To the Black Guys in the Parking Lot……….

I don’t work for a real classy outfit, so I frequently stay in not very classy places, and I don’t get a rental car. I found myself in a crummy roadside hotel and needing to eat, so I set off on foot.

Unfortunately this place has a “lounge” which being at a crummy roadside hotel attracts a lowlife crowd. Walking out of the parking lot onto the road, a couple of young black guys come- bopping? shuffling? doing that street thing, whatever you want to call it. So I avoid eye contact, and move my path a little off to the right, which is the direction I was going in anyway.

I’m not sure, but I think the one moved a little towards me, and passing me, just out of my peripheral vision, says “Boo!”

On one level, real schoolyard stuff. Low grade physical intimidation. But the reality is they could have hurt me pretty bad with no consequences. Dark parking lot, no witnesses at that time, had anybody come by it would have been another black person who wouldn’t have said anything or been a witness. An assault would have met with a cursory investigation and no arrest; permanent injuries or death would have meant more police time, with a sincere attempt at an arrest and conviction, but likely with no result.

The truth is in America today blacks have the power on the street. They know it, and they enjoy it. The racial ideology is that all blacks are the helpless victims of all whites and that violence on their part against any white is justifiable both as revenge for past wrongdoing and war to remove any vestiges of white power and privilege.

Ok, black guys…. I know you don’t give a shit and you love being bad n*****s on the street, which has been a socially apporoved thing since the late 60’s. You’ll “catch a case” sooner or later and do time and be a bad n***** in prison, or maybe not.

But maybe you do care, or maybe other black people care, at least a little, and if so can you wonder why people hate and fear you? Why they regard you with disgust and contempt? Not all black people are like that? Some are even comic book nerds, like Coates! Well every black person stands up for the right of blacks to do this, so they are all in the same moral category.

You have the power now. You will probably continue to have it for the foreseeable future, but maybe not always. White people who matter usually don’t encounter blacks in the dark parking lots of crummy hotels. Every once in a while a Matthew Yglesias will find out he’s a polar bear and not a Hispanic/Jew, but he will quickly rationalize it away. Even race realists like Moldbug and Foseti haven’t gone to school with minorities, haven’t been bussed, haven’t delivered pizzas or worked in a convenience store, haven’t been in the military, in other words haven’t met these people when they have all their masks off and behave like they really want to. Foseti wants to know what the difference between him and us is, and this is it.

About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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26 Responses to To the Black Guys in the Parking Lot……….

  1. dana says:

    this is what kills me trying to talk to other people about race. i live in and grew up in philadelphia, i grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, albeit a fairly middle class one–it bordered on rough areas. i went to a philadelphia public school for the last 2 years of my education, i went to a college in THE worst section of philly and was mugged there in broad daylight on the way to the train–there is not a part of philly i havent been in, from the worst neighborhood at 8th and butler to the best neighborhoods in society hill and chestnut hill–if you DIDNT GROW UP WITH AND LIVE AMONG BLACK PEOPLE IN A BLACK RUN CITY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE LIKE and *I* DO. period. none, and i don’t want to hear your conjectures or vapid moralizing. if you have never gone into a liquor store to buy a bottle of wine and realized you have accidentally entered into an incipient chimp out because a black woman’s being asked to open her purse, while the white people all eye each other anxiously, you don’t know anything about black people. if youve never been working in a store on south street and had to close and shutter it early on a busy weekend night because the “Greek Picnic” was in town and all hell was about to break loose LIKE YOUVE SEEN HAPPEN YEAR AFTER YEAR WITH YOUR OWN EYES, you don’t know anything about black people. if you never had to pick your boyfriend up from the hospital because 3 black guys walked by him on chestnut street and asked him for a smoke and he said no, you dont know anything about black people. and PLEASE, finally, if you are a Nice White Lady ™ from canada or UK, shut the fuck up about US black people and my attitude towards them forever.

