The Closed Political System

Congressman, federal judge and Clinton White House counsel Abner J. Mikva liked to tell an amusing story about his first taste of Chicago politics. He went into a ward office to volunteer, was asked who sent him, and said nobody sent him. The man at the desk told him, in charmingly ungrammatical and no doubt heavily accented English, “We don’t want nobody that nobody sent.”

The story is meant to be funny. The juxtaposition of the idealistic young man and the self-important ward flunky. The idea that “Getting involved!” is not necessarily welcome. The idea that politics is about the participation of the select and not the actively sought-out masses. So silly! Ah, but what can you expect from a self-important ward flunky?

Mikva later did get involved in Chicago politics and gained power in politics and law at the highest level. The fact that he shared the story is a distraction he obviously learned pretty quickly, the idea that mass participation is the basis of American politics, as contrasted by his successful participation after having been turned away by the ward flunky.

Nevertheless the ward flunky was right. To be really involved, you have to be invited. The Wikipedia article omits any detail of Mikva’s biography from the time this happened, 1948, to his first time in elected office, 1969. In the intervening 20 years Mikva was identified as somebody of use to the system and got an invitation- the next time he went back to the office, he was sent, although he doesn’t talk about this.

Mikva went to the University of Chicago law school- not Harvard or Yale, but an elite school and a better place if you wanted entrée into Chicago legal, business and political life- as Obama found out later- and must have spent years as a lawyer in Chicago before somebody identified him as the sort of fellow they’d like to have on the crew. He started out in the state legislature, then moved into Congress, but apparently pissed some people off because he lost his seat in redistricting and then spent a couple of years representing Republican areas as an “independent Democrat” against the system. This sort of thing never lasts long and another outsider Democrat, Jimmy Carter rescued him by making him a federal judge.

Roughly, I think Mikva was a dedicated progressive but probably a little too intellectual for legislative politics and better suited to carrying water as a lawyer and judge. He makes clear his distaste for the rough and tumble of ethnic politics- he’s a Jew and prominently mentions the name of the ward flunky, Timothy O’Sullivan, in his story. Being a Jew was not helpful to O’Sullivan’s prosaic business of distributing city jobs and other loot to obedient people in the neighborhood. A red-haired kid who identified himself as a local would have gotten a more friendly reception and maybe an assignment after an interview about who his relatives were- as a black kid would have in a black neighborhood. Obama was surprised to find that poor blacks he wanted to organize to “fight the system” were not at all interested in organizing against their own neighborhood black leaders and patrons. Mikva was from Milwaukee and new in town, having just started law school, and O’Sullivan was probably right to be suspicious of him. On the other hand being a Jew no doubt helped Mikva a great deal as a lawyer and judge, so his implied complaint of anti-Semitism is a little flat.

So- how does one get an invitation? How is one sent? For the highest levels, an elite education is necessary. Harvard, Yale or Princeton- HYP as the Lion of the Blogosphere calls them- or some regionally elite school at the lower levels. Stanford is always mentioned as a top-level school, but I don’t think going to Stanford has much status outside of California. Schools like Emory and Vanderbilt are big in their own states, but not outside them. Being successful as a lawyer shows you have the political and rhetorical skills to participate, and higher-ups in the legal profession can monitor your political correctness and loyalty.

There are two parties to the system, roughly represented publicly by the Democratic and Republican political organizations, but not actually political in the way these organizations formally are, in the mass politics sense. The one real party is the liberal/progressive party. It runs and controls everything for the benefit of liberals and progressives. But it needs a subordinate, theoretically opposed counterpart for two reasons. One is we supposedly live in a democracy, and there is supposed to be choice. Two is that dissent and serious anger needs to be released in some way. Part of this is that the policies of the ruling party may actually cause serious problems for itself with its desired policies but can’t reverse itself or lose face, and can’t alienate core supporters. So the subordinate party can advocate and sometimes implement policy.

