So What Do We Do?

Recording the evil and injustice of the system, or picking it apart like a broken clock, is mildly diverting but does not really get us anywhere.

We have to band together. Not on the internet, a system controlled by the system that can be blocked, turned off, or turned against its users at any time. And not for “political” action like the earnest fools of the Tea Party, as if we can persuade or demand from the system anything. We need to band together, face to face, for mutual support and assistance. Not people we know through email addresses or cell phone numbers but by personal recognition and knowledge of character.

White Europeans only. Possibly white Hispanics. No free riders, nobody with drug, alcohol or behavior problems unless they are intent on reforming and willing to be under supervision. Not explicitly Christian, but not anti-Christian either. No sexual degenerates. What can we do for each other? I don’t know. Everybody can do something, or contribute something. We are not people with money or connections, but we have the character and intelligence willed us by our ancestors, and we can make something of that.

Project Little Europe is great, but few people can move to a remote rural area. We need a Project Little Europe in the cities. We don’t want infiltrators, but since we are not doing anything illegal, we don’t need to worry about them too much. If some antifas show up, we can tell them to get lost, or chuck the Red bullshit and get to work, their choice.

How are we going to do this? I have no freaking idea, as of now. Anybody want to pipe up?


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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24 Responses to So What Do We Do?

  1. mindweapon says:

    I would like to live in a city but cannot afford it. I work with poor White families doing community vegetable gardening and resource sharing.

    I came up with an idea for an implicitly White crusade. An end to borrowing. Housing and autos are what I call “working assets.” instead of borrowing money to own separate, private working assets, we need to pool our money and buy working assets for cash with no debt. Also, we should grow our own food and buy what else we need in bulk and hire someone among us to cook in bulk, to make food cheap. So if we get food, housing and transportation under control, we can either work less or save more.

    And if we save, then we can purchase working assets that can produce income for us– a car to share, a house made into a multifamily dwelling to rent. The economy is contracting, so what is needed is economizing.

    the enemy lives on interest. if we stop borrowing to purchase working assets, and instead share and buy in cash, we can starve the enemy.

    • What you’re doing is the closest to what I’m thinking of. I would like to broaden it to as many share/barter activities as possible, maybe concentrating on services more than goods. But primarily what I would like is that whatever skills, abilities or gifts a person has, he can share it with the group. The more intelligent can help the less intelligent, the more educated the less educated, the more sophisticated the less sophisiticated, etc.

      • mindweapon says:

        The program should have a core goal.

        That core goal — no debt.

        In the place, have working assets that you rent among a group. Specifically, housing, transport and food. It should be a Cult of Radical Thrift. The group doing the renting should have meetings every month where they bring their bank statements or receipts from their precious metals purchases to show how much they are saving, like Weight Watchers or AA for Savers. The goal of each saver is to purchase a working asset for cash, such as a taxi cab or a multifamily house.

        Radical Thrift should work to become an expansive cult that brings in more people who make their living off of their Working Assets, and use their profits to acquire more Working Assets.

        No debt. No banks. Lots of precious metal hoarding, which would eventuyally create its own precious metals bubble (the Asians are doing this already).\

        Radical Thrift. It’s In Your Interest.

  2. Jehu says:

    Nepotism and Networking. If you’re working for a company that is hiring, try to influence decisions and channel resumes from reactionaries and their fellow travellers towards their benefit. I find that all I need to do to be appointed head of a hiring task force (when my division is hiring), is to simply step backwards the fewest steps when volunteers to lead it are requested.

    • spandrell says:

      Resumes from reactionaries? Do reactionaries say it so on a resume? Hell what I’ve been doing all this years?

      • Jehu says:

        I can generally recognize a reactionary by talking to them face to face on nearly any subject (it doesn’t really need to be political at all). Certain words appear with far greater frequency in the discourse of the various political species. Fortunately, most geeks, even geeks with hard-core ideologies, lack a very good political sense of ‘smell’.
        What I’m suggesting is that reactionaries who have the ability to gain influence over hiring do so, and use that influence to advance reactionaries, proto-reactionaries, and those susceptible to subversion by Reaction. Basically exactly the same thing that the Left did during the march through the Institutions.

  3. PA says:

    There are many little things you can do without breaking any laws. First one: when in pubic and around blacks, hold your head high and have a poker face and a stone cold look in your eyes, like you’re looking through them. Blacks are accusomed to white people carrying themselves in a vaguely apologetic manner around them. They are always phased by a prideful look form a whtie man.

    On rare occasions, a black guy in a crowded space may walk toward you without yielding what I call “his 50% shoulder-passing space” even as you’re about to make yor bit of way for him out of common courtsy. His obvious lack of desire to make a bit of space for you as youre approaching each other may result in your staying course — and shoulder-checking him. Without using bad judgment, it is immensely satisfing to not yield to someone who showed no attempt to reciprocate. And again, they are surprised as hell when this happens. I did this twice in recent memory, once agains a guy bigger than me. A quiet yelp “whatdafuuuk” was the extent of their response both times.

