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The Trouble Is……

Harvard-educated blacks rpresent the interests of lower-class blacks. Harvard-educated Hispanics represent the interests of lower-class Hispanics. Harvard-educated whites think lower-class whites are the scum of the earth and do everything they can to subvert their interests. Advertisements

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Self-Defense Is Genocide

At Occidental Observer we find that certain people- (obviously Moslem) immigrants- abuse the natives in Berlin with impunity. Via Occidental Dissent we find that black gang members have taken over a gas station. Certain social norms need to be enforced to … Continue reading

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Food and Safety, The Most Basic Human Needs, Provided by Golden Dawn

Something big- something bigger than big- is happening in Greece. People will turn to whoever can take matters in hand and keep them alive. In the US blacks still get their obamaphones and whites still get their Social Security and Medicare. … Continue reading

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Revolution, Democracy and Governance

Spengler speculates as to whether Egypt is governable by anyone. Revolutions follow a predictable course. Popular passion sweeps away the old system, and political actors- who may or may not have instigated things, it doesn’t really matter- try to create a new … Continue reading

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John Cusack Falls Off the Turnip Truck, Lands Hard

Steve Martin used to do a recurring bit on “Saturday Night Live” called “Ork of York”. I can’t find any clips, being an NBC show it might be on Hulu but I couldn’t find it. In any case the gag was … Continue reading

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I’m Not Crazy!- Somebody Else Thinks American Liberalism is Victorian

I thoroughly enjoyed the HBO series “The Wire”. Creator/producer David Simon portrayed it as a complicated metaphor for the state of America- in some of the DVD commentary he apparently explains that some scene involving police surveillance of drug dealers in a … Continue reading

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MacDonald vs. Jones vs. Darkmoon on the Moral Code

Kevin MacDonald and E. Michael Jones go at it on the nature of Christian and Jewish morality and evolution; Lasha Darkmoon joins in. Is this a political issue, or a religious one? It’s both, like many things, but more political so … Continue reading

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