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Love Never Dies

I’m sure you have heard about the oppression of Golden Dawn. I didn’t see it coming, but now that it’s happened I’m not surprised. They were never going to let an organic native nationalist movement go unchecked. They law is … Continue reading

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Generation Identitaire Fights Back

H/t Moldbug, French nationalists are fighting back. OUR PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING BACK. It gives me hope and inspiration.

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1.2 Metapolitical Dictionary

Originally posted on Radish:
In which the Carlyle Club makes a French connection. Contents The French Connection Colonization Anti-Racism Third Worldism Au Revoir, à Bientôt from Radish Recommended Reading Letters to the Editor The French Connection “France?” France, my friends!…

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They Don’t Want Us To Know Each Other

Hat tip to Steve Sailer, here’s an article by Cass Sunstein on a study that suggests civil associations in Germany helped the rise to power of the Nazis. “Could bowling leagues and the PTA breed Nazis?” he asks breathlessly. Because … Continue reading

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Keegan Hankes, $PLC Mole

A young man named Keegan Hankes took the trouble of turning up at a rally against illegal immigration, use racial terms that no one else was, and then write an article accusing people exercising what are generally recognized Constitutional rights … Continue reading

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I Hate This Country

I haven’t paid much attention to Twitter because I spend way too much time on the internet anyway. One thing you can do with it is create comments that can’t be moderated or banned or address someone directly, which I … Continue reading

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Honoring the Dead: Golden Dawn closing ceremony at Thermopylae

Originally posted on xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english:
Thousands of Greek Nationalists showed up to honor the memory of Leonidas.  We today stand against all enemies until the final victory!

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