  2. mindweapon says:


    go here and find Comhrac Bas:

    Learn the pop up. It’s basically a move where you get low and push someone over and as you are pushing, you pop up. then you get away. Comhrac Bas isn’t about squaring off and exchanging kicks and punches, it’s about surviving multiple attckers and escaping, and also about quickly dispatching a bully and escaping.

  3. Ryu says:

    God damn you. So what, two 15 year old 150 lb niggers were walking down the street?

    You moved for them? You lost! Niggers are like sharks or dogs – they can smell fear. Have you been training? What is your PT? I train 7 days a week, 2 hours a day. No drugs, no magic, I don’t need a DI screaming at me. When I train, the spirit of the white race trains with me.

    You have studied PU. You know about these things, status, power. You were in the military! You understand the primacy of force! They were right to boo you. Your being “civilized” means nothing without force.

    I don’t blame the wolf or the dog for its nature. I do blame you for being unable to write NIGGER. If you want the streets back, you must develop yourself into the kind of man who can take them back. Were you carrying a weapon? A knife? A bat in the car? A slapper? Why not?

    I’m not a nice guy. I am an animal, a beast bent on power. You must do similar. Get in touch with your inner asshole. Get mad! Get motivated. Stop pissing away your time writing about HBD and IQ and start studying self defence and fighting, you won’t lose your audience. Become the best. Second place isn’t enough on the street.

    I like you Thryamachus. You must become stronger. Either the niggers beat you up, I beat you up and motivate you, or you beat yourself up and start preparing.

    • C.R. says:

      what the fuck ever. internet tough guy as usual.

      • Ryu says:

        No no no! You’re not CR. You’re Chuck, Piggy. Why Charles, I’m shocked at such language. You don’t do that on your own blog. Hey – maybe one of those niggers was related to your grandpa.

      • C.R. says:

        like i said, internet tough guy. you wouldn’t say any of that shit to my face.

    • Here’s what I *should* have done- I should have made a quick 180 and gone back into the hotel and not come out. I carry some food for emergencies, and the crappy Chinese I got wasn’t worth the $15. They were both around 6’3″ and 170- not linebackers, but young dumb and full of cum. I’m a big guy myself, I lift weights when I get the chance, and I would it have made it more trouble for them than it was worth- but it would have been more trouble for me. I’m a middle-aged white guy and I need to work, and my head space is filled with a lot of other stuff. They don’t and theirs isn’t.

      To describe the enounter a little better- I was a little perturbed when I saw them, not exactly frightened. This was in a driveway, about the width of a two lane road. The road was lit, and the hotel parking lot, but not the driveway, so I don’t think they saw me any better than I saw them. I immediately straightened up a little and got hard. I ignored them, just like you would walking by dirtbags on a sidewalk. I gave them a little berth, not much but I did alter course a little. They had their radar up- they were going to look for girls at the party/bar, so their blood was up. One, there were only two, and two, they had pussy on their minds, so jumping a white guy wasn’t on their agenda. Had there been three, and had they not been on their way to a party, it might have gotten uglier.

      I could use some emergency self-defense, but it would definitely be only for emergencies.

  4. miss c says:

    I was walking past the Oakland Museum, black kid was riding toward me on his bike. He gets to me then swerves the front tire toward me like he’s going to hit me, rights it at the last minute, then grins and shows me his solid gold grille. I just mean mug his black ass.

  5. Brandon says:

    What my Buddy RYU said….

  6. PA says:

    Ryu’s comment is good as usual.

    Thrasymachus, how do you carry yourself? When I walk past a group of blacks who look like they’re bad news, I subtly get “tall”, get my chest out — and like they taught me in teh military — head and eyes forward. I also keep a stone cold look on my face, and steely eyes. When a ghett black looks at me, I look back emotionlessy at him. Not so long we get into a staring contest, and I never look away like a beta who got caught staring at a chick. Blacks always look away first.

    The subtle trick is to look cold and emotionless, and uttterly fearless. Obviously don’ communicate fear, but also dont; communicate contempt or disgust.

