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3.1 No Reason

Originally posted on Radish:
Egalitarian singularity: the Carlyle Club uncovers a metaphysical mystery, as cause and effect break down along the color line. Table of Contents The Law of Large Numbers “No Reason” A World of Mystery, featuring: Anne Pressly…

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Whites Behaving Badly

Here’s a disturbing, if not surprising story out of a small mountain town in Colorado about “hazing” involving sodomy with a foreign object. Not a shining example of culture and community, is it? This is an essentially all-white community in … Continue reading

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New Golden Dawn Podcast

Golden Dawn America has a new podcast up. It’s long, two hours, but is a good discussion of a lot of nationalist ideas.

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The Oath of Reunification

The Oath of Reunification is the first and fundamental of the oaths, ceremonies and initiations of the Ancient Brotherhood of Shepherds and Foresters. It takes the man or group and acknowledges, or reaffirms his or their identity from that of … Continue reading

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The “Enlightenment”- Philosophy or Culture?

We are taught that the social change called the Enlightenment, from roughly around 1600 to the early 1800’s, was the product of European society abandoning superstition for reason and science. That this was shown by the overthrow or weakening of … Continue reading

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Loose Morals, Cheap Ideas, Bitter Reality – Χαλαρά ήθη, χαλαρές ιδέες, ΣΚΛΗΡΗ πραγματικότητα

Originally posted on xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english:
It is no secret that the systems of capitalism and communism together seek to destroy the spirit of heroism in man. To destroy nobility and fulfill their plan,…

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I Got My Golden Dawn T-Shirt

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