Love and Hate, Part I- Definitions

Mindweapon has recently said that hate leads to burnout, and should be avoided. Ryu responded that we should use the power of hate, and MW said more recently we should harness the power of hate that the Moslems have.

But what do these words even mean? Some languages have two words when another has only one. Spanish has two words for “to love”, two words for “to be”, but one word for both “to wait” and “to hope”. So clearly a word can mean one or more things, a meaning that may be chosen by the user or by those who decide what words mean.

The French have a formal organization, the Academie Francaise, that decides what words are used and what they mean. Such an organization existed at one time in Spain, although I don’t know if it still does. English has no such formal institute of language, and we are inclined to think that words just mean what they mean, or what it says they mean in the dictionary. TPTB, however, have a way of defining words for us, creating a great deal of confusion. So let us look into what exactly these words mean.

“Love” is an emotion, a feeling we have towards things that are good, valuable, give us pleasure or happiness. Love is an enduring emotion that lasts over time that motivates us to support, nurture, care for, protect, and grow the thing that we love.

“Hate” is also an emotion, a feeling we have towards things that are bad, harmful, cause us pain or unhappiness. Hate is also an enduring emotion, that lasts as long as the pain or harm caused by the thing hated last. Hate, unlike love, will not usually last after the thing or its effects are gone. Hate is also an enduring emotion that motivates us to damage, destroy, limit or degrade the thing hated. Hate is closely connected with love, because if we love anything we must hate the things that threaten, harm or degrade it.

There is another meaning of hate, which is the emotion to dominate, destroy, or enslave. This kind of hate is not connected to love but is an evil thing that stands on its own. This is the emotion that controls evil people like criminals and evil ideologies like communism and Islam. It gives those who give themselves over to it a feeling of power, but because it is unpleasant they usually combine it with sadism, a feeling of pleasure at causing suffering to others.

Anger is an emotion associated with hate, but it is different in that it is intended to be short-lived. Love and hate are emotions but they are based on enduring things and the cognitions made about them, and will not be felt strongly at all times. Anger is a response to an offense, an insult, a harm and motivates us to remove this threat to our well-being. It quickly fades when the harm is removed.

Hate occurs when the harm cannot be removed and is ongoing. Ideally anger is resolved quickly; if not it leads to hate. Ideally hate can also be resolved by removing the harm, over a longer time period. But if the harm is ongoing, hate will remain, and despite what Yoda may say, fear, anger and hate are not evil things but necessary emotions for survival and an unavoidable part of life.

I would venture these definitions are fair and reasonable, but TPTB say otherwise. They have their own definitions of love and hate, which we accept almost without thinking but at great peril.

“Love” according to the powers that be is a universal feeling of concern, empathy, and goodwill towards all people and things, not just including but especially things that objectively may be evil, disgusting, or repellent, or have significant features that are so, such as third world people and cultures, homosexuality, or obesity, to give some examples. This feeling is granted also to things that are objectively beautiful and good, such as European people and cultures, but only on a very grudging and conditional basis. It’s not only foolish and irrational, it’s suicidal, and leads in extreme cases to blond white women going to provide aid in Haiti or South Africa and getting raped and murdered, and they or their families holding no condemnation for the perpetrators but blaming white men for this. This kind of love gives love a bad name.

Where would such an idiotic thing come from? Partly it’s based on modern distortions of biblical teachings, such as Jesus’s admonition to “love your enemies”, but it’s also based on a Buddhist or Hindu concept of love. I’ll save the Bible study for another time; but rest assured Jesus did not mean what we are taught by modern liberal Christians that he meant.

In eastern cosmology, it is not irrational to feel empathy for an evil, degraded, or low person because they will go through many lifetimes of suffering and growth to change their nature. This is not punishment, because in this cosmology punishment doesn’t exist on a cosmic level, only a journey of many lifetimes to enlightenment. If you believe in one life, this does not make any sense. If you believe in one life with no afterlife, you have one chance to get it right, so you’d better not screw it up. If you believe in one life with an afterlife, you also have one chance to get it right and will pay the consequences.

