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American Party Politics in a Nutshell

The Democratic Party is now the party of foreigners and minorities. How did the all-American party of the common man, founded by Andrew Jackson, come to this? Briefly- -There was a common party, the Jeffersonians then Jacksonians that eventually became the … Continue reading

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At VDare They Notice “The American Conservative” is F***ing Retarded

A few years ago I was in a bookstore reading an issue of “The American Conservative”, a paleoconservative magazine started in reaction to neoconservatism or National Review or both. There was a glowing review of a book tearing apart Hubert … Continue reading

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The Growth of Nations and Class Conflict

Spandrell has a piece on economic growth in China, and how it plays out in a highly nepotistic country. He has an aside on Steve Sailer’s bit on the ethnicity of the serving class. Economic growth is great. Everybody gets … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Attack the System:
by Spencer Pearson Iam something of a Doomer myself.  Back in ’04 I was introduced to the concept of peak oil.  The idea was lent some considerable weight by the fact that at the…

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The Public School Memoir and the Social Essence of Education

One of the things that Half Sigma likes to talk about is how online education is never going to catch on, because education is substantially a social experience. (Here are his education-tagged articles.) If you are working by yourself- reading books, doing … Continue reading

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Education and Homosexuality

Half Sigma likes to emphasize that socially conservative ideas don’t appeal to “well-educated”, intelligent, or affluent people. Intelligence and affluence are easily measurable and observable phenomena, but education usually just means having attended an institution for a given period of … Continue reading

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Great Minds Think Alike- We Aren’t So Crazy After All

I’m a longtime reader and fan of The Belmont Club, written by a Filipino Australian named Richard Fernandez. After the election, he came up with this oddly familiar sounding gem. Key point- “The future lies in building up new networks … Continue reading

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