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The Omar Sheriff Thornton Memorial Fund

The Omar Sheriff Thornton Memorial Fund. “Son.  Brother.  Uncle.  Entrepreneur.  Friend.  Hardworking.  Loving.  Giving.  Kind.” Thief. Murderer. Affirmative action hire. Self-pitying loser, race hustler and dim-witted moron. Advertisements

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New Blogroll Category- Spanish Sites

I was looking up stuff about Santiago Matamoros, St. James the Moorslayer. James, son of Zebedee and with his brother John a “Son of Thunder” is the patron saint of Spain and his appearance in the Battle of Clavijo in … Continue reading

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More On Kimberlin

H/t to Belmont Club/Richard Fernandez (who has disappeared me, Whiskey style), on the lawfare of Bret Kimberlin and friends. I don’t read Patterico, and I sure don’t read Daily Kos, so I was unaware of the openness and aggressiveness of this … Continue reading

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What Is To Be Done? Other Than Complain?

OneSTDV lampoons a typical alt-right blog post. It sounds very much like my critique of mainstream conservatives. Indeed, virtually all criticism of the system is bitching, moaning, carping, grousing, etc. amounting to nothing- which is why it is permitted. Adding … Continue reading

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If You Weigh 340 Pounds, Why Are You Drinking Coors Light?

The stuff is nasty. Try a full-bodied (pun intended) beer. Update: IBF has this up as “BBB Porn”. The last thing I want to do is run a BBB porn site, but I couldn’t resist the part about Coors Light. … Continue reading

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Leftists Adopt the Bust Out Meme

H/t to In Bona Fide, leftists are now using the organized crime concept of the “bust out”- or planned bankruptcy, or bankruptcy fraud as it is more politely known- to attack Mitt Romney. The fact that Obama-supporting hedge fund managers … Continue reading

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Brett Kimberlin And Why Mainstream Conservatives Are Tools

This has been popping up on Instapundit, which I read, linked to The Other McCain, which I have not read for a long time. It’s an inadvertent illustration of something I have been thinking for awhile about how and why mainstream … Continue reading

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