Republicans have been broadly successful in two areas- criminal justice and taxation. Progressive criminal justice policies create chaos and horror, so Republicans have been allowed to implement strong criminal justice measures- but only strong criminal justice measures- to keep society intact. The best example of this is former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani used aggressive measures to go after the Mafia then supported the police commissioner William Bratton’s aggressive measures against street crime. Giuliani however is and was friendly to liberals on most counts, including being friendly to gays and not explicitly racist.

Liberals don’t like being mugged, and they don’t like paying 50% federal taxes, so Republicans have been permitted to succeed on these issues. Broadly what the Republicans do is use their control over a large block of voters, some traditionalist, some libertarian, to extract as many concessions as they can on the behalf of the people they really work for, big business.

Since Republicans have these two issues, the way to get chosen as a Republican insider is to either be a successful prosecutor- Giuliani’s route- or be a rich businessman. A successful prosecutor will have credibility with the rubes on putting criminals away, and a rich businessman will have credibility as a champion of capitalism and in addition he can finance his own campaign and those of others.

Where the subordinate party has not had success, because it wasn’t supposed to, was on issues of real importance to non-elite whites. Non-elite whites have been destroyed on all racial issues, except crime, which is allowed to be suppressed only to the extent liberals find necessary and only as long as it can be portrayed as a non-racial issue. “Cultural” issues- feminism, homosexuality and the destruction of the nuclear family among the non-elite classes- have been routs for non-elite whites.

An opposition politician of the subordinate party can only speak if he does not oppose black power and feminism. Until recently he was permitted to take a libertarian attitude towards homosexuality, but now anything other than positive support is unacceptable.

The elite selects who gets to participate and what they get to say in the ostensibly open, but in fact closed political system. Real opposition gets ruthlessly crushed if it is open. Pursuit of their interests through this system by non-elite whites is impossible, so what are we to do?


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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16 Responses to The Closed Political System

  1. zhai2nan2 says:

    > Real opposition gets ruthlessly crushed if it is open. Pursuit of their interests through this system by non-elite whites is impossible, so what are we to do?

    Recognize that the system will never work to help you.

    Disconnect from the system. Put yourself in a position that makes it harder for the system to hurt you.

    • fnn says:

      Like the Weaver family and the Branch Davidians. Sure worked for them.

      • zhai2nan2 says:

        >>Disconnect from the system.
        >>Put yourself in a position that makes it harder for the system to hurt you.
        >Like the Weaver family and the Branch Davidians. Sure worked for them.

        Neither the Weavers nor the Davidians successfully disengaged from the system.
        Both lived on land that could be conveniently surrounded and occupied by hostile paramilitary forces.

        Perhaps they *thought* that they had disengaged, but experienced showed otherwise.

  2. Hizzle says:

    “so what are we to do?”

    I’ve heard everyone from you to liberal doomers like James Howard Kunstler say the system has only so much more time before it collapses, so in answer to your question of what we should do, my response would be to “wait.” A system that favors lawyers and bankers will result in honorable men like working class whites being on bottom. Even when honorable men have these skills, the game is usually too distasteful to play. When (not if) collapse happens, people like you or Mindweapon who have some familiarity with basic real skills will be on top and calling the shots. You can then, at your discretion, decide whether to admit or deny admission to your ranks, among prospective candidates who seek your protection and aid. If they treated you poorly when they were inside and you were outside, you can choose to either forgive and forget or cut them loose, to twist in the wind.

    It’s that simple. Lawyers need farmers but farmers don’t need lawyers.

  3. mindweapon says:


    I was pleased to see the reference to myself and to the likely collapse.

    I wanted to say that if you want to “get in” on the system while it’s still existing, the thing to do would be to somehow live in a wealthy town like Westport, Connecticut, or Weston, Massachusetts, even if you have to pay through the nose for a tiny apartment. Be attractive and have attractive children, and figure out how to fit in, and marry into the elite or befriend the elite. Then you’re in.

    If you are White and attractive and have charisma, you can likely do it this way.

