The Real Meaning of “Social Conservatism”

Half Sigma is eager to show social conservatism, in the form of opposition, is bad for Republicans. (Here, here, and here.) Steve Sailer suspects that social conservatism, with respect to Mexicans, means something entirely different.

What does “social conservatism” mean, really? It is generally thought to mean traditional attitudes towards sexual and reproductive behavior- no promiscuous sex, little or no sex before marriage, sexual fidelity in marriage, little or no divorce, no STDs, no abortion.

And yet upper class whites, Jews, and Asians all live this way more or less, but are not considered socially conservative. Many blacks and Hispanics believe in these things abstractly, even if they don’t practice them, but are not considered socially conservative. Many Catholics believe and practice these things, but vote as liberal Democrats, so they are not functionally socially conservative.

The last bit is the key. “Socially conservative” means you care enough about other people’s behavior to make it a political issue, specifically their sexual behavior. Isn’t this terribly gauche, to concern yourself with someone else’s sexual behavior?

In the old days people who transgressed traditional sexual mores were social outcasts, and nobody cared about them. Then in the Victorian era, rather than writing these people off, Christian missionaries made the effort to spread what is know as “middle-class” morality to all, the lower and also the upper classes.

This has hardly stopped. The moral busybodies are still terribly concerned with the health and morals of the unwashed masses, just not their sexual health and morals. Unrestrained and possibly destructive sexual behavior atomizes people and makes them more dependent on and identified with the state, one reason single people are more liberal.

The current moral panic involves first of all proper racial and gender attitudes- proper deference, not simply respect but deference, to women and minorities.

(Note- I’m going to stop using the term “non-Asian minorities”. Asians behave well but in terms of loyalty and support to the system, they are as strong or stronger than Hispanics and Jews. They are not in the same class as whites, so to try to make out that they are is wrong.)

Aside from this, food is a matter of great moral concern. The masses must not eat fatty foods, too much meat, junk food, or excessive amounts of soft drinks. This last item is so important that it is now a matter of law in New York City. Ideally they would eat a vegetarian diet composed heavily of whole grains.

You will claim this is completely different- sexual behavior affects no one else and is a matter of freedom and choice, while racism and sexism hurt minorities and women, and poor eating increases health care costs. But you would be wrong, or at least not right. Bad sexual behavior causes social and health problems, and abortion hurts other people, if you regard fetuses as people. Unwise food consumption leads to bad health outcomes, but no more so than unwise sexual choices, less so if you consider AIDS.

As a fascist, I think in an ideal society people’s behavior would be strongly encouraged to be healthy in all ways. But the hysterical busybodyism of our elite is destructive.

I would hope that Half Sigma would understand that just because rich, educated, and intelligent people believe something, it isn’t necessarily true or good. If he thinks the Republicans should drop their opposition to abortion, all well and good. But far worse for society is the elite’s opposition to racial and gender reality and their deep desire to control what we eat.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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16 Responses to The Real Meaning of “Social Conservatism”

  1. Heil Hizzle says:

    “In the old days people who transgressed traditional sexual mores were social outcasts, and nobody cared about them.”

    Unless they were rich. Then they were just rakes and libertines.

    HBD is not a dead-end, but neither is it really a means to an end for WNs or fascists. Sailer’s balls are only slightly bigger than an NRO toady’s like Jonah Goldberg’s. He wants to go out on a limb, but not so far out that he won’t be allowed to at least hang out in the New York Times’ tree-house.

    What Sailer doesn’t understand (but what Derbyshire now certainly does) is that the System makes no distinction between a guy running a barbecue joint in Mobile talking about some porch monkeys who stole his truck, and the Sorbonne-Yale educated Jared Taylor. Taylor understands that the white man’s moral and political duty is to form alliance and good faith with the people at his level and below, where the real white men with balls (not hamstrung by PC) lurk. Sailer treats Vdare and Taki like talent shows where one day he might get picked up for the big leagues, at which point he’ll tone it down and get with the program. Sailer (like Half Sigma or OneSTDV) are too status-oriented. You know the Mindweapon and Ryu-types are the future. Ours is a ground-up movement, and seeking approval from people who will always hate us is a waste. We should seek to terrify them by not caring about their approval. It’s the one thing they can’t stand, as you know.

    Still, listening to Mindweapon and doing my own research, I can’t really fault the Bloomberg-Michelle Obama war on trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. Fascism obviously allows for this kind of state level intervention, so even you shouldn’t bridle too much at this. I also support the labels that force companies to reveal if they are using genetically-engineered/modified seeds.

  2. Red says:

    ” I can’t really fault the Bloomberg-Michelle Obama war on trans fats or high fructose corn syrup.”

    I can. These same progressive gave us a world consisting of transfats and corn in everything. It was a religious belief they promoted for ages and shaped government policy to make sure everyone was eating this crap. Progressives like creating problems so that they can appear moral by combating the problem they created.

    • Heil Hizzle says:

      I object to either Michelle Obama or Michael Bloomberg holding any power over white men. My point was that I do not mind the State interceding to keep the people from becoming fat, weak, amorphous blobs. I’m not a libertarian or a fascist, but I lean toward the latter category.

      • Red says:

        My point is they’re not trying to stop that. If they wanted stop people from being fat they’d give out free non processed meat and stop telling people to eat grains.

  3. Red says:

    The abortion issue is interesting. Of course infanticide has been practiced by all peoples since the dawn of time and it should continued to be practiced behind closed doors. I’m less interested in the opponents of it than I am in the abortion supporters. Those people actually gain status in their group based on the number of abortions they’ve had. It’s like a ghoulish modern day cult of Moloch. They want as many abortions as possible, it’s really bizarre and frankly evil.