    When in any conversation with a black person you don’t know, which isn’t 100% pleasant in tone on their part, speak coldly, clearly, sort of neutrally, with steely look in your eyes.

  4. Ryu says:

    Shrink the problem. Start there.

    Can you find 2-3 other WNs who you would be able to work with? That seems to be the maximum number of people that can work together today. No surprise – marriage itself is two people and it seems that the failure rate is about 80% there. That doesn’t worry me.

    Form a study group of 3-4 people. Then commit an hour a day to a project. There are 1001 projects out there. We have barely scratched the surface because for decades, most of us focused on news and jews efforts. WN is about whites! My group studies chemistry right now.

    I wish I had time to start a honey bee group. You laugh? If a man is the best in the world in an area, he sets his own price. Bees pollinate almost all of our food. They have alot of unusual uses.

    Now it takes 4-6 years to get good at anything. That’s training every day. We wonder why WN doesn’t seem to make progress when we harp on the same shit all the time. Little children do not spend their entire lives crawling; weightlifters do not stay with the weight they began with; there must be a progression.

    • I’d like to make it a little more broad-based. Maybe have a core of more serious people, but have less serious people who are still sincere about banding together with other whites.

      • Ryu says:

        So would I! But it doesn’t seem to work.

        Try it and report back. 3. It’s the magic number. Get people in groups of 3, then connect groups informally. 4 also works because people tend to pair off-2 pair.

        It’s like when I run around the internet. You’ve got M4, which was 3 guys – they all hang out on the same sites, comment at the same places. Then I go to MWIR and I find a different crowd but there is a core of about 3. Nordic Sage is two in search of a third. Firepower’s site is 3 people.

        This is how I view my internet time. I spend a mandatory amount of time on our site. We have 4 people. Then I go to other groups I know and network/comment. I may know only 2-3 other groups well. It’s hard to scale things up. Try it yourself and see.

  5. Rusty says:

    Build your own little tribe of men you know well and respect. Nothing formal or elaborate, just stay in contact with them regularly and help them all out whenever you can. Build your tribe carefully and lovingly as a legacy to your children and grandchildren. Anyone can do this, no excuses.

  6. KP says:

    These are all good ideas. I moved into a gentrifying black ghetto in the Midwest, bought a cheap big old house and fixed it up, removed the sod and built vegetable garden beds, planted brambles, and built an urban garden with compost bins. This was the original suburbs of the inner-city built in the early 1900’s. I pay low property taxes, $1,600 per year. I save my own heirloom seeds and am learning to preserve food. The wonderful beauty I have created drives the poor, criminal blacks crazy and they move out. I am learning to live without air conditioning and electric appliances, I dry laundry in my attic. I save gray water. I have a gun now, and have taken NRA courses and have my CCW permit. I adopted two watch dogs who patrol my yard. I have feral cats in the front, which keep the blacks away. If I see anything suspicious, I call 911 and keep the pressure on. I call zoning for the smallest things like high grass and abandoned vehicles. I call CPS for child abuse and neglect. I put GOP political signs in my yard and fly the American Flag on my house. I plant huge obnoxious flowers. It is like a repellant for blacks, but whites take notice and they are moving here slowly. I don’t have the energy, but I could join and dominate the neighborhood association. It is mostly whiny old do-nothing blacks right now, and when they die off, their children will sell their homes for pennies on the dollar. I encourage other whites to buy the house next door when granny dies, for $29,000 when it goes on the market. I meet with other like-minded whites (mostly liberal or gay DWLs, lol) at the local farmer’s market to trade or exchange goods and keep in touch. I purchase their goods instead of shopping at WalMart. I think we have to buy up land and houses that are useful. I like living in the city and want likeminded people here. I like my wood floors and my cistern. My urban neighborhood has a N-S-E-W bike trail, wild fruit trees, wooded areas, huge shady trees, a large waterway, and I am within biking distance from downtown amenities and farmer’s markets.

    • mindweapon says:


      You’re doing it right. Hope you can find some people to move in and work with you.

      • KP says:

        I am already noticing more people here, walking their dogs and pushing strollers. Young white couples, which is a good thing. I am home schooling my kids and teaching them skills like shooting and tinkering for the boy, and gardening and housekeeping for the girls. We have our electric bill down to $13 in a good month and keep the furnace in the low 60s and layer on the wool. Staying out of debt and extreme thriftiness are keys for me. We shop local thrift stores for clothing for the kids to grow into, and for wool blankets, socks, sweaters and mittens. I am making window quilts and practicing how to stay warm in the winter when it gets down to 10 degrees. I have been reading “Surviving Off Off-Grid” by Michael Bunker, and while he is a bit extreme, he has some very, very sound advice for de-colonizing your mind as a consumer and making plans to purchase land and bug out. I think he is really focusing on whites, who have a natural urge to free themselves and be left alone. I really like the book so far. I also read a lot of survival sites, permaculture, and voluntary simplicity blogs for good advice. Good luck to all of you, I truly enjoy the comments here. And a bit of advice, don’t be *too* afraid of the blacks. You are so much smarter than they are. With the right attitude, caution, and a serious facial expression, even a small white woman like me can keep control of things.

