A New European Fraternal Organization

I have written about the role of fraternal organizations for non-elite whites here and here. I have an idea of what it would be, but an idea does not make an organization. Here is my concept, in the form of a charter or FAQ. I would appreciate comments and interest in going further. I’m not a leader, I’m not even a joiner. But I would like to do something.

The Ancient Brotherhood of Shepherds and Foresters

The Ancient Order of Shepherds and Foresters is a fraternal organization of the people of Europe wherever on earth they live. The AOSF works to provide mutual assistance and support, charity, and brotherhood among our people.

Why the Brotherhood?

Since the most ancient, unremembered times our people have live by principles of justice, equity, honor, commitment, and love. The people, civilization, culture and society of Europe have been the best in the world. Sometimes our rulers have been just and sometimes evil, but through most of time we have not depended on our rulers for anything except protection from outsiders. In recent centuries, the ideologies of capitalism and communism have told Europeans to see themselves as individuals in their relations to each other and the state, and they have been guaranteed prosperity and safety for this choice. These promises of prosperity and safety have been shown not merely to be empty but to be active, malicious deceptions, so the Brotherhood seeks to return us to the old system of mutual assistance.

We have always relied on such groups as families, churches, and guilds to provide for assistance when needed and to provide for opportunities for fruitful work. In the early years of capitalism friendly societies were founded so that people working in cities could have these same benefits.

In ancient times people without land or position could live on unclaimed, uncultivated lands herding flocks or hunting and foraging. The shepherd, beyond being a symbol of care and concern, was a person who could live off rugged grassland without a landlord or master. The forester could live, hunt and forage with others but was expected to be able to help fight off intruders, and before being admitted would have to prove his fighting skills.

Both shepherds and foresters were used as models for friendly societies- shepherds as models of care, foresters as models of mutual protection and assistance, and the Brotherhood seeks to combine these, so we use both in our name.

Why the Brotherhood now?

We have seen in recent years the failure of both capitalism and socialism to deliver on their promises to our people. Not only have these systems failed, the elites promoting them have shown their unrelenting hostility towards common Europeans everywhere. Beyond economic devastation and dependency, the elites have attacked common Europeans through destruction of our culture, false religion, promotion of sexual immorality, promotion of consumerism, and nihilistic entertainment, including athletics. To ask for redress of grievances from our rulers or response from the law, media or the so-called democratic political system is neither an immediate nor long-term solution to our problems.

Who are the Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood are ethnic Europeans. While marginal amounts of Native American or Asian ancestry are acceptable, all members must identify as European and with the European culture. We respect and use the practical aspects of other cultures but identify only with our own. The Brotherhood believes in freedom of conscience and pro-European Christians and practitioners of old European religions, not to include witchcraft, are accepted. No African ancestry is acceptable, nor the practice of non-European religions. No one of European ancestry part of, associated with or allied with the hostile elite, in any progressive political or religious organization may join or have any contact with the Brotherhood. This includes Puritans, Quakers, other progressive Christians, and members of progressive unions.

What does the Brotherhood do?

We come together to provide a positive community as an antidote to atomistic individualism. We help each other with opportunities to earn and produce. We help each other, and deserving Europeans in need who are not members. We avoid violence except in legal self-defense.

How are members of the Brotherhood expected to conduct themselves?

Members are expected to live and behave responsibly, for their own well-being as well as the well-being of their fellow members and fellow Europeans. They should live healthy lifestyles, avoid sexual immorality, consumerism, and nihilistic entertainment. They should obey the laws of the state and coming into formal and direct conflict with its power.

Why can’t Europeans who want to help others just go to churches or other charitable organizations?

Churches are essentially all progressive institutions. A person devastated by black crime going to a church will be told he must unconditionally forgive the black criminal and give money to the church, which will give it to blacks here or in Africa. The common European is to the progressive “Christian” church a “sinner” most certainly guilty of racism who must repent and commit himself to submitting to and helping blacks and other non-Europeans everywhere. The needs, physical and spiritual, of common  Europeans go uncared for. Charitable organizations are largely the same.

Don’t many organizations for Europeans already exist?

Implicitly white institutions help elite whites and their allies. Explicitly white institutions are mostly ineffective or worse and built on outdated models. The progressive system creates a great deal of rage and despair, and these institutions provide a place for this to pool. Anger and hate are legitimate emotions but they need to be channeled effectively, and the best way to oppose the system is to help each other.




About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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12 Responses to A New European Fraternal Organization

  1. Brandon says:

    Good post, mate.

  2. PA says:

    This is sublime.

  3. Matthew says:

    Brotherhood of Foresters and Herders would give you the acronym BOFH, which also stands for the nerd-famous Bastard Operator From Hell.

    • I can’t call it just the Shepherds, that’s too soft, and I can’t call it just the Foresters, that would be too hard, plus there are still active Foresters organizations that wouldn’t like it. (Up until about 1840 you had to staff fight to get in.) The name should have vaguely mythic connotations.

