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Blacks Behaving Badly at Bellevue

Blogger Catherine Fitzpatrick recently took her son to Bellevue Hospital in New York and got a lot of harassment and abuse from blacks. I’m sure this happens all the time, but you rarely see it mentioned. The Martin case is … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning of Zimmerman

Originally posted on Free Northerner:
There is a subtext to the Zimmerman controversy that I have yet to see fully explored, but is probably the most important aspect of the trial. Steve Roney (h/t: SDA) almost touches upon it, but…

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The Civilization In Which We Live

Perspective is important if you are observing something. You have to stand far enough away, but not too far. You have to be in the right place to see everything. Right in the center of the scene may not actually … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin vs. Bailey O’Neill

Google hits for Trayvon Martin- 12,400,000 Google hits for Bailey O’Neill- 745,000 Tells you what’s important.

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The White Shadow Over Detroit

I’m a white guy who works for a living. Other white guys who work for a living are my natural allies. That doesn’t mean I won’t call them on their shit. Detroit is bankrupt. Blacks took over the city in … Continue reading

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Conduct For Brothers

The Brotherhood has no dogmatic code of behavior for brothers; however brothers are encouraged and expected to live, behave, and conduct themselves in ways that benefit them personally, make and keep themselves healthy physically, mentally and financially, to serve the … Continue reading

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American Genocide

Originally posted on Patriactionary:
I have bookmarked, or rather Evernoted, an article on a recent book questioning whether Catholics can ever be at home in the USA. The author concludes that the essential foundational structures of the USA will make…

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