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A Tale of Two Countries

The Blonde of YouTube (h/t I forget where) has a horror story from France. But the Burmese Buddhists choose not to be victims (h/t Mindweapon and others). There’s an idea that Buddhists are pacifists, but that’s not quite true, at … Continue reading

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The Closed Political System

Congressman, federal judge and Clinton White House counsel Abner J. Mikva liked to tell an amusing story about his first taste of Chicago politics. He went into a ward office to volunteer, was asked who sent him, and said nobody … Continue reading

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The Fifty Year Nightmare

Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. For fifty years since, America has been having a nightmare. On the surface, it was supposed to be a simple bargain. Blacks would have unrestricted access to the legal … Continue reading

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The Open Political System

The mass politics I talked about earlier are based on the open political system. This system has changed little for hundreds of years, aside from being spread from English-speaking countries to other jurisdictions. The open political system is everything people … Continue reading

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Mass Politics and the Common Man

The history of the modern era would be described by the right-thinking as progressing from privilege of the few and superstition of all to the rights of all and the superstition of just a few. Like virtually all things the … Continue reading

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The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

Originally posted on Chateau Heartiste:
Something totally random happened in Oklahoma yesterday. A white man was randomly shot and killed by three random uruk-hais randomly pointing guns out of their random ghettomobile, and randomly choosing a target upon whom to…

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Megyn’s Meatbags

Originally posted on Eradica:
Did ya know…there’s two types of Government Employee! Note Megyny departed for Maternity Leave. She’s not having a baby with one of these McStumpys (god no! like, ick!)  Her hubby-wubby stayed 20,000 miles safely away from…

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