Why the Genteels Are Comfortable With the “Color-Blind” Society

Professional, upper-middle class expounders of HBD- guys like Steve Sailer, Moldbug and Foseti- assert the differences in intelligence and behavior between racial groups, but at the same time are pretty comfortable with most aspects of current social policy, except possibly affirmative action, but they don’t seem to have a real strong beef with that, even.

Moldbug has said “if you want to see how intelligent someone is, give her an intelligence test”- a caution against making judgments group membership. Fair enough- if intelligence alone is an adequate measure. Foseti went into some detail on this in comparing and contrasting Rhodesia- which gave privileges to elite blacks- and South Africa, which segregated all blacks.

Nationalists, on the other hand, see the ideal society as all-white. Any contributions by blacks we see as dubious, at best, and the costs glaring and obvious. This same sort of distinction can be made between upper middle-class whites, in general- who even if they have an explicit mental belief in HBD, are sure as hell not going to rock the boat advocating segregation- and working-class whites, who unlike upper middle-class whites go to some trouble to make themselves safe from blacks. Hell, I’m sure Bailey O’Neil would have loved to go to a segregated school.

It’s a matter of how it plays out in society. I was flipping through “The Bell Curve”- it’s not really a read, just pages and pages of statistics, evil racist statistics- and was surprised to see that a black with an IQ of 115 is more likely to have a college degree than a white with an IQ of 115. But it makes sense. For a white person with an IQ of 115 going to college is a marginal proposition. Some kind of skilled trade will probably make them more money. For a black with an IQ of 115, however, a college degree- any piece of crappy liberal arts paper, with any GPA- will get him an affirmative action job in some Fortune 500 or government bureaucracy. He will work with whites around one standard deviation higher in IQ- around 130- and they will do all the real work. Having graduated from college means he’s clear of the gross pathologies of blacks, no criminal record, or not a serious one, and can behave himself well enough not to embarrass himself.

A black with an IQ of around 130 will be in the same position- he can be placed with whites around one SD higher, 145 or so. He can go to an Ivy League school and if he sticks with soft subjects he won’t embarrass himself. He can get a higher level corporate or government job than the 115 IQ black, possibly go to a high-level law school. If he goes to law school he won’t hack it at a big law firm but he can get a corporate counsel or government job and have no trouble.

So- upper middle-class whites, if they encounter blacks, deal with ones who aren’t as smart as them, but are not stupid and are able to behave themselves according to white norms. Just as importantly- and this is an important point- they realize they have a good deal, usually, and aren’t going to engage in the bullying and aggression that lower-level blacks do. They can and will slack and play the race card, but won’t make serious trouble.

It’s still important to note that a 115 IQ black is not the equivalent of a 115 IQ white, nor at 100 or 130. Blacks at all levels of income and education have worse measures of behavior than whites of the equivalent level. This is partly due to affirmative action, but not entirely. Still these characteristics are muted enough at higher levels so that upper middle-class whites are not uncomfortable.

This is not the case at the lower levels. A 100 IQ black is less likely to have a patronage job. He will work in an ordinary job around ordinary whites, and he won’t have the ability or the motivation that higher-level blacks have to curb his behavior. His white coworkers will be uncomfortable and sometimes threatened by him, and his children will harass and terrorize their white class mates in their lower middle-class/working-class school. A 115 IQ white won’t have the same comfort around a 100 IQ black that a 130 IQ white has around a 115 IQ black in an office environment, and beyond that a 115 IQ white won’t have the same comfort level around a 115 black in a non-office environment, or a 100 IQ white around a 100 IQ black.

For upper middle-class whites, equality is best, but affirmative action isn’t too bad. I think the genteels would be happy if the people in power would just stop lying about things and say, “Yes, we’re putting lower-level blacks with higher-level whites for political purposes.”

For working-class or lower middle-class whites, not only does affirmative action not work, equality doesn’t work, because blacks and whites are not equal. Putting whites around blacks of a supposedly similar cognitive level is still pretty bad for whites, unless the blacks are of a high enough cognitive level and social conformity- I would say 115 IQ and college degree- to minimize black aggression. Here’s a horrifying story of black evil from the suburbs. The census tracts around Minnetonka range from 5% to 15% black, and it’s a reasonably middle-class place as far as I know, never having been there. You’d think your child would be safe from black pimps there, but you would be wrong. You have to be in at least an upper middle-class school for that to be the case.