    • I’m white and reasonably attractive, but seriously deficient in the charisma department. The bane of my life.

      • Hizzle says:

        I am not elite but I have spent some time around the real elite. Through a random occurrence, in childhood my best friend’s mother (a middle class woman) married a man who I will not name, but who is powerful enough that if I told you his name you would a) know it and b) probably not believe me. Because I remained friends with this person from childhood to early adulthood, and we spent a lot of time around his mother and this rich, elite and powerful stepfather, I got to see how these people lived up close. They were fucking miserable. You’re not missing much. For one thing, they never use their toys, aside from maybe the cars. I never once saw them use their massive pool built to resemble a cascading waterfall. They’ll do things like ride horses and eat expensive meals, but the etiquette is so excruciating that you want to tear your eyes out and run to the nearest chain restaurant for a cheeseburger. Most of their kids are drug addicts, too, and because the police are pretty much their servants, they can get away with a ton of domestic abuse.

      • I deal with rich people frequently and I have seen the same thing.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        This rings true to me based on my limited experience. I used to date a girl whose family was rich (not super-rich, but definitely multimillions) because her stepdad founded a nationally known chain store. The family definitely had problems.

        Of course, it’s not like we commoners don’t have messed up families. But those grapes must be sour anyway, right?

  4. Aaron says:

    Vote Democrat. Bring the system to its logical conclusion. Once there is no fake opposition, real opposition will have a clear path.

  5. Find your place in the opposition, based on what you know of your capabilities. Some can mole their way into the elite, some will openly fight on the fringe, some will silently wait and train X3 until their number is called, some will learn advanced sustenance skills that all of our grandfather’s knew but nobody does anymore. Some will teach and train the apprentices. And certainly push it forward, vote (D), get your whole family on food stamps, etc. Then sell them if you wish and don’t need them, and send it to one of the above that is fighting for you and your people.

    It is a whole life mission – it is boring to be so devoted, as the toil is 10X the duration of the excitement. Yeoman’s work no doubt, but a true spiritual warrior.

    The only way we win is through devotion greater than the opposition – not throwing bags of urine at antifa, but making the 14 words a holy purpose of devotion, despite the drudgery. Can you give your life for the future and your descendants? Few can, including the Christians that I go to church with. If you are wise enough to know how lucky your are to have this knowledge (and purpose), if you devote yourself to it, you are timeless and will die knowing you were of spiritual kin to our race’s greatest warriors… not a single battle of glory, but a defender of the realm.

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  7. Brandon says:

    What FWM said….

  8. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    The last election demonstrated to lots of True Believers that the system they thought favored them is rigged. The only reason to have voted for Obama is to take advantage of the chaos and grab another 4 years to loot what’s left. There were DWLs who did so because of religious zealotry but generally speaking the active supporters were looters.

    Whites have forsaken the Republicans/Tea Party/Libertarians/etc because none of that speaks to them. They wring hands publicly but privately are beginning to make contingency plans. Don’t imagine that just because there aren’t massive riots that whites aren’t seething. They are. It will all come out, just 50 years too late.

    It is about the next chapter– this empire is over.

  9. VXXC says:

    Atavism is a powerful force.

    By all means de-legitmize the system in every conversation. There’s two more things: these people are pussies. There’s no getting around it. And they don’t have their cops or their soldiers.

    They have inerita, and we’re already over the cliff.

  10. J. says:

    Broadly what the Republicans do is use their control over a large block of voters, some traditionalist, some libertarian, to extract as many concessions as they can on the behalf of the people they really work for, big business.

    Succinctly put, the Republicans are just ward heelers in a corrupt system, right down to the ethnic composition of their voting bloc. Only the difference between them and the old ethnic ward heeler is that the Republicans have delivered virtually nothing to their constituents. We get the corruption of the boss system without any real benefits. What they sell the system in exchange for big business benefits is the very existence of their constituents. They deliver them to the assassins for cash.

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