Socialism vs. Anti-Socialism

Golden Dawn has an alternative to suicide. Many people in Greece are truly desperate. I have been in very bad places a few times, fortunately I have helpful relatives in a country that controls rather than is controlled by the financial system.

Financial desperation produces intense shame in people. In the capitalist system, the white worker is held to be responsible for producing enough for himself and whatever free riders the system may choose to keep itself in power, assure itself of its righteousness, or just amuse itself. He may occasionally get some assistance in terms of unemployment insurance but is expected to be a net contributor.

He does this because the white worker feels a sense of obligation and commitment to his community, even if he is abused and marginalized for it. Mutual assistance for survival is the essence of white civilization.

Socialism wasn’t a hard sell in Europe because it appealed to the natives natural understanding of things. Rather than provide help when needed, as needed, resources would be pooled then distributed. As it turned out, the pooling of resources only made them easy to steal and government attracted thieves. This was pretty obviously the case as early as the 1930’s, leading to a variety of nationalist movements, which of course have been thoroughly demonized.

The left provides us with a false dichotomy between predatory capitalism and benevolent socialism. Capitalism is indeed often predatory, but does that mean socialism is benevolent? In reality we have the worst of both worlds- predatory socialism. Capitalists prey on white workers and pay off the socialist masters, who pay off their clients.

The ideal of socialism- found in nationalist movements or cohesive cultural and racial communities- is that people care for each other, are social, in their conduct. The key word is “social”.

Here’s the money quote- “Mrs. Mathina stays true to her socialist ideas while also recognizing that a socialist state with an anti-social population (the immigrants) would collapse.”

Socialism is collapsing. Anti-social non-white populations can be imported into white countries in the short term to live off the surplus of the white worker for the empowerment of leftists but soon enough the surplus is exhausted and possibly, the natives resist. There is some sign of this in England, but the only clear resistance is in Greece. The pimping scandals in England and now the Moslem street murder may move things along, time will tell.

I oppose violence against the system. The system in well-organized to deal with violent resistance. I oppose suicide. While we breathe, we should work for the good as we are able. If we are able to do nothing but keep breathing, we should do that. Panayotaros’ suggestion isn’t wrong as far as it goes, but the most radical an threatening response is to help each other.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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8 Responses to Socialism vs. Anti-Socialism

  1. PA says:

    One way to resist is to spread the red pill. Smartly, without coming off as a blowhard. Just feed everyone around you little portions of truth. Even a well timed sarcastic remark to an acquaimtance makes people question things.

  2. PA says:

    Here is a way to usefully fight the system that’s not only perfectly legal, but also raises your status: get rid of your TV and tell others how awesome it is to not have one. Tell them that it feels like quitting smoking.

  3. mindweapon says:


    Excellent post! I agree — if I interpret you correctly, you say that quiet economic resisters do the most damage to the System, and most important, we live to fight another day. We get through this evil time.

    Socialism is collapsing. Anti-social non-white populations can be imported into white countries in the short term to live off the surplus of the white worker for the empowerment of leftists but soon enough the surplus is exhausted and possibly, the natives resist.

    Exactly. I’ve been saying this, though not as succinctly, for a dozen years already, but you put it a very good way. Kind of like the person who said, “Capitalism demands cheap labor; cheap labor demands socialism.”

    But the white worker gets squeezed in the middle. Will the natives resist? I think so. It just takes a while — it’s a generational thing. We had 6 fat postwar decades — 1945-2005. We’re only 8 years from that. The declining economy is grinding us down, but we have adjusted to the new conditions yet. Americans still have their head in Post WWII assumptions, but that’s going away.

    I can tell you, even middle class people now take a pretty hard line. I sure remember when everyone was so soft — the housing boom was booming, and people have overly generous attitudes. “let’s adopt African babies and be saviors of the world” type nonsense.

    I have seen that come, and go (mostly). The economic tide is receding, and when Multicult is not able to back up it’s religion with a paycheck, it’s over. The project of liberalism is doomed to failure when multiculturalism succeeds — Keith Alexander.

    Do you listen to shows? Every Saturday everning, but their archvie is there right after their shows. you’ll like them a lot if you don’t already know about them. That’s where I got the Keith Alexander quote.

  4. Ryu says:

    Yep. It’s surely interesting to watch. The state is going all out in Greece, even paying some immigrants to fight GDers. Our good bud George Soros is a big player on the anti white side.

  5. Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle says:

    Anyone who’s been in the military and says that socialism (or at least an attenuated form) doesn’t work is a liar. The GI Bill, barracks, even a dining facility are fairly socialistic. But, as anyone who’s been in the military also knows, the benefits of socialism should only accrue to those who pay in sweat or blood, and we know that just as in the poisonous civilian model you outline here, the white man leaves the Forward Operating Base and gets his limbs blown off while Shanequa the fat quartermaster NCO files her nails in an air-conditioned office somewhere.

    I like your earlier post on white vs. red socialism as well. I am ultimately the opposite of a South Park/Breitbart conservative. I don’t give a shit about Rand or free markets; I’m pretty much a socialist economically. But I reject pop culture and believe in explicit displays of white pride. There is no party for me. Yet.

  6. Matthew says:

    “the most radical and threatening response is to help each other.”


    This reminds me of the major theme in Gene Wolfe’s best religious science fiction work, The Book of the Short Sun. Colonists of a far away star system are oppressed by blood-sucking shape-shifters. The ultimate defense of man turns out to be much like your proverb.

  7. mindweapon says:

    but the most radical an threatening response is to help each other.

    Yes, I second that Matthew. It’s all about cohesion and working together and establishing local trade with each other again.

    If people can live cheaply, they can save. If they can save, then they can invest locally, rather than getting bank loans. Bank savings accounts don’t pay interest any more. If you have a relocalizing economy that is thriftier for local people, this in itself can be a micro-growth economy which thrives at the expense of the official economy. As a micro-growth economy of thrift, it can earn a modest but real (even adjusted for inflation) interest.

    We can be rich on 10 bucks an hour if we play our cards right. Start with sharing cars, housing and growing our own food. The single person automobile and single family house, through the lens of micro-economics, is a huge rip-off.

    If you did an economic analysis of an office worker owning a house and driving a car, you could show them that they are running to stand still. IF they rent an apartment near their job, and walk to work or pay someone who is driving there anyway, they can actually save money, and if they want, save up for a rental property that will pay them.

    That’s how we help each other — we have to build an infrastructure of thrift. And that’s how we starve the beast.

  8. Alexandros Megas says:

    London… what happened there don’t shock me anymore… the system must collapse or be overthrow by force.

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