Chuck Ross analyzes a Slate article about the benefits of school desegregation for blacks with the following throwaway line- “(Academic performance by nonminority students zoned into minority schools declined considerably, however.)” It’s lack of importance is noted by the parentheses. But in that line are a lot of Bailey O’Reily’s and probably a few Minnetonka cheerleaders- a lot of violence, harassment, bullying, manipulation, and intimidation. White kids can get some relief- or help assure their safety, in the case of Anders Behring Breivik- by adopting black culture, but that’s humiliating and degrading in and of itself.

Segregation is safety, for working-class whites.

We can see it’s good for blacks to be around whites. It’s good for whites to be around whites. It’s bad for blacks to be around blacks, and it’s bad for whites to blacks. Since I only care about what’s good for whites, give me situation #2.

None of this is at all new. It’s been the case as long as whites have been at close quarters with blacks, in the north and probably in the south too. It’s the 50th anniversary of this old chestnut of race realism, that showed what lower-class whites have been dealing with since blacks  moved north.

So if working-class whites are a little more adamant about separation, I hope the genteel fellows at their Macs in their nice homes will remember we have paid the price for the loss of it- a pretty high price sometimes.

RIP Bailey O’Neil.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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4 Responses to Why the Genteels Are Comfortable With the “Color-Blind” Society

  1. Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle says:

    You’re right as usual, but there is a problem: The pop culture program is so pervasive, and so deeply ingrained that even working class and lower class whites will disregard experience and reality in many cases, and will pursue desegregated neighborhoods and schools.

    Without going all PUA, a lot of this is the hyper-gamy tone set by women, since they are deeper into both political correctness and popular culture than men. For the most part, if white men like white women, they can’t really come down too hard on black people or state the truth. White women, as the blogger Whiskey has said, will not stand for it. Exceptions would be someone like Michael Vick or OJ Simpson, who has transgressed against some other portion of the PC hierarchy bad enough that even a white man can afford to publicly criticize him.

    As Tupac said, “I rap for the bitches, not the niggaz, because the niggaz want what the bitches want.” Not so eloquent, but very true. Unless we get a patriarchy back, men can’t set the tone, and Negroes will continue to be worshiped.

  2. Jim says:

    A black with an IQ of 100 would be at the 84th percentile of blacks in the US assuming an average IQ of 85 and standard deviation of 15. The 84 percentile number may even be too low considering the fact that there is some indication that the standard deviation of IQ among blacks is lower than among whites. The 90th percentile may be a better estimate of the relative ranking of a 100 IQ black in the US black population. So consider yourself lucky if a black person you are working with has an IQ that high.
    I think it is true that upper class white people simply don’t comprehend the magnitude of the problem. I recall Linda Gottfredson stating some where that in the modern US economy there is virtually no productive role for an individual with an IQ below 75 which is about 25% of the US black population.

  3. Aaron says:

    I basically agree with everything you say but there is more. I think racial consciousness is a weak force. By racial (or ethnic) consciousness I mean the tendency of races to band together in solidarity. You could argue that this is only true now because racial consciousness is being artificially suppressed and you could forward historical counter examples. I’m aware of all that but my overall unscientific hunch is that racial consciousness has always been a weak force. There are numerous examples of white people undermining each other (even to the benefit of outsiders) well prior to the development of mass media. This isn’t the same thing as arguing that race itself is a weak force. I think that race is a strong force as far as different races organically generate different cultures. (It isn’t a contradiction for different aspects of race to be strong and weak). If I’m right, this poses an interesting problem for WNs.

  4. asdf says:

    Also, consider that tokens are a very small portion of every high end office. Like single % of the workforce. In any given office or team there is a group of work that isn’t too hard, that doesn’t grow a lot of skills, but kinduv needs to get done. The white strivers trying to get ahead in their careers don’t want to do it, but that’s perfect work for the black token. He’s just smart enough to do it, he takes care of it for the other people that don’t want to do it, and since his advancement is based on sociability rather then skills it doesn’t matter that he isn’t learning a lot of skills doing this low end work.

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