    The big problem I have with so called social conservatives is how they try to play god. Instead of shaming and kicking out people with poor morals from their groups they want to use the power of the god state to force people to be moral. They can’t grasp the fact that progressives wield power this way not to change people but rather to create problems and jobs for themselves to “try” to fix the problem. Social out-casting and shaming is far more effective than tools the god state normally uses to force compliance.

    • Heil Hizzle says:

      The bottom line for me is this: I don’t object to people from an enemy tribe killing their offspring; but I do object to those of my tribe partaking in infanticide. I once heard that 7 of 10 abortions in NYC are given to black women. If that is the case, then I hope abortion stays safe, legal, and frequent in NYC.

      Homeschooling has been an effective tool for implicitly white families to offer a narrative to what you call the “God State” propaganda/brainwashing machine. The ideal would be for a grassroots campaign to shun-stigmatize abortion for whites, while keeping it legal in order to remove the dysgenic next generation of underclass blacks and Hispanics. My tax dollars can go to planned parenthood as long as only my enemies are being aborted.

      • Red says:

        If you want the white race to continue you need to do 3 things:
        1. Shame and exclude sluts and give them no social standing.
        2. End feminism among white women and make the highest ideal for white women is child bearing and rearing.
        3. Encourage large middle class families to have many children. Build support networks(education, skill training) to make this easy and possible for such people.

        Sluts must be shamed and excluded to stop the genetic decline of whites. They should be encouraged to have more abortions, not fewer. White girls should be know that while being a slut is pleasurable they will be treated like dirt by everyone for doing so.

        My own sister is wasting the most fertile years of her life working and having fun with her husband because feminism has taught her to define her life though work and pleasure instead of children. She will soon discover that few women can have healthy children in their mid 30s. She was home schooled and attended 2 years of bible college. Homeschooling is ineffective in the face of the media propaganda machine. You need to build communities that reject feminism and affirm children and child rearing.

        The backbone of a healthy society is a large middle class with lots of children for warfare, production, and intelligent future generations. It currently costs a fortune to raise kids in a middle class family. The costs must be reduced by whites providing middle class families services reducing the price of raising such children.

        Abortion is a side show, a non issue, and at worst a distraction in all this. Stop focusing on morality plays, and start focusing on building strong communities. The future will be built by those who show up for it.

      • That’s pretty depressing to me. I shouldn’t care that the system has degraded blacks to this extent, but it’s still wrong. And when whites have been as degraded by feminism and socialism as blacks, it will be the same for us.

    • <IThe abortion issue is interesting. Of course infanticide has been practiced by all peoples since the dawn of time and it should continued to be practiced behind closed doors. I’m less interested in the opponents of it than I am in the abortion supporters. Those people actually gain status in their group based on the number of abortions they’ve had. It’s like a ghoulish modern day cult of Moloch. They want as many abortions as possible, it’s really bizarre and frankly evil.

      Infanticide, at least in ancient Greece and Rome, was practiced as a eugenic measure. Deformed or sickly infants were left to die of exposure. Abhorrent though it may be, it is decidedly different from abortion today in that it was practiced for the good of the state. Abortion and contraception today are tools to enable recreational sex free from the consequences of children. There’s never much hand wringing about venereal disease – that’s something for fags and blacks. Even then, you can just pop into Planned Parenthood and get a script for antibiotics. It doesn’t entail anything nearly as dreadful as having responsibility for a child. That would end the fun fun fun held as the highest good in latter day Western Civilization.

      • Red says:

        Most infanticide in the roman empire was from prostitution, not birth defects or poverty. Late in western empire Christianity finally forced an end to infanticide. I can’t say for sure what the quality of the people result from such forced morality measures, but I can tell you that when the eastern empire conquered a big chunk of the western empire they didn’t find the people living there to be economically worth keeping in the empire and let them go.

        Prostitutes and sluts where excluded from social contact. Encouraging them to have kids as those early christens did probably lead to the total break down of the genetic roman line in Europe.

        If you want good healthIly you want health people the first thing you need to do is execlude and shame sluts, devorced women, single mother and gluttons.

    • Heil Hizzle says:

      “If you want the white race to continue you need to do 3 things.”

      Every Mormon I’ve ever known has this down to a science. I cannot speak for the “God tier” Mormons like Romney, but every one I knew in the military had their game wired airtight.

      • Red says:

        That’s good to hear. My own experience with Mormons quite frankly remind me a lot of the jews. Their daughters are sluts, they treat non Mormons like dog shit, and they tend to do jobs that exploit and rob others. I wouldn’t trust a Mormon farther than I could toss him.

        It will be interesting to see if they are the future.

      • Heil Hizzle says:

        “Mormons have game?”
        Well, “game” in terms of running their lives in an orderly manner, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, raising intact families and making sure their offspring will make responsible children before they send them off into the world. Obviously not “game” in the sense of a “nigga mackin on deez hoes,” although the idea of Mitt Romney with a gold tooth is entertaining in its way.

  4. JB says:

    Here’s what I was going to post at Sailer’s but he alway censors anything I send:

    A swing and a miss. What conservatives mean when they call non-whites socially conservative is “I know they’re not conservative socially or otherwise and that they all will vote Democrat and end up destroying the country as a first world nation, but please, please, please, don’t call me a racist! Please let me keep my job, I’ll do anything, I’ll push my kin into a gas chamber for you, just please let me keep my job!” That last part doesn’t apply to Krauthammer, of course. He’s not about to ask whether Palestinian migrants (who are pretty damned conservative) are natural Israeli conservatives, social or otherwise, he’s knows they can’t be and he know just why, but he has no interest in pretending in that case, but he does have interests, vested interests, in pretending otherwise about Mexicans and Asians.

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