Racist German Government decides to give $1 billion to only Jewish concentration camp survivors, non-Jewish survivors get nothing. – Ρατσιστικό γερμανικό κράτος: αποζημιώσεις μόνο για εβραίους!

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Golden Dawn social solidarity has often been denounced as “hateful charity” by world media, due to the fact that for once, native Greeks are served first.

Yet, the German government has struck a deal with the “Jewish Claims Conference” that will pay 772 million Euros (1 billion dollars) over 3 years as additional reparations to solely Jewish individuals that lived in German occupied territories in World War II. This money is not only for Jews that were imprisoned in concentration camps, but also applies to Jews who lived in open Ghettos within the German occupation sphere. The negotiator for the Jewish Claims Conference, former U.S. ambassador (coincidence, of course) Stuart Eizenstat stated with glee at the very profitable result at a time of worldwide economic depression: “This is all the more impressive since it comes at a time of budget austerity in Germany.” Aside from this, those Jewish individuals who…

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One Response to Racist German Government decides to give $1 billion to only Jewish concentration camp survivors, non-Jewish survivors get nothing. – Ρατσιστικό γερμανικό κράτος: αποζημιώσεις μόνο για εβραίους!

  1. Grover Prosling says:

    Overblown. He finds it “racist” that Jews are getting money and not other sufferahs (cue Rastaman phrasing). This is “racism?” What a joke. It seems simply a case of better organized lobbying. Russian prisoners of war do not have cohesive lobbying organizations, nor do Poles, or gypsies. In the case of the first 2- there was slim hope, but still a hope that came through for some, of going home. For the Jew being “processed” into Chelmo or Treblinka though, there was no path home, save through the crematory. There were no options to join the Germans as auxiliary fighters for example.

    His comparison of murdered millions to the “Forced Occupational Loan” taken by the Third Reich from Greece, is ludicrous. Yes the Allies pressured Greece to drop the cash repayment, but how many Greeks were herded into the ovens, or the innovative “sardine pack” of the SS which made disposal of cadavers so much more efficient? There is a reason Jews are first in line.. And the Greeks aren’t lobbying hard for reinstatement. Maybe they suspect that after absorbing so much German taxpayer cash in recent years, the balance due might reflect unfavorably on them. And Greeks, Jews and Germans are all considered white in most genetic or socio-cultural formulations. All in all, a laughable effort at “moral equivalence.”

    The writer’s “race card” may have more weight however, if we consider that modern Greeks show a small proportion of sub-Saharan African haplotypes, some 25% based on the sampling of some studies (Arnaiz-Vilena 2001, Frukadis 2008). In this sense, then perhaps the refusal to pay off the “mixed” Greeks while coddling the white Jews may indeed be “racist.”

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