    As a matter of fact, a few times I shoulder-checked a guy who I felt was not going to reciprocate my moving halfway out of his way. One black guy didnt say anythign, another squaled a high pitched “whatdafuk” and didn;t do anything.

    Obviously common sense and situational realism rules all.

  7. Red says:

    I’ve experienced a few black backs, but I’ve never had to fight them. Generally follow the advice PA and Ryu. Be aware that they almost always use a sucker punch as an opener so don’t comply or do anything that takes away your awareness of their position.

    I’m not much of a street fighting, but I do carry fire arms and I frequently use the crazy smile. When I see trouble I grin at them like I’m waiting for them to make a move so I can plug them. My mindset is they’re the prey and I’m the predator and I’m waiting for an excuse to put them 6 feet under. I’ve done this same grin with and without a firearm and the effect is generally to make their very leery of me and afraid. Never forget that blacks are quite easily frightened.

  8. Lawful Neutral says:

    There’s a lot of big talk here, but you did the right thing Thras. Getting dissed on the street sucks, but it’s not worth prison time, serious injury, or death. That’s their way, not ours. In the situation you describe, they had the numbers and the support of the law, and they knew it. If you go kamikaze over every little thing, there’ll be nothing left of you in a year.

  9. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    The truth about the savage subhumans among us.

  10. PA says:

    The purpose of “big talk” here is to teach people that there are ways of carrying yourself that mark you as a target for harassment by blacks, and ways of carrying yourself that reduce the odds of you being a target.

    • C.R. says:

      I don’t think that we can know that Thrasy needed to be taught anything or that if he’d have behaved any differently given his natural size and natural demeanor that the black guy wouldn’t have said “Boo” to him.

      • Ryu says:

        That’s alright. I’ll take the risk, I’ll take the action. I’ll make the move and if I’m right I’ll collect the profit. If wrong, I’ll take the loss. I don’t need all the information to act.

        You are doing me proud Chuckie. We never see this kind of enthusiasm from you at your own site. You might make a good racist one day. Why if you just directed half of that towards the niggers.

    • PA says:

      It wasnt so much about Thrasy. Prior to his follow up comment, I had no idea of his size/age and I don’t have a feel for his personality. My comments were intended for the general reader, with Thrasy’s experience as a takeoff point.

  11. PA says:

    “Even race realists like Moldbug and Foseti haven’t gone to school with minorities…”

    Foseti seems timid about going deeper with race realism, but he is pulled to it. Moldbug hasn’t shied away from writing about black underclasses, like “corner man,” the poem about a black pointing a fake gun on him, and free cellphones in Ohio.

    But neither appears to acknowledge what you do here: higher classes of black are not your friend either, because they circle wagons around underclass blacks.

  12. HomiesR'Special says:

    To the Black Guys in the Parking Lot…………..

    Y’all be dope son! Holla back yo!

  13. miss c says:

    One of my many black street experiences. I was walking to meet my sister at her job for civil rights attorneys. I got stuck behind a fat black woman with tiny twisty dreads and her skinny baby daddy. I was looking at her hair when he turned around. I dropped my eyes to the ground. “Whatchu lookin’ at my feet for?” he asked. “You like the way I walk? Maybe I like the way you suck.”
    I just turned around and started walking the other way. Obviously he had no bounderies and was very dangerous to my well being.

    • Billy Chav says:

      It’s a tough calculation. They have nothing to lose. You’re talking about total fucking scum who’d see jail as a better than even chance of improving their circumstances. You may have a kid whose life is fucked if you go to jail– a kid you are actually raising and actually car about, not whatever blackened protoplasm your scum adversary may have befouled this world with. Do you let this one worthless pice of shit screw things up profoundly for you and yours?

      Problem of differential levels of caring– of basic giving-a-shit– is a lot bigger than people think. And it’s best argument for keeping the Untermenschen trash population down.

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