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Why Pussy Riot’s Stunt Didn’t Work

Pussy Riot’s┬áprotest (or performance, or demonstration, whatever you want to call a politically motivated public act) is something very familiar in the West. A similar act that comes quickly to mind is the desecration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New … Continue reading

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The murderer was a “friend” of her son. Blacks are dangerous and cannot be friends with whites.

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CR writes brilliantly on the relationship between classes in sports fandom. Elites and proles in NYC have a good relationship- New York is the pyramidal civilization, the home of the New Deal system or the blue social model. This is … Continue reading

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This Is Black America They don’t say the suspect is black, but they don’t have to. No black person will provide information. I thought Pittsburgh was supposed to be a nice town, but any town with five black people is not nice………

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Blogroll Addition- Generation Identitaire

Generation Identitaire is a new French nationalist organization for youth. I have changed “Spanish Language” to “Foreign Language” and will add more European nationalist sites. If you know of any let me know and I will add them, and as … Continue reading

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We often laugh at the French but historically they have been a warlike Teutonic and Celtic nation. Maybe they will be again soon.

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Electing a New People in Detroit and California

As Jim Goad wrote, “If I don’t work I’ll starve. If I don’t write I’ll die.” I should be working now but I need to write. I was in Detroit again a couple weeks ago and had a day free. … Continue reading

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