The West Is And Always Has Been Ethnically Divided

Kevin MacDonald sagely advises us that Syria is not like the West, and rather than being a high-trust society with unified ethnic groups, is seriously divided along ethnic and religious lines.

MacDonald is blinded by his focus on the Jews. To people like him, it’s “the Jews” and everybody else. The great accomplishment of the West, or specifically the US, hasn’t been ethnic and religious unification, but pretending ethnic and religious unification. The US is not at all different from Syria. It is closely divided along ethnic and religious lines, but these have been carefully papered over.

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote about the end of German culture in his home state, Indiana. It became politically inconvenient and unacceptable, so it disappeared. I am now in the Midwest, a place widely regarded as a cultural wasteland. But there is plenty of culture here, just of the wrong kind. The culture is German, but German culture as a whole is simply unacceptable. The culture is also substantially Scandinavian, which is OK as long as it is the castrated, feminist-socialist, Garrison Keillor version of Scandinavian culture. German and Scandinavian culture is strongly communal, and if ethnocentrism is prohibited, you get socialism convenient to the powerful, which is what the Upper Midwest has.

The castrated German and Scandinavian Lutheran culture cooperates with the Puritans. The coopted Irish Catholic culture, along with its non-British and non-Protestant soldiers, cooperates with the Puritans. The coopted Jewish culture cooperates with the Puritans. The Italian Catholic culture avoids openly confronting it. The English Anglican Cavalier culture maintains an uneasy truce. The “Scots-Irish” or actually northern English Presbyterian culture gives it flashes of defiance. The bulk of non-differentiated “Americans” think they are liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans, but are just bit players in the tightly scripted reality show.

In any case, how does a small minority of an obscure sect, the Alawites, control Syria? Well, how does a small minority of an obscure sect, the Puritans, control the US? They have the whip hand and nobody sees the profit in challenging them.

Until now, anyway. In Syria. Everybody says the Emperor has clothes, until somebody mentions he doesn’t, and then it’s blindingly obvious to everybody. In the US, everybody still vigorously affirms the Emperor has an usually fine set of beautiful clothes. That doesn’t mean somebody won’t notice he doesn’t. The penalty for mentioning such things was much higher in Syria than it is here, and yet eventually somebody noticed.

The US is just like Syria.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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11 Responses to The West Is And Always Has Been Ethnically Divided

  1. fnn says:

    All these non-Jewish white Euro-American cultures tend to be semi-conscious, semi-covert and, often, sources of embarrassment. Worst example:the Hollywood Jews have assigned an offensive “Guido” culture to the Italian- American. Also, the Polish joke turned later generations of “polish-Americans” into neo-WASP caricatures of castrated WASPs -and I’d bet my best dog that they’re all reflexively philo-semitic.

    Puritanism is curious, given that no self-conscious Puritan communities have existed for over 200 years- but i guess a zealous authoritarian Progressive like A.Mitchell Palmer qualifies as a neo-Puritan.

    • The original Puritans mutated into something else over time. They originally needed a very aggressive stance to overthrow the landed military aristocracy, but once that was under the control of “Parliament” they became more passive-aggressive to work on molding the rest of society. The core group and their belief system is still there, they are just more subtle about it.

  2. fnn says:

    KMAC on Puritan proto-progressivism in East Anglia:

    …Both New England and East Anglia (the center of Puritanism in England) had the lowest relative rates of private crime (murder, theft, mayhem), but the highest rates of public violence—“the burning of rebellious servants, the maiming of political dissenters, the hanging of Quakers, the execution of witches.”[7] This record is entirely in keeping with Calvinist tendencies in Geneva.[8]

    The legal system was designed to enforce intellectual, political, and religious conformity as well as to control crime. Louis Taylor Merrill describes the “civil and religious strait-jacket that the Massachusetts theocrats applied to dissenters.”[9] The authorities, backed by the clergy, controlled blasphemous statements and confiscated or burned books deemed to be offensive. Spying on one’s neighbors and relatives was encouraged. There were many convictions for criticizing magistrates, the governor, or the clergy. Unexcused absence from church was fined, with people searching the town for absentees. Those who fell asleep in church were also fined. Sabbath violations were punished as well. A man was even penalized for publicly kissing his wife as he greeted her on his doorstep upon his return from a three-year sea voyage.

    Kevin Phillips traces the egalitarian, anti-hierarchical spirit of Yankee republicanism back to the settlement of East Anglia by Angles and Jutes in post-Roman times.[10] They produced “a civic culture of high literacy, town meetings, and a tradition of freedom,” distinguished from other British groups by their “comparatively large ratios of freemen and small numbers of servi and villani.”[11] President John Adams cherished the East Anglian heritage of “self-determination, free male suffrage, and a consensual social contract.”[12] East Anglia continued to produce “insurrections against arbitrary power”—the rebellions of 1381 led by Jack Straw, Wat Tyler, and John Ball; Clarence’s rebellion of 1477; and Robert Kett’s rebellion of 1548. All of these rebellions predated the rise of Puritanism, suggesting an ingrained cultural tendency.