  7. mindweapon says:


    That’s fantastic! Urban gardening is great! My philosophy of soil building — gather/cover/wait. Gather massive amounts of leaves and pile them as high as you can in the garden area — so high that the kids can jump off the car and land softly in a bed of leaves. Then get horse manure and put a layer on top of the leaves. Let it sit, and the next spring you’ll have a weed free garden with tilthy, soft soil.

  8. KP says:

    Yes Mindweapon, you know the plan…lasagna gardening. Makes worms and worm poop. We have crappy soil in the city. I have all my neighbors’ fall leaves dumped on my driveway. They are happy to give them to me, and they are FREE! I live near the Fairgrounds, so I can get plenty of horse and cow manure with hay mixed in. I feed lots of bats and pollinators with my flowers and vegetables, which I hope makes God smile down on my little operation. My neighbor has beehives, and I know his bees visit my yard. I harvested over 100 huge bulbs of garlic last month, which I save for use in the winter after planting the best cloves out again. There are many perennial vegetables which can produce every year with little to no effort. Get a few starts and experiment. You can buy horseradish root at the grocery store, just bury it in the late summer and you will have a constant supply for cooking and medicinals. It is amazing what one can grow once the soil is good, and how much money can be saved by having fresh food in the yard. I am building several cedar raised beds this fall, and will layer the natural goodies and let them rot all winter. Spring harvest should be very good. I am making a rocket cooking stove from cinder blocks, see YouTube for the great instructional. The best thing we can do right now is build up from what we have, make the most of it, use and reuse, learn, and suffer a little discomfort by going without when necessary. I think the cities in the Midwest are going to be prime retail in the near future. I know many people who hate the commute from the suburbs to their banking job downtown. The future seems bright for us. I have been growing and brewing echinacea tincture in cheap 100 proof vodka, and I give it to my kids when they are sick a few times a day. I learned this from a library book. Start now, no matter how small it seems. OK I will stop clogging up the comments section. Happy homesteading.

  9. Why have grassroots organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood achieved success? One part, perhaps the most important, is that they perform charity work and have job training programs for the unemployed. The grassroots WN organization should provide these things to white people of good character. This will begin on the micro level – think teaching two other people how to perform basic plumbing or some other useful skill – but it has the possibility to grow into something more. I’m not sure what would be the best way to integrate the political message into this. It may be enough that other whites who aren’t WN yet see openly WN whites who are of good character and help other whites.

  10. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin says:

    Recreate Marcionism?

  11. What about recruiting people through martial arts classes? Plenty of regular Joe the Plumber types, as well as young white guys starting out, attend these classes. There’s no need to start spouting off the mantra at a Krav Maga class (although if you do, have a friend take a video because I want to see that) but you can to know people in these classes and then invite them to, say, a video screening, or a lecture, or something like that.

    Also, and I may have said this before, but it can’t be all politics, all the time. One reason that leftism is so popular among SWPLs is that it binds people together. My ex-boyfriend (I’m a girl) is a prototypical SWPL, he enjoys leftism because it gives him a common bond with people and it gives his life meaning. They can discuss things like music, arts, science, movies, work, etc. We need a common shared culture like that, beyond “Fuckin’ NAMs” or “Goddamn yids.”

  12. Rusty says:

    Something to watch out for: Our ultra-corrupt elite will continue on the same path because it makes them fabulously rich and powerful, and because there is almost zero organized opposition. As society continues disintegrating and the government becomes ever more corrupt and incompetent, we will see the middle class pushed into the commerce/tax gray zones, and the lower classes pushed into almost daily dealings with the black market. The black market brings with it all sorts of violent crime and corruption, making survival a much more tricky business.

  13. Luther Burgsvik says:

    How about helping out folk in your neighbourhood during times of crisis? For instance there was a nlizzard that hit the UK a couple of years ago. One former army guy decided to take charge in his neighbourhoodand organized a bunch of people to clear the snow off of their street. The guy probably wasnt WN, but you get the idea; help out neighbours during the hard times (particularly the uncommon events/times as those will stick longer in the memory due to their rarity). It will also foster a greater sense of self sufficiency rather than being dependent on some outside force (the state) to solve all your problems.

  14. Build your own tower says:

    Ride your bike as often as possible. Yes, live a debt free lifestyle. Use cash as often as possible. Volunteer at your local library and read to the children. Read them stories that teach our values; community and family first, our tribe first, learn to trust but it must be earned, be friendly but you don’t have to be others friends, degeneracy is low.

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