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The Recent History of Elite Rule

Various places have commented on a recent article by Peter Turchin on the cycle of inequality. Interestingly it matches pretty well with what I have written, with some important differences. That someone in the mainstream admits that we have an … Continue reading

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Love and Hate, Part I- Definitions

Mindweapon has recently said that hate leads to burnout, and should be avoided. Ryu responded that we should use the power of hate, and MW said more recently we should harness the power of hate that the Moslems have. But … Continue reading

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Roosh Is An Anti-Racist!

Roosh- Daryush Valizadeh– is a pick up guru who after working the bars of DC, then a couple forays to South America, now dedicates his time to traveling around Europe having sex with as many European women as he can. … Continue reading

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Blogroll Updates

Denise used to be at Nordic Sage, but is now at The White Tea Room. Half Sigma is now Lion of the Blogosphere. He said he wants to get away from HBD, because it’s too controversial. I think this is … Continue reading

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The Role of the Sexual Revolution In Leftism

Leftist revolution goes back to the late 1800’s, peaking as a political phenomenon with the Russian Revolution and the aftermath of World War I. It continued making political changes up through the New Deal in the USA, but through all … Continue reading

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Orwell was an orthodox communist who was in favor of communist oppression of all non-socialists. He was only opposed to the oppression of socialists or other communists by communists. So how did Orwell come to be thought of as a … Continue reading

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Some Musings on the Strange Yet Conventional Case of Christopher Dorner

I haven’t studied the Dorner case in detail, and haven’t read his manifesto, and all my information is second-hand. I can hardly offer an authoritative analysis yet it brings up some interesting things. Strange? An ex-cop going on a homicidal … Continue reading

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