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Golden Dawn on Vice

HBO has a new newsmagazine show base on Vice magazine, called “Vice”. It’s a sort of hipster take on world events and human interest stories. In an episode on the European financial crisis, they went to Greece and talked to … Continue reading

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My Own Observation of the Proletarianization of America

Mindweapon described how other countries work students hard to get the best out of them for the benefit of their nations, and how the US doesn’t. Beyond my own analysis of why non-European countries and European countries behave this way … Continue reading

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Nationalism the World Over

Steve Sailer wrote a few days ago that most people in the world, essentially all non-Europeans, are strongly encouraged to be nationalist, in terms of loyalty and identity, while this is actively┬ádiscouraged among Europeans. ┬áThis got me thinking about why … Continue reading

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India and China and Africa have Nationalist Educational Policies; US has Egalitarian Educational Policy

Originally posted on Mindweapons in Ragnarok:
I talk to a lot of immigrant graduate students about how they grew up in India, China, and Africa, and found out soemthing that we could have figured out anyway, but I never really…

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Some Thoughts on German National Socialism on Hitler’s Birthday

OK, it was yesterday. If you care consider yourself the recipient of a belated “Happy Hitler’s Birthday!” card. There are all kinds of things I could write about, but don’t. The volume of things is overwhelming, and I have other … Continue reading

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Islamic Terrorist Had An American Wife and Child

There is reason to believe Mohammad Atta and Moslem Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb had sexual problems that may have unbalanced them, but Islamic terrorist bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev had a European-American girlfriend who clearly adored him. He was a “very religious” … Continue reading

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Study Finds Turks Use Leftists To Undermine Europe

A “right-wing” Turkish party is Islamic, or against the European peoples, and a “left-wing” European party is leftist, or against the European people. It makes perfect sense.

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