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“Suprahumanism” and German Romanticism

Counter Currents has a series on Wagner, and in this part talks about “suprahumanism”, the idea of creating a new and superior type of human being. They root this artistically in Wagner, and philosophically in Nietzche, but regard it as … Continue reading

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Obama As A Symptom of Peak Negro

Awhile ago Steve Sailer had a bit on Obama and his role lecturing black people. He tells them they need to buck up, more or less, and blacks don’t care for it. T-N Coates said as much recently. My comment … Continue reading

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How the Elite Really Decides

George W. Bush is famous for saying “I’m the decider.” While by all appearances he did pretty much whatever he wanted for eight years, I don’t think that’s quite how things work. WRM analyzes the Obama terrorism speech- why the hell he … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Aryan Street:
This is how I get most of my news now.  From the internet.  Generally, I believe, from people who care about the Truth rather than Jew/Jew Thinker Jobber Careerists.  And sometime the comment section of…

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Nick Griffin: “There’s no knight in shining armor out to rescue us while we watch”

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A New European Fraternal Organization

I have written about the role of fraternal organizations for non-elite whites here and here. I have an idea of what it would be, but an idea does not make an organization. Here is my concept, in the form of … Continue reading

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Socialism vs. Anti-Socialism

Golden Dawn has an alternative to suicide. Many people in Greece are truly desperate. I have been in very bad places a few times, fortunately I have helpful relatives in a country that controls rather than is controlled by the … Continue reading

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