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Hungary 1956: A Revolution Against Communist Atrocity-Ουγγαρία 1956, Επανάσταση ενάντια στην κομμουνιστική θηριωδία

Originally posted on xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english:
The ironically named Hungarian Working People’s Party was not installed by workers, but rather by the conquering Red Army in September 1944. The Communist regime for years was…

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Progressive Capitalism and Population Movement

Paul Kersey recently had a post on why Dayton was looking for Hispanics to move in. Foseti reviews a book on the economics of immigration. People seem to be moving about a lot in the modern world, but why? As … Continue reading

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There’s No “Ethnomasochism” Because There’s No Such Thing As White People

Groan. The concept of “whites committing suicide” or “WASP ethnomasochism” pops up every once in a while among people who should know better, usually at VDare and here specifically again from John Derbyshire. I procrastinate about writing about things I … Continue reading

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Cathartic Violence and Progressivism

Violence and progressivism wouldn’t, on the surface, seem to go together. Progressivism ranges from explicitly pacifist, in the case of the Quakers, to generally frowning on violence. Aggressive, militant progressivism had its brief day, in the English Civil War, but … Continue reading

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Fat Shaming Week

I’ve been following Fat Shaming Week over at Return of Kings. Pickup artists hate obesity because it means fewer thin, desirable girls to pursue. I travel around this great land of ours and while fatness is more common some places … Continue reading

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Anthimos of Mount Athos: “The Persecution of Golden Dawn is a Fiasco made by Zionists”

Originally posted on xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english:
An Orthodox Monk, Anthimos the Elder from Mount Athos recently spoke out in an interview, honoring his position as a man who has vowed to be a voice…

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Mino Murka Machine: Gas from Beaners

Originally posted on Eradica:
A THREE-fer!: A Mexican, Feminist Lesbian Female, Colored Mulatto and Plain Old Feminist Femme. Nothing like an Ivy League elite to run “energy.” Succeeding Steven Chu, is Erñesto Mõniz (far left). We now realize mexes and…

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