Whites Behaving Badly

Here’s a disturbing, if not surprising story out of a small mountain town in Colorado about “hazing” involving sodomy with a foreign object.

Not a shining example of culture and community, is it? This is an essentially all-white community in the remote mountain West, the kind of place white separatists think we should all move to.

A certain mindless cruelty is common to all people. Things like this go on at New England prep schools, just in a more subtle way. I grew up around plenty of people like this, and while my anus remains unpenetrated by all but medical personnel, it was no picnic.

I’m not sure what stimulates in people the mindless desire to dominate someone, anyone, and what produces the attitude that this is really OK. Any real community needs to be free of this.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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18 Responses to Whites Behaving Badly

  1. PA says:

    Boys without adult supervision make Lord of the Flies. I’ve done some cruel stuff I am ashamed of now as an early teen too (nothing illegal or perverse).

  2. Ryu says:

    The desire to dominate, to command? It’s perfectly natural. Whites need alot more of it.

    Whites must cultivate the mindful and deliberate quest for power. Dominion. It’s not a dirty word. It is not “right” for the USA to be a police state, or for us to lose our lands. Yet it occurs. The Gods are not going to ride down from heaven to save us.

    Nothing is perfect. I’m not a WN because I believe an ethnostate will be heaven on Earth. The fight is never over. But for a white man like myself, it is the best possible choice. There will be crime, there will be hazing.

  3. Hizzle says:

    This is what Robert Lindsay (and his better commentors like Bay Area White Guy) bring up a lot over at his blog. Jared Taylor’s message would and probably does attract a lot of sane and normal white people who just want to defend themselves, but then they go to Amren and see the comments section where jerk-offs with Viking and Sig Rune avatars talk about how great it is that blacks are making ghetto lobster (google it) of their offspring and just projecting outward with all this crazy hateful crap. I understand the anger, but they undo a lot of the hard work that people like Taylor do trying to bridge gaps and make alliances while remaining respectable.

    Openly pro Nazi Germany shit will scare away a lot of good white people, because there is too much residual memory from those who have fathers, uncles, and grandfathers, who fought in WW2. Jack Ryan and the smarter pro-whites also tell people to lay off explicit and esoteric Jew bashing as well as attacking Christianity (this latter is a big one). You alienate working class white evangelicals who, while part of the failed Tea Party movement, showed in that ill-fated effort that their supply of energy is limitless, and that they have thick skin for name-calling.

    Needless to say, assholes’ behavior is made several orders of magnitude worse by the internet.

    • Ryu says:

      That’s one point of view.

      Here’s another – WN is a rough sport. If I can scare away a recruit with a few words on the net, what’s going to happen in real life? When antifas shoot at his house? When he becomes a google felon? When the blacks attack his family?

      WN should not damn its extremists. We will not win by playing nice. Quality over quantity. If a white can’t bear the word nigger spic or kike, what’s going to happen when it’s time to rock and roll? He might break a nail! Oh dear!

      No way. Give me the hate and anger types and I’ll give them minds. That’s easier than teaching respectable conservatives to become fanatics.

      • Brandon says:

        What you said.

      • Hizzle says:

        The ultimate question is whether you want to work within the system or work to destroy the system. Not even Tom Metzger suggests taking the system head-on right now. You can work with thirty purists who call themselves white nationalists to create a white homeland in the Pacific Northwest and get nowhere, or you can work with millions of white people who just call themselves conservatives to secure the border and roll back affirmative action and entitlements. One act is pure pageantry, the other one has some real chance for success. Both are meant to benefit white people.

        Yes, that is just my opinion, and my point of view. I’m not a leader of a movement, but I will be working within the system until it breaks apart.

      • This isn’t what I was talking about but the point for me is to do something, which means take people who are willing to do something and channel the energy constructively.

        Speaking of VRW and NAJ, they are very similar- cathartic fantasies that drain people’s anger in a way that is formally taboo, but provides a useful safety valve for the system.

      • K(yle) says:

        That’s just it. You’ve got to draw a line somewhere and regular white folk are going to have to draw it somewhere else if they ever want to work within the system.

