George Zimmerman Charged With Second-Degree Murder In Self-Defense Shooting of Trayvon Martin

I had the misfortune of seeing this on MSNBC.

After the initial shock, I could see what they are doing. No way is it second-degree. The unbiased, professional white prosecutors wouldn’t even charge it as manslaughter. But with a second-degree overcharge, they put Zimmerman on the defensive. His legal jeopardy and costs are much higher. But the key thing is the trial. Everybody is looking for a way out. It will be clear Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin. If the charge was manslaughter, the jury might find the need to acquit. But with second-degree they can convict on the lesser included charge of manslaughter, if they are feeling sympathetic involuntary manslaughter. The jury is off the hook. The blacks get a scalp.

They will get several blacks on the jury, making an acquittal impossible in any case. The whites won’t convict on second-degree, but will quickly cave in to the angry blacks on manslaughter. Conceivably a white cracker with some racial consciousness could hold out for acquittal. The jury will be carefully selected to prevent this, but it’s possible. The jury will consist of several black government employees, the kind of people who get jury duty a lot because they get paid for it. They are the hardliners of black racialism. They have been hired as a concession to black political power and function as spies and commissars in the workplace. They have money and dress and speak nicely, so they get classified as “middle-class” but they are no such thing. White jurors will be retirees from up north, likely liberal government pensioners who will meekly go along with the angry blacks, just as they did all those years on the job. I can’t really say what the Hispanic representation will be, or what they will do. They may be more resistant than the whites, or they may not. They may feel they need to show their fealty towards blacks and “impartiality” by going along.

If for some reason the jury hangs, they will just try him again. And again, and again. I don’t know if there is any limit on the number of trials. I’m sure they will go as many as three. Zimmerman will take a manslaughter deal if he can get it.

We have a mulatto president, a mulatto Attorney General, and a mulatto “special” prosecutor. You can see how gutless white Republicans are. Florida has a multi-millionaire white Republican governor, but he caved and appointed a political prosecutor to railroad Zimmerman. If you haven’t seen the pointlessness of voting Republican, you should now.

This is going to be very ugly for a very long time.

About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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21 Responses to George Zimmerman Charged With Second-Degree Murder In Self-Defense Shooting of Trayvon Martin

  1. Red says:

    Make sense and it makes good self defense laws 100% useless. Might as well act like a criminal and hide from the police if you ever have to defend yourself.

  2. A/G says:

    Good God! They want a pound of flesh no matter what. There will be rioting and mayhem either way. There is no appeasing a the whipped up masses. This will probably end badly either way. Celebratory rioting if he is convicted, “justice” rioting if not. If he goes to prison, they will be taunting him with hopes of his ass rape or murder.

    Thrasymachus, in my experience Hispanics are ethnic about stuff. This guy is Peruvian, not many of them in America. I don’t know that there will be general mestizo solidarity.

  3. A/G says:

    Also, one more thing: Sorry George Zimmerman that your attempts to do your humble part to safeguard at least a little bit of civilization has led to this. You are going down and all we can do is watch. You’re a victim of Amurca George, sorry.

  4. Jehu says:

    He won’t plea. His nature shows him to be highly idealistic. He needs a lawyer smart enough to get blue collar whites who aren’t naive about blacks on his jury and to dump the SWPLs. Any reactionary in the jury pool there should use SWPL emulation mode—I’m sure most of you have such a capability pre-installed.

  5. Proud Hindoo says:

    What about the latest “hate crime” – Shaima Alawadi’s death? The media jumped on that one and ran with it (riling up Muslims – 1 million hijab march, really?) despite the police telling them that it was too early to make a judgement. And now? The family is acting highly suspicious and the media is making excuses for their propaganda- again.

  6. mindweapon says:

    I hope it’ll be like a reverse OJ trial. He gets acquitted, and the Whites celebrate.

  7. annoyed says:

    you people are fucking sick. And by you people i mean those have commented on this blog. Not blacks or whites because it must always be about race… Reverse this situation and tell me the outcome? Killing is hate no matter how you slice it. open you’re fucking eyse

    • A/G says:

      Reverse the situation and excuses would’ve been made about poverty and slavery. Actually, it would not have made national news at all. It’s about race because people other than whites, make it so. And when whites address the situation they haven’t started with the facts, then it goes to “why’s it always gotta be racial?” Please. Why do whites have to explain themselves when somebody white (unlike George Zimmerman) breathes wrong? When non-whites commit crimes it is always as individuals and “you can’t judge.”
      Piss off Annoyed

  8. annoyed says:

    You people are fucking sick. And by you people I mean those who have commented on this blog. Not blacks or whites because it must not ALWAYS be about race… Reverse this situation and tell me the outcome? Black ( or Mulatto as the blogger uses) neighborhood watchman and a white kid walking back with exact same record (suspended from school the whole nine) with the same clothes on. Still feel like he shouldn’t have been arrested? BTW if you pay attention at all to the Justice System Prosecution always go for the worst charges they can get so the defense can plead out. Killing is hate no matter how you slice it. open you’re fucking eyes

    • Red says:

      I think you have us mistaken for someone else. Progressives like you love and protect criminals. Every racist I know hates criminals of all races.

