the earth isn’t a noble sentiment or a “proven scientific fact” as we are continuously told, but a vain and foolish hope that sets aside the true nature of God’s creation that any man can easily observe for the vain and foolish hope of a heaven on earth of uniformity and equality under benevolent human masters, who are of course more equal than the rest of us. Because nobody believes are people are really equal, least of all progressives.

What passes for Christianity in the modern world is vile heresy created by centuries of corruption. I hated it with a passion for a long time, but I promised myself I would read the Bible myself one day and see if it really said what I was taught it said. And no, it doesn’t.

If anybody is honestly curious about what Christianity is, I recommend reading the Gospel of Mark. It’s short, about twelve and a half pages, and it was specifically written for non-Jews. It’s also the oldest of the Gospels and the most factually oriented. Almost all versions lead the New Testament with the Gospel of Matthew, which was written for Jews and contains a lot of Jesus arguing with the Pharisees about theology, especially the Sermon on the Mount, which has been read as a progressive manifesto for hundreds of years, but is not. In any case the Gospel of Mark will tell you most of what you need to know about what Christianity actually is. If your curiosity is satisfied, you know a lot more than most people, including most professing Christians. If you want to read more, you have a huge treasury of divine wisdom in your hands.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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15 Responses to Darwin and Jesus

  1. SMERSH says:

    Even if you avoid romanticizing it, life as a hunter gatherer appears to satisfy human drives quite well. Not surprising since we lived like that for millions of years.

    The specifics of the noble savage idea are almost all wrong, but there is in fact a sort of nobility and dignity to the lifestyle of the hunter gatherer, especially compared to what happens to hunter gatherers who are forcibly brought into modernity.

    Compare the life of Australian aborigines to what we know about the life of the Andaman Negritos of Sentinel Island. I know which I’d prefer.

    God didn’t create a race of welfare dependent alcoholic petrol sniffing child molesters, he created a race of wild men and we turned them into welfare dependent alcoholic petrol sniffing child molesters when we brought modernity to them.

  2. Toddy Cat says:

    I think that it’s also important to note that only modern Christians have a problem with the idea that God might have made different races with different strengths and weaknesses, just as He did individuals. Most Pre-20th Century Christians had no trouble with this at all, and this was the proper reaction. After all, God obviously made some individuals smarter than others; and yet, no one thinks that this in any way violates the belief in our common humanity or equality in God’s sight. Yet somehow, when talk turns to groups or races, all this is forgotten. Strange…

  3. Toddy Cat says:

    Here’s a quote about the divine function of nations and races, from a far greater Christian than I.

    “In recent times it has been fashionable to talk of the levelling of nations, of the disappearance of different races in the melting-pot of contemporary civilization. I do not agree with this opinion, but its discussion remains another question. Here it is merely fitting to say that the disappearance of nations would have impoverished us no less than if all men had become alike, with one personality and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colours and bears within itself a special facet of divine intention.”

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  4. Jehu says:

    I’ve said it quite a few times before: God is NOT some celestial gamemaster that hands everyone equal character sheets. He doesn’t even guarantee the same number of points. He seems to like inequality and hierarchy. He gives not a rat’s ass for our modern notions in this regard. He has probably made someone, somewhere, probably even on the earth RIGHT NOW, who is smarter, stronger, AND better looking than you. This is probably true even if you boast +4 sigma in at least one of said attributes.

  5. asdf says:

    Within a single race there is a wide variety in attributes and yet we are expected to relate to each other. Obviously this has a purpose.

  6. spandrell says:

    So God loves Diversity! I guess it’s all alright then.

    “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

    I guess some of you do.

    • “Diversity” is a loaded word in this context but yes, God loves diversity. Every created thing reflects the glory of the Creator. I’m pretty sure I’m using my God-given sense, reason and intellect to reach this conclusion.

      • spandrell says:

        Let’s put it this way.
        Of course as you say different races are adapted to different ecosystems. West Africans in particular are adapted to a pathogen-heavy environment, where r selection and defenses against disease are important.

        When Europeans discovered America, soon they brought a whole host of old-world pathogens with them, amongst them malaria. That made huge swathes of the continent pretty much unlivable for all races, except West Africans which have gene-level defenses against Plasmodium falciparum. Consequently huge numbers of West Africans were taken to America to serve as laborers, as no other race was able to survive in places such as the South USA.

        Surely bringing Africans to America and the Caribbean was not an ungodly act, in fact it was forced by nature, and fits very well with your idea that God likes Diversity and puts different peoples in different places. Blacks were the only capable of doing physical labor in the tropics, so they pretty much belong there.

        Well as it happens West Africans are the prime source of harm, crime and suffering in the USA and the Caribbean, and their presence is the cause of the incredible dysfunction of those regions. Imagine all the Caribbean islands populated by Northwestern Europeans. Just think about it.

        But God loves Diversity, so it’s cool that, say, Jamaica is the piece of shit it is. God loves Jamaicans.

        Fuck that.

      • They talk about the morality of slavery at Faith and Heritage. They talk about who is to blame and what is biblically acceptable. Given that slavery is discussed in the Bible it is a legitimate topic of discussion.

        I do not agree that bringing Africans to the new world was a godly act. It was done only for commercial, capitalistic purposes which can’t justify forcibly removing people from their home. The European desire for sugar and cotton does not justify slavery, even if bringing Africans to the Americas is a profitable way of meeting the demand. A big feature of capitalism is the mass movement of peoples, which causes no end of problems.

        God intended Africans to be living in Africa under their traditional, organic system of tribes led by princes and kings. To the extent they lived in peace and harmony with each other, they would be fulfilling God’s plan and pleasing him, and to the extent they harmed each other they would be opposing him and angering him. In any case it would all between them and God.

      • spandrell says:

        Colonization of America by Europeans would have been impossible without the profits from sugar and cotton. Blacks were brought for commercial and capitalistic reasons without which nobody would have bothered crossing the Atlantic. The Puritans by themselves wouldn’t have been able to build the whole thing from the north.

        And what’s that about blacks living in peace in Africa? Princes and Kings? For millennia they have been butchering, raping, drugging and cannibalizing each other. We know that. We also know that they aren’t capable of doing much better. They seem jolly happy doing their own brutal thing. Surely God hasn’t bothered enlightening them about a moral life, now or ever.

        I thought Larry Auster made horribly tortuous arguments in support of his faith. But this takes the price.

  7. Toddy Cat says:

    “Colonization of America by Europeans would have been impossible without the profits from sugar and cotton.”

    Complete and utter bullshit. It’s remarkable the lengths that some conservatives will go to trash Christianity, even if they end up parroting leftist bullshit in order to do it.

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  9. Tilson says:

    I think Sailer is a practicing Catholic.

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