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Love and Hate, Part IV- the Psychology of Anger and Hate

Lawrence Auster has died, RIP. I read his blog but I never got what the fuss was about. I think he had a certain niche staked out that was daring enough to be exciting, but not so far out as … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Socialism- A Marriage Made in Hell (For the White Worker)

Capitalism is a powerful economic and social arrangement that produces widepsread prosperity- if labor is not in unlimited supply. A basic concept of price theory, or microeconomics is that the quantity supplied of an item sold in a free market … Continue reading

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Mockery and Modern Discourse

Mockery is strongly prohibited in the Old Testament. Mockers, mocking or mockery are mentioned 57 times in the OT; 2 duplicates of Isaiah saying God mocks the Assyrians, once God mocking mockers, and the rest directly condemning mockery. Clearly mockery … Continue reading

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The Sins of the Sons

Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman is now for gay marriage, because his son is gay. Isn’t this a reversal of the natural order? Aren’t fathers supposed to tell sons what is right, not the other way around? If a son … Continue reading

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Black people have run Detroit into bankruptcy. So who does the (white, Republican) governor of Michigan appoint to un-bankrupt it?

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Walter Russell Mead Libels Golden Dawn

WRM, refering to the Italian election results, tells us “we aren’t seeing the rise of thugs and genocidaires (except maybe in Greece).” I emailed him and asked him if he could show any reference that Golden Dawn supported genocide, or … Continue reading

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Drop Me A Line

I put up my contact info on the side bar if any reader would like to contact me directly.

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