  3. fnn says:

    “Well, how does a small minority of an obscure sect, the Puritans, control the US?”

    Unlike the Alawites, no such sect exists except in the history books. This is like a conspiracy theory minus the conspiracy.

    • The ethnic and intellectual descendants of the Puritan settlers of New England are firmly in control of the US. They aren’t Calvinists any more, and they aren’t even Unitarians, but the same basic idea- that certain ideas are right, and are truly understood by a small group who must force the rest of society to follow them, still hold.

  4. mindweapon says:

    Yes, I see the Puritan influence. I live in Southern New England. I can’t stand these people — it makes me understand sectarian hate.

    I don’t know how they continue to influence the country, when they themselves are extremely dysfunctional. the Puritans originally saw themselves as “the new jews” and there was even Lutheran sects that enforced Sabbath on Saturday and kosher dietary laws.

    They have taken up Judeo-Marxism with tremendous enthusiasm. We truly live in a new era of witch burning. Look at Thom Hartmann’s hypocritical claim that “whites don’t have a right to organized because we are too dominant” when he himself has more power and privilege than the whites he is bashing. That’s the Puritanism you are talking about. I wish Matthew Heimbach had done a better job attacking Hartmann, but he did a good job all the same. I wish I could go on the Hartmann show.

    The anti-white Judeo-Marxism-Puritanism is rotten to the core with hypocrisy and mendacity; but the lock themselves away in gated communities and administer from afar, using leverage and handing out paychecks to their allies and their police.

    We are the wolves at the door, the barbarians at the gate, waiting for the day when the EBT stops working, and the money printing press loses its mojo. The power of the Judeo-Puritans is thoroughly derived from their ability to spread the wealth to their allies. If you watch the movie “The Letter” abourt White nationalists versus professional anti-whites and refugee industry people, you’ll notice that one side are enthusiastic volunteers on the attack, and the other side are comfortable paycheck collectors on the defense.

    the fact that we have Truth on our side makes us stronger. We are pissed off volunteers; we play offense.

    They are playing defense with lies and money. It’s only a matter of time before we overrun them.

  5. mindweapon says:

    He who has Truth on his side is stronger. If this doesn’t automatically go to 1:51, go there, to Danilov’s speech.

    He whom you deceived, he is stronger, because he has truth on his side.

  6. Just came across your material.
    Just wanted to offer my take on your premise, for now, on Kevin MacDonald:

    MacDonald is blinded by his focus on the Jews.

    So what? This is his field, and he does very well in highlighting and engaging our opposition to face the mirror, so to speak; he does not nead to change his passion, Evolutionary Psychology, in favor of some larger and more diffuse political agenda – that is for the larger consensus, ‘group-think’, mind-trust, whatever. All play a part in the struggle.

    I am not sure, in passing, why the Left needs to be ‘deconsructed’, as this seems like just another conservative action, to ‘defend’ our position(s). Rather we just continue to engage our future with our own nomenclature, designs, stragegy, and tactics, always pushing forward, never backwards.

    I reading some of your post Titles, it appears that you are a christian? Just curious what your world-view is.

    Like your effort. Your Influence counts, use it.

  7. In any case, how does a small minority of an obscure sect, the Alawites, control Syria? Well, how does a small minority of an obscure sect, the Puritans, control the US?

    The Alawites control Syria because the rich majority made the mistake of allowing Syria’s minority groups into the military. There’s also a smattering of other tribal-religious-ethnic groups in Syria that make it possible for a coalition of minorities to control the country. As I understand it, the Alawite sect is more tolerant than other strains of Islam. The pan-Arabist Ba’ath movement can’t hurt either, even if has turned into a vehicle for family political dynasties.

    The leftist coalition in America is similar. It’s a coalition of people who have one grievance or another against Whites, and are united by this and their avarice for gimmedats. I don’t think Assad wants to wholesale exterminate the majority, though. His father only destroyed the Muslim Brotherhood because they were causing problems for the regime. The American left, however, does, and considers this a moral duty as White people are uniquely evil in their moral universe.

    It’s a bad thing that the West is ethnically divided, since these differences often manifest themselves in a violent intolerance for people who aren’t that much different from each other. Obviously a Spaniard and a Swede are different, but not so different from each other as they are from Africans. The same with Northerners and Southerners.

  8. robroysimmons says:

    Its a binary situation, anti-white or pro-white, don’t over think it to satisy the ego.

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