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Why Almost Everyone Has to Go to College

Steve Sailer notes with some puzzlement that the New York Times is upset that young people in Montana and North Dakota are choosing high-paying oil field jobs over college. The NYT is puzzled that the kids don’t want to go to … Continue reading

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Whiteness Tools- the English Flag

Whiteness tools are things you can do to promote whiteness without giving direct offense to the system. Some of these tools are images that promote whiteness, in a manner that’s below the radar. A primary one is the flag of … Continue reading

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The West Is And Always Has Been Ethnically Divided

Kevin MacDonald sagely advises us that Syria is not like the West, and rather than being a high-trust society with unified ethnic groups, is seriously divided along ethnic and religious lines. MacDonald is blinded by his focus on the Jews. … Continue reading

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Full Negro Or Peak Negro?

I discussed yesterday the phenomenon of Full Negro, and its relationship to our overall current and prefered (by the powerful) state of Half Negro. (Partial Negro is a little more accurate, but Half Negro has a better ring to it.) … Continue reading

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Never Go Full Negro

Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism brings us this video clip in which communist crooner Harry Belafonte says maybe Obama needs to throw his opponents in jail. Mindweapon coins a brilliant and insightful phrase in his comment- “let them go full Negro”. Fans of the … Continue reading

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Golden Dawn is under attack. This was going to happen eventually, the success of a nationalist group isn’t going to be accepted without aggressive pushback. We will see who will prevail, and if Golden Dawn can resist leftist terrorism- and … Continue reading

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A Lifetime of Evil

A big news story in the last few days- not for its relevance or meaningfulness, just for its luridness and shock value- has been NFL player Jovan Belcher killing his girlfriend at home and then going to the team offices and shooting … Continue reading

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