Are White Supremacists, White Nationalists, and Anti-Semites Stupid?

Chuck Rudd of Gucci Little Piggy has been branching out, from waiter-with-a-degree blogger to correspondent for the Daily Caller, now with a second piece on the Mobile mob attack. The latest story is about white nationalist literature left on doorsteps in the neighborhood, an old issue of a paper put out by VNN forum leader Alex Linder. Chuck contacted Linder to see if he was behind this, and Linder was not interested in talking to him, dismissing him as tool of the establishment. Chuck found this amusing, and said “White nationalists/supremacists/anti-Semites R dum.”

Various people dismiss the dismissal, and Chuck dismisses the dismissal of his dismissal. Chuck doesn’t post my comments, although he posts those of people no less radical than me. He revisits the issue to dismiss further, and restates he isn’t interested in elaborating on his one-word judgement.

I think the question is worth answering, though- are these people stupid? I’ll answer one label at a time, since they each mean slightly different things, with general comments first.

Anyone who disagrees with certain strong taboos of his society is on some level stupid. Each society has certain orthodoxies that one transgresses at the risk of sanction of various degrees. You’ll notice I don’t put my real name up here. Whether these taboos reflect the actual truth or not is beside the point. Anonymous protest is virtually the same as silence. The fact the protester maintains anonymity is proof the idea is so shameful that it must be intellectually and morally wrong. Anybody who is willing to publicly defy these taboos is very brave, and to be brave is to be stupid to some extent. Chuck himself does not use his real name, so he is confessing that his views are outside of what is socially acceptable. And yet we are constantly told change is made possible by brave men who are willing to stand up against injustice! Clearly a lie, but if people believe things pounded into all our heads at school, maybe they are book smart and just not street smart.

Is Chuck any of these things? No, but he is most definitely a racist, by common definition. He writes regularly about the bad behavior of the black restaurant patrons he serves. Criticizing black people as a group is most definitely racist. He can say “but I have black friends” or “I love hip-hop” or “Yeah but I never said all black people are bad” and none of those function as a valid defense. George Zimmerman was a multi-racial Hispanic with a black great-grandparent (which makes him black by American definition), black friends as a child, a mentor of black youth and activist for black victims of police brutality as an adult, and is still an evil white racist now.

Are white supremacists stupid? To an extent, yes. I’m not a white supremacist, myself, for the same reason I’m not a heliocentrist. I could say on a regular basis, “The sun appears to revolve around the earth, but it’s not true. In fact, the earth revolves around the sun, as numerous astronomical studies have shown.” People would either agree with me, in which case they are simply acknowledging the blindingly obvious, or not, in which case they are beyond help. But if someone wants to say white people are supreme, I can hardly deny them.

Human biodiversity writers like to defend themselves against charges of racism by saying “We acknowledge northeast Asians and Jews have higher IQs than European whites, so we aren’t actually racists!” One, this is true. Two, it is no defense against a charge of racism- actually nothing is, if you are charged with racism you are guilty. Three, they are wrong, white people still rule. Europeans have the best balance of characteristics, of intelligence, physical ability, and creativity. Asians and Jews have higher IQs, but have never really invented things. Jews have many hard science Nobel Prizes, but they didn’t invent hard science, they only jumped on a bandwagon built by Europeans. The Chinese invented gunpowder, but never any practical use. White people rule! If you’re Chinese, Jewish, or black you think your people rule, but you’re wrong.

Are white nationalists stupid? On some level, yes. White nationalists want to be away and separate from all non-whites. They have various schemes to achieve this, most of which are not practical. The only way white people can isolate themselves is by going places NAMs can’t afford or don’t want to go. Unless you have a lot of money, you have to move to an area which is for some reason mostly white due to a lack of minority interest. How to achieve this we have talked about a little bit; but a political geographical area that keeps NAMs out is an impossibility for now. If it was possible to establish in the future, it would probably be a very nice place. I don’t hold dreaming and hoping against anybody though. The presence of NAMs is poison for lower class whites. Being in an all-white environment is a matter of simple, basic human dignity for such people. The presence of blacks and to a lesser extent Hispanics has a terrible corrosive effect on them. When Chuck’s daughter gets impregnated by a lazy, stupid, violent black boy he will understand.

But more than this, the limitation of white nationalism is that the real enemies of the people white nationalists care about are other white people. The wrong kind of white person in your community is almost as bad as a crack house. Or maybe worse. A real white nationalist area would have to keep out white leftists as well. A political system that could control white leftists could also keep a small number of NAMs under control as well, as was the case for much of America from post-Reconstruction up to the Civil Rights era. The problem is not isolating white people, it’s controlling leftism. Note that the title of my blog is not “Stupid, Evil Stuff NAMs Do” which is the theme of most alt-right sites, but “Deconstructing Leftism”. Leftism is the real problem, not blacks, not Jews, not homosexuals, not Hispanics. No leftism, no problem. No leftists, no leftism.

Are anti-semites stupid? As I said above, I personally don’t think Jews are the real problem. They are enthusiastic, intelligent, and diligent workers for the system, but despite what others and they themselves like to think, they are stooges and toadies rather than evil geniuses. Jews have plenty to answer for, in Russia more than any place else, but to focus on Jews is not to see the man behind the curtain. But if someone wants to criticize Jews, I can hardly say the criticisms are wrong, evil, paranoid, or foolish, as all decent and right-thinking people would.

Chuck wants to right about racial issues from a “reasonable” standpoint without seriously offending anybody who matters. I wish him luck, I like to see people succeed. Unfortunately the positions that actually pay are already filled, by people with better pedigrees like Ross Douthat and David Frum. Maybe he’ll get a position with National Review one day, though. Reach for the stars, Chuck!