      Are you familiar with my earlier posts on this? (First two links.) Do you agree this would be helpful, or not? If so why or why not?

      • Matthew says:

        The idea is good; I’ve been thinking about this sort of organization for awhile as well. I was just twitting you about the name.

        For it to work, members will have to have some skin in the game. I am reminded of descriptions of mutual aid societies among European immigrants. We want to avoid organizing around fees due in fiat money, though. Perhaps sharing access to expensive tools?

        Longer term, I also want to find apprenticeships for my boys, and to offer apprenticeships for my trade, such as it is.

      • Access to tools is a great benefit. I’m not thinking so much in paying dues for benefits as much as sharing skills and labor, whatever you’ve got.

  4. Man, crickets on this one. Is this a good idea or a bad one?

  5. graaaaaagh says:

    I’ve had more or less the same idea – I say it’s a damn good one – and it’s heartening to see that another has written something out.

    By (post-)Moldbuggian caste terms, these organizations would be for the purpose of fostering coöperation, mutual assistance, and self-consciousness of White Vaisyas (core working/middle-class Americans), perhaps extending to nonhostile elements among Optimates (the old White elite) and some Antyajas (White underclass; redneck/juggalo types). They must exclude, as explicitly as possible, Brahmins (White/Jewish elite caste). More or less all secular Jews in the US are Brahmins.

    It has to be understood that the greatest opposition we’re going to face is going to come from our own people, from White Brahmins – not to mention the Jewish ones. We’re both reviving and reinventing an American identity, to which White Brahmins are traitors and to which Helots (imported Latin American labor) and Dalits (Black/brown underclass) do not belong. Brahmins hate our (Vaisyas’) guts, they’d go Pol Pot on the Antyajas if they could – who knows if they’d stop there! – and they must be named our enemy.

  6. Thanatos says:

    It’s a great platform.

    I don’t know if I’d get in.

    I practice a religion that the Hebrew religion and later Christian and islamic ones are based on (or at least bear more than a striking similarity to). It’s proto-Indo-European at best,not authentically European.

    My blood and ideals would all match up,though, and I have no problem with being required to prove myself. I’m not a follower either,but I am sick and tired of this anti-white society and all the harassment I receive for being white,heterosexual,and male.

    That’s why I’m ready to do whatever is necessary to further the creation of a nationalist white ethnostate that is exclusively dedicated to the promotion and advancement of white European culture. If it has to start small,like one fraternal organization at a time,I’m cool with that. I don’t care whether any particular group that is working in this direction wants to take me in or not,I will continue to fight for this,not because I’m a leader or a follower,but because I am a man who wants what is best for his children and I know what our people are capable of.

  7. Jack says:

    It’s a good idea, and I would like to join such a society. It dovetails nicely with Alex Kurtagic’s thoughts on what a new nationalism looks like: “Not like fearful cynics who are waiting for a collapse, but like people who are building something new and important, that makes the collapse desirable because it opens the way for what comes afterwards, because it opens the way for a golden age.” (link: goo.gl/dapRK) A fellowship society like the one you suggest, with traditions and a sense of community, would be an establishment-in-waiting.

    Which is why the system would do everything in its power to destroy it. Maybe it’d be flagged as racist by the local paper, or perhaps by one of the left’s multitude of national-level thought-policing groups like SPLC. The fellowship society’s main benefit — like-minded men meeting face-to-face — would also be its greatest liability since, unlike anonymous blog handles, they could be more easily ID’d and targeted. From there, it would probably be lawsuits by blacks supposedly wanting to join (think something along the gay lawsuits against the Boy Scouts a decade or so ago), or social media harassment such as posting the names and photos of members online, and leaving it to members’ employers to fire them for their thoughtcrime. Also, given the current IRS scandal, it’s not hard to imagine the State targeting the group and its members. Unfortunately, a group having a name and any kind of organizational structure is easier for the State and its worshippers to target.

    Most people smart enough to want to join such a group also realize the above social costs, preventing them from becoming members, or even such a fellowship society from being formed. Such is the leftist Leviathan operates — knowledge of how the system works can sometimes prevent action against it.

    A less-formal model such as Jack Donovan’s co-op gym (link: goo.gl/AK6Sh) might get us closer to such a fellowship society without it being strangled in its crib. With Donovan’s idea, you get the camaraderie and face-to-face time with like-minded people, but without a formal name and attendant organizational traditions. I think the concept loses something without a name and traditions, mostly a sense of belonging and shared identity. But starting out with Donovan’s model might be the most effective way to get such a group off the ground.

    • All your concerns are well-noted. The idea is to fly under the radar as much as possible. I don’t think a fraternal/charitable organization would draw much attention- the left thinks in terms of political activism, which we would completely avoid. The organization wouldn’t have a bank account, any kind of legal organization, or even a formal roster of members. We wouldn’t need to know anything about each other, and could communicate using anon email. It would be a long time before anyone would even notice. It would be more like Donovan’s idea than a formal tax-exempt corporation, but I would like to have a creed, oath of membership, and some ceremonies.

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