  9. Joe says:

    This Trayvon/Zimmerman incident reeks to high heaven to me. Zimmerman’s father(a jew) is a federal judge; Zimmerman is a member of a neighborhood watch group supposedly ( I have yet to hear from the other members of the neighborhood watch group,very strange.Don’t even hear anything from them online where they can tell their story without anyone seeing their faces and knowing their names; Zimmerman carries a gun while on patrol. Neighborhood watch groups do not carry guns. The last thing the cops want is an armed citizen walking around intentionally looking for criminals. It just causes more trouble for the police. As far as I know, it is illegal for neighborhood watch groups to carry guns; Police Dept declares Zimmerman clean even though he was armed while on neighborhood watch; After the funeral for Trayvon his mother runs to an attorney and trademarks Trayvon’s name; Sharpton and Jackson fly back and forth from Orlando to Washington;The black panthers call for a race war; Zimmerman accuses the white cops in Sanford of being racists. He very conveniently just happened to see a “racist” white cop beat up a poor innocent black homeless man. He runs to the rescue and saves the poor black from the white cop; blacks descend on Sanford from all over the country right on cue; The media broadcasts all this 24/7; So-called alternative websites encourage whites to see Zimmerman as a hero, a community-minded American doing the right and noble thing. It all sounds like a Hollywood movie. It’s all very scripted. What a set up.
    Whatever the outcome, none of it is going to benefit white Americans.Doesn’t matter if he is found guilty or not guilty– attacks on whites will escalate. Zimmerman is a patsy for the race hustlers in the democratic party. I hope he’s thrown in prison. He’s caused/is causing alot more crime in America than Trayvon ever did. Joe

    • Proud Hindoo says:

      Joe, in my country stuff similar to this is cooked up all the time, always conveniently near elections. The difference being instead of “race” its about “communalism”. Politicians are very clever.

  10. JJ says:

    People, stop!! You need to slow down and wait for all the evidence to be heard. Both parties (Zimmerman and Martin) have histories of bad behavior. Zimmerman had law trouble, Martin had trouble in school being caught with drugs. The media portrays Martin as an angel, something he isn’t, and Zimmerman as a villan, which we don’t know yet if he is or is not.

    The facts are what need to be looked at, not the sensational gossip from the media and people online giving their opinon, an uneducated opinion because they do not have the whole story.

    What are the facts? Was Martin actually running away? Then was he shot in the back?? Was he shot in the front? On the head? on the leg? in the arm? in the stomach, the chest? Was Martin lying on the ground when Zimmerman shot him? Was Zimmerman lying on the ground with Marin on top of him? Did Zimmerman retreat and was then confronted by Martin wanting to fight? DId Martin hit Zimmerman? Did Zimmerman knock Martin down? Did Martin knock Zimmerman down? Who threw the first punch? What was said? DId Zimmerman or Martin threaten eachother? We don’t know those facts do we?

    The moral of this story should be that guns are dangerous. The question should be, why are people allowed to carry guns? This would not have happened if the country Zimmerman belonged to did not allow people to own and carry guns, would it have?

    • Guns are indeed dangerous, which is why people have them. With a gun a small, weak person can be dangerous to a large, strong person. “God made men, but Colonel Colt made men equal.” Trayvon Martin thought he was going to show Zimmerman who was boss- he apparently liked to do that, including with bus drivers- but was disabused of the notion.

    • Proud Hindoo says:

      Appearantly Zimmerman phoned the cops or 911 dozens of times over a short period and they had a habit of not taking his petty “complaints” seriously. A psychological profile will be put together and it wouldn’t surprise me if “paranoia” is part of it.

      Like you said, it will all come out in the wash. Same with that Shaima Alawadi “hate crime” case.

      • Red says:

        Actualy Zimmerman was responcible for at least 1 arrest and breaking up a couple of robberies in progress. The 46 calls was in the last 10 years and most of them were to the non emergancy line. Very few people have ever done as much for their local comunities as George Zimmerman has.

      • Proud Hindoo says:

        Red, whatever the facts are will all come out in the trial. Same with Shaima Alawadi case.

  11. Joe says:

    @ ProudHindoo
    Yes. Divide and Conquer. The Trayvon/Zimmerman circus reeks of it. Joe

  12. Art says:

    and the jewish run media makes sure that race tensions will continue to explode. i winder why then only pictire of trayvon that the news showed was thsi innocent little sweet chocolate baby boy, when there was as picture of him currently and he was a heavilly inked muscled negro thug

    i know a few local cops in surrounding towns and we discussed things like rodney thing and trayton marteen. i asked them if a group of feral negroes broke into my house, rped my wife and daughter and were now coming at me and i had a gun, if i shoot them is it self defense. the copes (all white) grimaced, “unfortunately the law as it stands would mark you as a racist and it a hate crime to shoot and wound or kill negroes or hispanics since they are protected races adn the blacks know this.” it seems massachusetts has strong anti self protection laws if you are white and the perp is a fine upstanding thug of afro descent

    look what hte black thugs did during the prez race, the blak panther party was intimidating voters there were millions of tweets a face book entries claiming they would assassinate the elected prez if obongo didn’t get reelected. if a whirte person made such claims about obongo it would be front page news for a year and the negroes would rape pillage riot and burn in response, hell, no matter
    which way it goes the blax will riot rape, etc, it’s in their dna

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