Thousands Of Greeks Arrive At Golden Dawn’s Athens Offices For Easter Distribution- Χιλιάδες Έλληνες ήδη στην οδό Δηλιγιάννη: Ξεκίνησε η διανομή τροφίμων – ΦΩΤΟΡΕΠΟΡΤΑΖ

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After a vicious attack by the usurer’s occupation government at Syntagma Square, thousands of Greeks went to the new location in front of the Golden Dawn office in Larissa.  The Marxists and democrats that have constantly agitated for violent repression of Golden Dawn,  have not and will never give anything to the folk they have divorced, they only know how to steal.






The only real grassroots movement in Greece is Golden Dawn. And just like the budss that grow through the sidewalk, so will the only real people’s movement, establishment democrats be damned, grow against state repression.

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4 Responses to Thousands Of Greeks Arrive At Golden Dawn’s Athens Offices For Easter Distribution- Χιλιάδες Έλληνες ήδη στην οδό Δηλιγιάννη: Ξεκίνησε η διανομή τροφίμων – ΦΩΤΟΡΕΠΟΡΤΑΖ

  1. Bob Villa says:


    Top comment on the YouTube video by someone named Ms. Combat 88. 8 is the 8th letter of the alphabet. Two eights mean Heil Hitler. No, they’re not Neo-Nazis, but Neo-Nazis love the hell out of them.

  2. Bob Montagne says:

    The Greeks are lazy – even Greeks who returned after being kicked out of Turkey and Egypt will tell you that. It was these guys who built the foundation for what little prosperity Greece has enjoyed – the locals just squandered what they had with no clue how to create for it themselves. All Greece has is sun and sand and that’s why the Golden Dawn is the gypsy of the right wing.

    Greece has little industry (maybe olives, but they can’t even do that well), so if GD get into power, they will have to industrialize the country to make good on their promise to bring prosperity which means that Greeks will have to go out and actually work – which in turn will mean the end of Golden Dawn because Greeks are lazy and don’t like to work. That is why they are slopping up hand-outs in Athens like Detroit welfare queens.

    Once Greeks realize that Golden Dawn might make them work, they will rebel or demand the return of immigrants to do the work for them – and the cycle will begin again – Greeks too lazy to work getting resentful that immigrants aren’t..

    • That’s pretty facile. It’s the argument used for immigration, legal and illegal, everywhere- that the natives are too lazy or stupid to do the work. But in countries without massive immigration, the natives do the work, without any problem. Employers just prefer the most servile workers they can get.

      • Bob Montagne says:

        Just because natives in other countries can do the work, it doesn’t mean that Greeks can. They are too lazy – this is observably true. Note the 3 hour break that supposed to be between 2 and 5 every day, but actually starts at 1 or 1.15 and ends whenever. Greeks just want to hang out on the beach posing for, and nickle-and-diming tourists and pick up stipends from the social welfare office. It took the influx of ethnic Greeks from Turkey and Egypt to kickstart the so-called Greek economic miracle in the 1950’s, even Onassis the shipping magnate was a refugee (and bi-sexual) from Izmir in Turkey.

        Greece’s economic woes were caused by their being lazy – they wanted the government to pay for everything from their pensions to their toilet paper, without realizing that the government didn’t actually have any money and was basically living on credit cards borrowed from Europeans who actually work for their prosperity. They’re as bad as hood-rats showing off driving a pink Cadillac but who live in rat-infested houses with caved-in roofs.

        The Greeks don’t belong in Europe – they’re barely European in character or even appearance. They belong in the Levant and don’t deserve to even be thought of as Europeans. True Europeans work for their prosperity, invent new ways to be prosperous, create technology of the future, and take responsibility for their own welfare. They don’t rely on hand-outs like the welfare junkies in Athens, but try to be creative in pulling themselves out of the mire.

        What creative ways has Greece pulled itself out of the mire? Ask for more welfare from the ECB and IMF, and then headed back home to take a three to whenever long “rest” (from what I wonder since they’re lazy and don’t work hard) and off to the beaches they went to pose some more for the tourists.Don’t tel me the Greeks aren’t lazy, that’s a joke.

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