“Hate” also has a specific meaning for TPTB. “Hate” is a negative cognition or feeling towards certain groups, the same groups we are required to have love for. This kind of hate is not regarded as a normal response to something bad, harmful, or destructive but simply an unqualified evil. This idea prevents us from using our minds and senses to think, feel, and respond to our environment, which is to say it mandates a kind of death.

Mindweapon has talked about how certain things are “traps”, such as that explicitly white nationalist groups are traps for dissenters. Both “love” and “hate” as defined by TPTB are traps of a mental sort, not just traps but death traps. The “love” they promote causes people to embrace things that destroy them- or more commonly, things that destroy others. The “hate” they prohibit is simply rational self-preservation, that people need to survive.

If you have been told all your life that this is what love and hate are, you would be excused from perhaps thinking that “love” was evil and “hate” was good, because you would be right. I think this is the place where the neo-Nazis and skinheads are, and while it’s not a good place to be, if you are a person outside of social taboos, it’s not an illogical place to go.

I think we can decide for ourselves what love and hate are, what and who we love and hate, what and who makes us angry.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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7 Responses to Love and Hate, Part I- Definitions

  1. Ryu says:

    It’s whatever we need them to be. I laugh when I hear the conventional definitions. Cops and soldiers have just as much anger, hunger for power, and hatred as a criminal or terrorist. They just have a badge or flag they can hide it behind. Then they can say “I’m the good guy! Look at me! I’m going to heaven.”

    It is right to desire power. Life is about the acquisition of power in all it’s forms: love, money, dominion, strength. WN is nothing but a quest and a bid to retake the power that was stolen from us. It’s what you seek when you go to the gym and pick up a weight. When you read a book, it’s there too. When you see a beautiful woman and when you want her to be yours.

  2. Heil Hizzle says:

    Tangential but related to Love & hate I suppose, but Auster is at death’s door. Thras, I know you’re a moderate on the JQ (and I believe his conversion to Catholicism to be genuine), but whatever the case, “Path to National Suicide” is still classic.

    He is over at VFR putting his house in order to prepare for the Great Gig in the Sky.

  3. joetexx says:


    OT, but I saw your comment on Jehu’s philanthropy post.

    I can’t comment on Chariot of Reaction because the box wont allow the cursor from my IPAD keyboard to appear.

    What does the acronym FIRE mean?

    I’ve seen Fire Insurance Real Estate, but it seems like it can’t mean that in this context.

    When I google it all I get is lists of acronyms for fire fighters.

    • Finance-Insurance-Real Estate. Sometimes used to refer to the people who wear nice suits and make money moving money around.

    • Jehu says:

      Is this common to all blogspot blogs for you or just mine?
      Yes, Fire Insurance Real Estate is the sector I mean. There are lots of people in those fields with perfectly adequate quantitative skills. From a societal standpoint, they’re wasted there.

      • joetexx says:


        Thanks for the explanation. I did misread the initial ‘F’ as fire rather than financial.


        I have more trouble with blogspot than other hosts, and have had some problems with Dr. Charlton’s blog, for example. The inability to type into the comment box, or even type in my user name, is unique to your blog. I have been unable to comment since autumn 2012, though I did post some comments in the summer.

        I was familiar with the FIRE acronym but read it in the most literal sense.

        I think I read a pejorative sense into your usage that you probably did not intend; probably because ‘philanthropy’ has unpleasant associations for me.
        I just know too much about foundations and nonprofits.

        I immediately thought of FIRE as fat cats, do-gooding deep pockets, latter-day Pharisees. You seem to mean the highly paid staff officers of these industries, whose genuine skills are misused because their masters are willing to overpay to corner them.

        I always enjoy COR. I can’t think offhand of another blogger who packs more information and mind-food into pithier posts.

  4. Jehu says:

    Yes, I know that a lot of quantitative financial firms have some 1st and 2nd rate physical science PHDs that they’ve grabbed up.

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