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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15 Responses to Are White Supremacists, White Nationalists, and Anti-Semites Stupid?

  1. Ryu says:

    Ah, we’re not so delicate. Any man who can overcome the propaganda through years of study isn’t going to be dissuaded by a conservative insult. I myself used to push the conservative line, but gave it up and it attracted the wrong sort.

    • Speak for yourself. I for one am insulted to be insulted by an Olive Garden waiter. If I’m going to be insulted I’d prefer to be insulted by a real journalist with a degree from a pricey private college. It’s a crazy dream but I’m shooting for the stars too.

      • Ryu says:

        Hey man, if he sucks up enough maybe a real conservative rag will pick him up and your dreams will come true. He’ll have to remove the word “race” from his writing. There’ll be even more tap dancing around the facts.

  2. ntk says:

    I am inclined to agree that the problem is not solely minorities but leftism. Leftism is what not only worships deviance, but also prevents society from controlling it. NAM deviance (a product of low IQ, mostly) is the problem, leftism simultaneously promotes is growth and forbids finding a solution.

    It does make sense though to distinguish the Jewish left from the rest of the left. The Jewish left is well-funded, brutal, and has a well-established track record of supporting leftism worldwide. No-one should feel threatened by a bunch of, say, Greek communists protesting their national bankruptcy (a product of leftist policies, incidentally, but I digress) or a bunch of dull-witted South American communist dictators living off oil revenue.

    We should, however, feel threatened by shady Jewish-left-funded “environmentalist” groups and all the other leftist front organisations that invariably lead back to the Jewish left. That’s the difference between the Jewish left and the rest of the left.

  3. William says:

    Go easy on Chuck.

    I don’t really think we can expect a waiter (!) to use a better term than “stupid”.

  4. Yes, having ethnic interests and wanting to act on them is just stupid – I mean “dum”. Well at least if you’re an up and coming tool of the establishment, that’s the script you have to follow. Being a tool for the media pays better than being a waiter, although it’s hardly honest work. But maybe, years down the road, he’ll become privileged enough to be domiciled in DC and live it up with establishment conservatives. The ones I’ve met were either dullards or degenerates, but maybe he sees something in them that I don’t!

  5. Red says:

    Chuck’s simply decided to join the progressive cult to get ahead. Most smart people eventually do. Honesty and integrity is not a virtue in this age.

  6. Falco says:

    The good news: An alt-right (ish) blogger is skating the edge of the MSM (ish).
    The bad news: It’s Chuck the waiter.

    GLP is a blog where soft-hard-right people can go to feel “daring”. Whatever substance and integrity it had, never much, has evaporated as Chuck feels the pull of “fame.” He doesn’t seem to understand that The Daily Caller is a pretty marginal publication that will drop him immediately once he crosses one of the race-lines employed by the battalion by “mainstream” conservatives.

    Chuck doesn’t get that, to such people, Steve Sailer and Rudolf Hess are basically the same because all are “racist.” He’ll figure it out soon enough. When Derb got purged from NR – Derb being just about the race-moderate “race realist” on the alt-right – it should have been a clarifying moment.

    But Chuck’s just a waiter, so he probably didn’t get it.

    • Derbyshire had the “it’s an unfortunate fact of the world we live in” schtick and Goad has the “I’m just a poor redneck myself so I can make earthy observations” schtick and Sailer has the “I’m just a statistics nerd” schtick but it’s all the same to the people in power.

  7. Red says:

    Beyond dealing with minorities properly on a micro level, I don’t really see the need for a white nationalist movement. And I especially don’t see a need for one directed at fighting against enforcers class(blacks), new slave class (Latinos), and propaganda class (Jews). Attacking the foot soldiers gets you nowhere. What they should be focused on is removing our elites from power and building up there own power base. Minorities groups of every stripe will fall into the natural order of things once the elites themselves are removed from power.

    • formerly no name says:

      Aren’t US elites are a combination of Jews and the deracinated ? :

      Kaufmann charts the decline of Anglo-Saxons and the rise of the Jews in all areas of the American elite, from university departments of political science to the federal civil service. “For twenty years, the de-WASP-ing of the ruling elite in America has proceeded at a breathtaking pace.” Kaufmann cites the important study of Lerner et al. (American Elites, 1996) showing that by the1990s there were “roughly the same proportion of WASPs and Jews at the elite levels of the federal civil service, and a greater proportion of Jewish elites among corporate lawyers.” Jews outnumbered Anglo-Saxons 58–21 among elites in television, 48 to 25 among “public interest” elites, and 40 to 21 among legal elites. The same study found that, “in stark contrast to the Jews, WASPs were not overrepresented within the ranks of the national elite.”

      Forbes 400 about one-third Jewish:

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  9. Musashi says:

    Well put.
    Good article.

  10. Columnist says:

    Leftists are worse than NAMs. They rile up NAMs against Whites. Leftist Jews rile up other Jews against us. Actually, the lowly AFAs tell George Soros we are very dangerous to him. The schmuck George Soros believes them and gives them money.
    To confound the “Anti”-Racist Left, point out that Hitler had Leftist tendencies (e.g. Animal Rights). Also, the most venomous “Anti”-Racists tend to have cissexual, heterosexual and male “privilege”. Cultural “Marxism”, two can play that game.

  11. GhostShip says:

    If a white nationalists hasn’t had or doesn’t plan to have a bunch of kids then they’re stupid. Passing out pamphlets or holding a rally doesn’t really accomplish anything.

    The future doesn’t belong to the smartest or the strongest. It belongs to whoever shows up.

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