        Mainstream white liberals will do their damnedest to make apologies for Neo-Communist cosplaying goons out at OWS, or whatever brand of their own extremists so long as it’s bad for the wrong kinds of white people. Then these ostensibly conservative wrong kinds of white people that we are supposed to be courting will do their damnedest to make apologies for those that are making apologies for our enemies.

        Meanwhile the “far right” is completely excluded from having any input because it’s just too taboo unlike any other ideology that is bad for white people no matter how loony or malicious it is. Regular white people are cutting off their right arm before getting in a fight with their opposition. Without being willing to go out there and make apologies for those poor, confused racist hillbillies who are too liberal with the nigger word, or those radicals that sympathize with National Socialism as being at least in part understandable, the fight has already been conceded.

        Until white conservatives redraw their tribal line that excludes anything remotely anti-white as being completely verboten and anything remotely pro-white as being necessary for inclusion in the national dialogue that national dialogue is only going to keep moving in the direction that the left desires it go.

        Regular whites aren’t even repulsed by say anti-Christian neo-pagans, because they aren’t repulsed by State Atheist communists and are willing to associate within one degree with these people who want to eradicate Christianity globally but not within one degree of neo-pagans, Nazis, et cetera. What they are doing is being nice to their peers on the left. They are agreeing to exclude the radicals as some kind of fig leaf to their polite opposition which is supposed to be reciprocated but never is.

        Which is exactly what the white right wants, because they’ve been so inundated in this victim culture mentality. They want to be able to cry about being treated unfairly because it makes them feel righteous and for some reason they believe this validates their arguments. In reality it invalidates them because they’ve got no antithetical argument to draw from so everyone only ever hears the arguments of leftists. There is no right-wing argument for anything other than some of these things make them vaguely uncomfortable, to which we are treated with the essentially unchallenged explanation that it’s because these uncomfortable people are in some way defective and immoral.

        Until the white right purges itself of this mentality it’s never going to go anywhere within the system.

  4. ice hole says:

    “I’m not sure what stimulates in people the mindless desire to dominate someone, anyone, and what produces the attitude that this is really OK.”

    Evolution, unfortunately. Cruelty, sadism, and domination work pretty well in a state of nature.

    People have to be taught, at a young age, to feel some empathy for others, particularly in their suffering. A lot of people never develop this emotional response at all, and some people probably could never learn such an emotional response, even under the most favorable upbringing. They simply don’t feel anything other than empowered or amused by the suffering and humiliation of others. Not inspiring, but a good thing to know.

    • Aaron says:

      But the town, including the adults, came out in defense of the perps and their prison shower behavior. I don’t care for hick-bashing (being the bread and butter of progressive politics), but jeez guys way to fulfill the stereotype.

  5. spandrell says:

    Any real community needs to be free of this.

    But no real community is free of this. Or can be.

    Welcome to HBD. Some people suck. What are you gonna do about it.

  6. Brandon says:

    The townspeople know more about the situation than any of us do. Reminds me of a situation some years ago in a small town in Missouri which had a problem with an adult town bully which the law couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about. Some townspeople surrounded the bully’s vehicle on the main drag and shot him to death.

    The 13 year old probably manifested fag tendencies, so they showed him what fags do to each other.

    Get over your female sensitivities.

  7. “The ultimate question is whether you want to work within the system or work to destroy the system.”

    You do both. And more. There is no *one* way to victory. There are many paths.

    For every Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer holding conferences, you have MindWeapon tending his vegetable garden and Golden Dawn fighters marching in the streets and lone wolves everywhere quietly training, reading, and preparing.

    It’s all good.

  8. thordaddy says:

    Expressions of faggotry are, by and large, the expressed desire for faggotry, i.e., self-sexualizing=pleasuring one’s self to death=self-annihilation.

    In short, the desire for faggotry HAS NOTHING TO DO with white nationalism or white Supremacy.

    And in fact, the desire for faggotry is explicit desire for Liberalism, i.e., self-annihilation.

    This event was predatory faggotry. It was the act of an exalted homosexuality. It was an act of radical “liberation.”

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